Dailymotion Mixtape – Kurt Angle (Part 2, now featuring YouTube!)

Kurt Angle Mixtape Part Two
We begin part two with the year 2003. Even after his serious neck surgery after WrestleMania 19, there was still nobody better in the world than Kurt Angle.

  • WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit – (Royal Rumble, 1/19/03)

After Angle regained the WWE title at Armageddon in December, Benoit was certainly the first deserving of a title shot considering he had scored two pinfall victories over Angle in the past several months. Fellow Team Angle members Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas get sent to the back to avoid any and all shenanigans. Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter early and Angle hightails it to the floor. He tries for it again and gets thrown shoulder-first into the ringpost. Benoit chops out and they end up on the apron where Benoit gives Angle a DDT! OUCH! Back inside, Benoit misses the Swandive Headbutt. He slips out of the ANGLE SLAM and trips up Angle for the Sharpshooter. This time he clamps it on, but Angle makes the ropes. Angle comes back with an overhead suplex and dumps Benoit to the floor for a chest-drop on the barricade. In the ring, Angle grabs a body scissors/chinlock. He fights out into a double-KO. Benoit scores with a pair of knockdowns and they trade Germans, ending with Benoit getting the last suplex. Benoit heads up for the Swandive Headbutt again, but gets caught with the Pop-Up Superplex! Cover, 1-2-NO! ANGLE SLAM? No! Benoit escapes and brings Angle down into the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Angle makes the ropes and when Benoit can’t yank him off them, he settles for an Anklelock instead! He easily escapes into the real ANKLELOCK. Somehow, Benoit counters *that* into the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! AWESOME. Now Angle gets to his feet with the hold still applied, and delivers the ANGLE SLAM on Benoit! Slow cover gets 1-2-NO! Benoit rolls Angle away from another ANKLELOCK. Angle counters his German suplex, but Benoit counters his into a victory roll for 1-2-NO! They trade another series of Germans, but Benoit puts the exclamation point on the whole segment by causing Angle to do a complete flip onto his stomach! Swandive Headbutt gets 1-2-NO! Angle rolls through another Crossface attempt and catches Benoit with a reverse powerbomb onto the top turnbuckle for 1-2-NO! Benoit grabs one last CRIPPLER CROSSFACE, but Angle counters into the ANKLELOCK! Benoit can’t seem to get away this time and to keep him from ever succeeding, Angle grapevines the leg to get Benoit to tap out. (19:26) And Chris Benoit receives a standing ovation from the crowd afterwards. Phenomenal match that should have catapulted Benoit into nothing lower than main event level, but it still took WWE another year to pull the trigger on him. Had it gone about five more minutes, this would have easily been five-stars. ****¾

  • WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar – (SummerSlam, 8/24/03)

Since WrestleMania where Lesnar defeated Angle for the WWE title, both guys had been buddy-buddy. Lesnar went to see Angle in the hospital after his neck surgery! Since Angle had regained the title from Lesnar at Vengeance in July, Brock SOLD HIS SOUL to Vince McMahon for another shot at the belt and broke the only ankle Zach Gowen possesses. And now that you know this, here we go! Angle outwrestles Lesnar to start with headlocks. Lesnar gets his confidence back by shoving Angle off a couple tie-ups. Angle suckers Lesnar into a third tie-up and ducks under to shove Lesnar away. Angle flips Lesnar the DOUBLE-BIRD! Ha. Angle armdrags Lesnar to the floor, where he throws a temper tantrum. Lesnar tries walking off with the belt and gets nailed from behind. Angle beats Lesnar back in and gives him an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for two. Lesnar gets all desperate and presses Angle out to the floor! After a ride into the steps, in the ring Lesnar overhead suplexes Angle while still staying vertical! Incredible. Angle slips out of another guerrilla press and O’Connor rolls Lesnar, but then charges into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. That’ll get a two-count. Lesnar gets all crazy on us during a body scissors. Angle battles out, but runs into a knee. Lesnar continues the punishment on the mid-section with a rib breaker. Delayed fisherman’s suplex gets 1-2-NO! I’ve always loved that move. More rib busting in the corner. Angle avoids a second running corner charge, causing Lesnar to connect with the ringpost. Like any smart man should, Angle starts dishing out shoulderblocks to the injured shoulder. He follows up with a Hat Trick of Germans for two. Lesnar quickly comes back with an overhead suplex. He avoids an ANGLE SLAM and drills Angle with a Spinebuster for two. F-5 counter screws up, so they go for it again and Angle counters the F-5 into a DDT. Cover, 1-2-NO! ANGLE SLAM! That gets two. DOWN COME THE STRAPS! ANKLELOCK! Brock rolls Angle off into the ref, but he’s not giving up just yet. Angle jumps on Lesnar’s back and clasps the waist while scissoring Brock’s head with his legs! Quite the funky submission there. Anyways, it puts Brock to sleep down on the mat so Angle can reapply the ANKLELOCK. Lesnar can’t make the ropes, so he turns Angle away from the entrance ramp as Mr. McMahon runs in and blasts Angle with a chair. Brock hits a one-legged F-5 and a slow cover gets 1-2-NO! Angle counters a second F-5 and heel trips Lesnar into the ANKLELOCK. Lesnar grabs the ropes, but Angle pulls him back to the center of the ring for the submission victory! (21:21) And now the “YOU TAPPED OUT” chants become directed at Lesnar for the next few months. This felt quite weak compared to their WrestleMania match. When Smackdown doesn’t get PPV time in September, these two finish up their feud in a 60-minute Ironman match where Brock would regain the belt. ***¾

  • WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle – (WrestleMania XX, 3/14/04)

I really liked this feud. Angle needed the WWE title, so he brings up Eddie’s pill-popping past to say that he isn’t a respectable champion to really piss him off and get his title shot. Without making light of Eddie’s own passing, the ironic thing about the feud is that Angle would be released from WWE for that very same pill-popping problem in 2006. Angle underestimates Guerrero’s mat skills to start as Eddie manages to hang with the Olympic champ. Eddie counters an ab stretch and starts up the Three Amigos, but Angle cuts him off and flips Guerrero out to the apron the German Suplex That Never Happens. Eddie dropkicks Angle down and dives off the top, but lands chest-first on the barricade. Back in, Angle goes to the ribs with a body scissors. Eddie fights up to his feet, but gets hung out to dry for a count of two. A pair of overhead suplexes earns a nearfall for Angle. Guerrero jabs Angle’s temples to get out of a bearhug. He shoves off a belly-to-belly superplex and shoves off the Pop-Up Superplex, but then misses the FROG SPLASH. Angle unloads, so Eddie starts up the rope-a-dope to get his LATIN TEMPER going. Angle flips out of a suplex and hits a German suplex, but Guerrero counters a second one into a victory roll for two. Eddie armdrags out of the ANGLE SLAM and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Eddie hits two of the Three Amigos and then Angle blocks the third with a heel trip into the ANKLELOCK! Guerrero kicks him off and catches Angle for a dropkick. FROG SPLASH? Nope. Angle gets the Pop-Up Superplex after all for 1-2-NO! DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Back to the ANKLELOCK, but Eddie counters into another victory roll for 1-2-NO! Angle drills Eddie with another German suplex and goes for the ANGLE SLAM again, but Eddie counters *again* this time with a DDT. FROG SPLASH connects for 1-2-NO! Angle heel trips Guerrero again for the ANKLELOCK and just when Eddie looks like he’s about to tap, he rolls Angle off out through the ropes. Crowd ~ “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” Guerrero starts untying his boot from his injured foot. Angle sees Eddie grabbing his foot, and Eddie looks at Angle and goes “Oh Shhh!” Angle charges at Eddie as he tries to get away and reapplies the ANKLELOCK! With Angle having hold of the untied boot, Eddie manages to come out of his boot and catch Angle charging at him with a small package for the 1-2-3! (21:10) Fantastic match to put Eddie over and solidify him as the new champ of Smackdown. His title reign was cut WAYYY too short though. ****¼

  • Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels – (WrestleMania 21, 4/3/05)

