NWA United States Heavyweight Title History

Champion Won From Date City/Event
Harley Race Johnny Weaver 1/1/1975 Tallahassee, FL[1]
Johnny Valentine Harley Race 7/3/1975 Greensboro, NC[2]
Terry Funk Paul Jones 11/9/1975 Greensboro, NC[3]
Paul Jones Terry Funk 11/27/1975 Greensboro, NC
Blackjack Mulligan Paul Jones 3/13/1976 Greensboro, NC
Paul Jones (2) Blackjack Mulligan 10/16/1976 Greensboro, NC
Mulligan (2)
Paul Jones 12/15/1976 Greensboro, NC
Bobo Brazil Blackjack Mulligan 7/7/1977 Norfolk, VA
Ric Flair Bobo Brazil 7/29/1977 Norfolk, VA
Ricky Steamboat Ric Flair 10/23/1977 Greensboro, NC
Mulligan (3)
Ricky Steamboat 1/1/1978 Greensboro, NC
Mr. Wrestling Blackjack Mulligan 3/19/1978 Greensboro, NC
Ric Flair (2) Mr. Wrestling 4/9/1978 Greensboro, NC
Ricky Steamboat (2) Ric Flair 12/18/1978 Toronto, Ontario
Ric Flair (3) Ricky Steamboat 4/1/1979 Greensboro, NC[4]
Jimmy Snuka Ricky Steamboat 9/1/1979 Charlotte, NC[5]
Ric Flair (4) Jimmy Snuka 4/19/1980 Greensboro, NC
Roddy Piper Ric Flair 1/27/1981 Raleigh, NC
Wahoo McDaniel Roddy Piper 8/8/1981 Greensboro, NC[6]
Sgt. Slaughter Ricky Steamboat 10/4/1981 Charlotte, NC[7]
Wahoo McDaniel (2) Sgt. Slaughter 5/21/1982 Richmond, VA
Sgt. Slaughter (2) 6/7/1982 Greenville, SC[8]
Wahoo McDaniel (3) Sgt. Slaughter 8/22/1982 Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine Wahoo McDaniel 11/4/1982 Norfolk, VA
Roddy Piper (2) Greg Valentine 4/16/1983 Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine (2) Roddy Piper 4/30/1983 Greensboro, NC
Dick Slater Greg Valentine 12/14/1983 Shelby, NC
Ricky Steamboat (3) Dick Slater 4/21/1984 Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel (4) Ricky Steamboat 6/24/1984 Greensboro, NC[9]
Wahoo McDaniel (5) Manny Fernandez 10/7/1984 Charlotte, NC[10]
Magnum TA Wahoo McDaniel 3/23/1985 Charlotte, NC
Tully Blanchard Magnum TA 7/21/1985 Charlotte, NC
Magnum TA (2) Tully Blanchard 11/28/1985 Starrcade
Nikita Koloff Magnum TA 8/17/1986 Charlotte, NC[11]
Lex Luger Nikita Koloff 7/11/1987 Great
American Bash
Dusty Rhodes Lex Luger 11/26/1987 Starrcade[12]
Barry Windham Nikita Koloff 5/13/1988 Houston, TX[13]
Lex Luger (2) Barry Windham 2/20/1989 Chi-Town Rumble
Michael Hayes Lex Luger 5/7/1989 Wrestle War
Lex Luger (3) Michael Hayes 5/22/1989 Bluefield, WV
Stan Hansen Lex Luger 10/27/1990 Halloween Havoc
Lex Luger (4) Stan Hansen 12/16/1990 Starrcade
The belt becomes part of WCW. Multiple reigns will continue on.

[1]: Race was awarded the title with the explanation that he defeated Johnny Weaver in a tournament final.
[2]: Johnny Valentine vacated the title after suffering a plane crash on October 4, 1975.
[3]: This was a tournament final.
[4]: Flair was forced to vacate the title after winning the NWA World tag team championship days earlier.
[5]: This was a tournament final.
[6]: Wahoo vacated the title after being injured by Abdullah the Butcher.
[7]: This was a tournament final.
[8]: Sgt. Slaughter was awarded the title when Wahoo McDaniel was unable to show up for a title match as the result of having sustained an injured left leg at the hands of Don Muraco and Roddy Piper.
[9]: The title was held up and vacated after this bout due to the interference of Tully Blanchard, who hit Ricky Steamboat in the head with a chair.
[10]: This was a tournament final.
[11]: This match was the final bout in a best-of-seven series to fill the vacancy created in May 1986 when Magnum TA was stripped of the title for attacking NWA President Bob Geigel.
[12]: Dusty Rhodes was stripped of the title after beating NWA President Jim Crockett with a baseball bat in April 1988.
[13]: This was a tournament final.

Credit goes to: PWI Almanac, wrestling-titles.com, and ProWrestlingHistory.com

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  1. TNA needs a secondary title over there so we can others wrestlers like Rhyno,Robert Rood, and Creed hook up for a great additional Main Event instead of the same old WWE or WCW guys battle for the world title all the damn time with weak out comes.

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