Michaels eliminated Angle at the Royal Rumble and from there a rivalry was started to the point both guys have come to WrestleMania to see who the best wrestler of the decade is. This match is also labeled as an inter-promotional match, but all that really means is Raw vs. Smackdown. Both guys get into a wrestling stance to start and then Shawn shocks Angle with a slap! Charlie Murphy says, YOU DON’T SLAP A MAN! Angle explodes on HBK and rides him down to the mat. From there, Shawn does what Angle didn’t expect him to do – wrestle. HBK grabs hold of a headlock and doesn’t let go. Once Angle finds the ropes, Shawn applies a short-arm scissors down on the mat. Angle tries to lift and slam HBK out of it, but Shawn counters that into a sunset flip for two. Backslide gets another two. Back to the headlock. They brawl into the corner and as the “biased” Smackdown ref pulls HBK out, Angle blasts him from behind with a clothesline and grabs the ANKLELOCK out of nowhere. Shawn quickly rolls Angle off him and they take each other to the floor. Shawn sets up the Smackdown table for something big. They brawl on the floor until Angle ducks a blow and picks Shawn up for the ANGLE SLAM! Instead of dropping him on the floor, Angle backs Shawn kidneys-first into the ringpost! Back in, Angle hits a snap suplex for a pair of twos. Now he grabs a body scissors. HBK battles out, but gets caught with an overhead belly to belly suplex off the Ray Stevens corner bump. Angle places a knee in Shawn’s kidneys and pulls back on the neck. HBK escapes and during an exchange, slaps Angle again which gets him clotheslined hard to the mat. Shawn shoves off a belly-to-belly superplex, but misses the Flying Elbow. DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Michaels armdrags out of the ANGLE SLAM and takes Angle to the floor. He dives on top of Angle – driving his knee right into Angle’s face! Shawn avoids the German Suplex Off The Apron That Never Happens and knocks Angle onto the Smackdown table for the Springboard Splash, but the table doesn’t break! Back inside, Angle is bleeding PROFUSELY from the mouth. Shawn connects with the Flying Forearm and KIPS UP to continue his comeback. Flying Elbow hits this time as he sets up for SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Oh, Angle counters into the ANKLELOCK! Shawn makes the ropes and counters another ANGLE SLAM, but Angle rolls through into more of the ANKLELOCK! Shawn counters into a victory roll, but stands up into the ANGLE SLAM! Cover, 1-2-NO! Now Angle goes for it all with the Flying Moonsault and completely misses. Shawn slowly heads up top and gets caught with the SUPER ANGLE SLAM! Cover, 1-2-NO!! OH MY GOSH. Angle is REALLY frustrated right now. He grabs Shawn by the hair and SCREAMS at him to tap out, so Shawn shoves him back and delivers a desperate SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Slow cover gets two! Shawn was knocked so loopy by that Super Angle Slam, that it takes him forever to even get to his feet. Angle ceases the moment and easily takes Shawn down into the ANKLELOCK! HBK does one INCREDIBLE job selling the pain of the hold, but once Angle grapevines the leg Shawn has no choice but to tap out. (26:58) Such an incredible performance from both men. You have to think that Shawn and Taker may have looked back to this match when they got together at WM 25 in the way that there were several moments when the match could have been over, but it went another 10-15 minutes and continued to build and build up to a fantastic and dramatic ending. Without a doubt, one of the top three matches of the decade. *****

  • Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair – (Raw, 6/27/05)

Shawn got his win back the previous night at Vengeance from Angle in another 25 minute MOTYC. Now Flair gets to face an angry and defeated Kurt Angle. They trade headlocks and it looks like our video gets screwed up for a moment. Flair WOOS and backdrops Angle to the floor. Back in, Flair chain wrestles Angle down to the mat with a hammerlock. Angle easily counters into an Oklahoma roll where he can slap Flair around. Flair KNOWS he can’t outwrestle Angle at this point in his life and goes to the cheap tricks to punish Angle. That just serves to piss off Angle as they go to the floor again. Flair smashes Angle’s face on the steps, but gets led into an overhead suplex. COMMERCIALS! We come back to see Angle grabbing a keylock on Flair. Backdrop on Flair gets two. STF is applied, but Flair BITES his way out and continues to bite on Angle’s thumb when he’s completely free of the hold. Back to the floor, Flair chops away and then walks right into a backdrop. In the ring, Flair chops back and hits the Rolling Knee Drop. He heads up top and gets caught for a superplex, but winds up tripping and collapsing to the floor. Whoops. Back in, DOWN COME THE STRAPS for the ANGLE SLAM, which gets 1-2-NO! Angle grabs an ANKLELOCK, but then Flair applies the TESTICULAR CLAW! That leaves Angle stunned for a chop block and the FIGURE-FOUR! Angle makes the ropes and tries for a series of Germans, but Flair low-blows out of a second suplex! Flair hits a signature suplex for two. He chops some more and delivers a shinbreaker, but Angle NO-SELLS and heel trips Flair for the ANKLELOCK! Flair crawls to the ropes, but Angle brings him to the center of the ring and grapevines the leg for the sure fire submission victory. (17:09) You have to love Flair reaching into his bag of dirty tricks to beat the much more viral Kurt Angle. At this point, who hasn’t Angle beaten in the WWE? ***¼

  • World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker – (No Way Out, 2/19/06)

Angle uses the stick and move strategy to start and heads to the floor when Taker starts throwing punches since he’s the best pure striker in the business, says Michael Cole. Taker goes for the arm and tries for Old School. Angle punches Taker down on the first attempt, but Taker gets him on the second time. Snake Eyes connects, but the Big Boot doesn’t and Angle delivers a release German suplex. Taker misses a corner charge and gets knocked off the apron into the barricade. Taker eats the steps, but catches Angle diving off the apron and sends him spine-first into the ringpost. Taker delivers his legdrop on the apron for two. He wants the Chokeslam, but Angle kicks at the knee to prevent all that. Angle stays on the knee and grabs a Ringpost Figure Four! UT gets taken to school, but then Taker yanks Angle out to the floor. Taker makes a BIG mistake by going for another legdrop on the apron as Angle slides out of its way and applies a quick ANKLELOCK! Angle releases the hold at the count of eight, breaks the ref’s count, and heads back out to reapply the hold. AWESOME. Back inside, Angle grabs a kneebar and STAYS on the leg. Taker breaks loose and catches Angle in a TRIANGLE CHOKE, but Angle quickly reaches the ropes. Down on the floor, Angle gets thrown into ring announcer Tony Chimel. The Smackdown table gets set up for something big, but Angle heads over to the SAT and ANGLE SLAMS Taker through their table instead! And the tradition continues. Angle slides back into the ring before Taker does and as ref Nick Patrick reaches the count of nine, Angle grabs hold of him and starts cussing him out for even thinking of counting Taker out. Angle NEEDS to beat Taker by a pinfall or a tap out. Of course, the censors miss every curse word Angle says. Angle goes out to meet Taker, but takes a ride into the steel steps. Back inside, Taker gets caught up top with the Pop-Up Superplex! NOBODY SEES IT COMING! Cover, 1-2-NO! Next up, we see an awesome exchange of finishers. From the Chokeslam into an ANKLELOCK and to the TRIANGLE CHOKE and back into the ANKLELOCK! Taker rolls Angle off him and catches Angle with a Chokeslam for 1-2-NO! Taker wants the LAST RIDE, but Angle sunset flips out and goes right back to the ANKLELOCK! Taker kicks him off, but takes the ANGLE SLAM for 1-2-NO! As THE STRAPS COME DOWN, Taker sits up! They exchange blows, setting up a TOMBSTONE. Angle reverses, but so does Taker! Before UT drops Angle on his head, Angle slips out and reapplies the ANKLELOCK! He even applies the grapevine! When all seems lost, Taker turns Angle over and kicks him in the face with his good leg to break the hold NOBODY could break. As Taker stumbles to his feet, Angle shoots over with another ANGLE SLAM. He goes to roll up UT and gets caught in another TRIANGLE CHOKE! Angle starts to fade, but with a sudden burst of energy, manages to flip over Taker into a pinning position for the 1-2-3. (29:48) I covered every WWE PPV in 2006 and this was easily my favorite match of the year. This was the beginning of a complete career turn around match quality-wise for the Undertaker as he started having more and more great matches – something that regardless of being arguably one of the greatest gimmicks of all-time, always seemed to allude him somewhat in those first fifteen years. ****½

A month later at WrestleMania 22, Kurt Angle would lose the World Heavyweight title to Rey Mysterio in a triple-threat match which also included Randy Orton. He would never return to the main event scene during his first stint in WWE and was granted an early release from his contract on August 25, 2006, due to “personal issues”. Those “personal issues” meant that Angle was actually dealing with a addiction to pain killers. There is still dispute over the truth of whether or not Angle refused to go to rehab or WWE refused to give him the time off to go to rehab. Except for those involved, nobody really seems to know for sure what the truth of the situation actually is. Nevertheless, Angle left WWE and signed with TNA a month later.

  • Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe – (TNA Turning Point, 12/10/06)

In a match that was surely going to be Samoa Joe’s star-making match at November’s Genesis PPV, Angle defeated Joe in just 13 minutes with the Anklelock to give Joe his first loss in TNA. Now we get the rematch. Angle manages to ground Joe early, but Joe gets to his feet and nails Angle with a short-arm clothesline. Joe stomps a mudhole in Angle and we go out to the floor. Angle fires back and takes Joe down with a pescado (!). Joe eats the steel steps and takes a suplex back inside for two. They go back to the mat where Joe breaks loose out of a waistlock, but then runs into an overhead suplex. Angle grabs the waistlock again, but Joe stands up out of it and delivers a German suplex that lands Angle on his belly. Joe goes for the COQUINA CLUTCH, but Angle escapes and hits a Hat Trick of Germans. ANGLE SLAM? No! Joe slips out and goes for the COQUINA CLUTCH again. Angle slips out of that into a heel trip and the ANKLELOCK. Joe rolls Angle off into the corner, delivers a running knee strike, and goes for the MUSCLE BUSTER! Angle sunset flips out of it and goes right back to the ANKLELOCK! Joe rolls Angle away again, but staggers up into an ANGLE SLAM. Cover, 1-2-NO! They trade ANKLELOCKS and COQUINA CLUTCH holds for a bit. Pretty dramatic stuff. Angle grapevines the leg, but then Joe makes the ropes! Angle waits until the count of four to break, signaling a possible heel turn. Joe shoves off the Belly-to-Belly Superplex and gets caught with the Pop-Up Superplex. Cover, 1-2-NO! Joe armdrags out of the ANGLE SLAM and the ref gets knocked out inadvertently by Angle. COQUINA CLUTCH is applied and Angle taps. When Joe goes to wake up the ref, Angle low-blows him and grabs a chair. He charges Joe and misses a swing, causing the chair to bounce off the ropes and back into his face. COQUINA CLUTCH! This time the ref sees the tap out and Joe picks up the win. (19:15) I still feel like these two could have a better match with better booking. A corny ending for your two top stars isn’t necessary. ****¼

  • TNA World Champion Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe – Cage Match – (TNA Lockdown, 4/13/08)

This is that match all the cool kids were talking about last year. Angle isn’t wearing any wrestling tights or boots – he’s wearing MMA shorts and has his feet taped up like an MMA fighter. Welterweight cage fighter Frank Trigg joins Tenay & West on commentary. Loser must retire, winner gets the title. Very MMA-like start as both guys acting real tentative to hook up. Both guys exchange kicks to the knees. Being the expert amateur wrestler, Angle manages to ground and pound Joe. Off a lockup, Angle explodes on Joe with a back suplex to take him to the mat. Angle grabs a choke, but fails to turn his body to put Joe to sleep. Joe breaks out of a front headlock, but runs into an overhead suplex Joe avoids a cross armbreaker by hooking his hands, but can’t help but take the figure-four. He reverses out, but Angle stays on the knee. Joe earclaps out of another overhead suplex and DRILLS Angle with a standing Kobashi clothesline. I mean, dang. Burning Lariat anyone? Joe hits a running knee strike in the corner and goes for the MUSCLE BUSTER, but Angle sunset flips out into the ANKLELOCK! Joe kicks him off and catches Angle with STJoe for 1-2-NO! Powerbomb floats over into a NASTY Boston crab, which transitions over into the STF, then into the Crossface! Angle frees his arm and applies an ANKLELOCK. Looks like the pain from the Anklelock makes Joe release the Crossface. Somehow, Joe pulls Angle down to the mat and we’re back into the Crossface! Angle turns over in the hold and stands up and delivers an ANGLE SLAM out of it for 1-2-NO! Holy crap. Back to the ANKLELOCK, Joe transitions around and pulls Angle down into the COQUINA CLUTCH! Angle grabs the ref’s shirt and as the ref pulls away, Angle gets pulled closer to the ropes for the break. While Joe argues with the ref, Angle comes up from behind for an ANGLE SLAM. Joe slips out and sends Angle face-first into the cage! Superkick sets up a MUSCLE BUSTER for the 1-2-3! (17:35) It took Samoa Joe three years too long to become the world champion in TNA, but he finally did it here. TNA’s booking has suffered greatly ever since Angle arrived, but this was actually a really good idea on TNA’s part to capitalize on the UFC boom by incorporating more of that style into this match. As of right now, this is the best TNA match I’ve seen from 2007 onward. ****¾

Final Thoughts: How do you end such a great mixtape with merely a few sentences? Despite all his problems out of the ring, Kurt Angle remains as one of the greatest wrestlers of our generation. I think what you will watch here speaks for itself. If you’re a HUGE Kurt Angle fan, this is for you. If you’re not, hopefully a match here and there will change your mind. Until next time, thanks for watching and thanks for reading!

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  1. Great, great stuff. All my favorite wrestlers are gone now(Rock/Austin/Angle/Benoit/Guererro), now its just Jericho/HBK ;_;

  2. I know what you mean, man. Its really not the same anymore. The E needs to make some natural stars, not the force fed ones of today.

  3. Great post man I really enjoyed it :)- I liked the images tooo
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