WWF RAW 3/29/1993

World Wrestling Federation presents March to Wrestle Mania IX 3-29-1993

Bob Bartlett starts the show in an empty Manhattan Center and he’s wondering where everyone is.

Cut to Vince McMahon who is with Bobby Heenan and they will be calling the show. The official contract signing between WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart and Yokozuna is shown. Yokozuna viciously attacks Bret Hart by ramming the table into Hart’s gut. Yokozuna splats Hart with the Banzai Drop. Bret manages to get to his feet fairly quickly.

Vince McMahon hypes up Wrestle Mania and Bobby Heenan does the same. Randy Savage will be facing Yokozuna tonight. Also, Bam-Bam Bigelow will go to war with the Undertaker. Lastly, the Mega Maniacs will share their thoughts on the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Money Inc.

Opening Contest: Randy Savage versus Yokozuna
Nearly two minutes of stalling early on. Eventually, Yokozuna gets his hands on Savage and uses his size to manhandle Savage. Savage soon gets some momentum, until Mr. Fuji jabs the side of Savage with the Japanese flag. Yokozuna nails Savage with a belly to belly suplex to pick up the win in six and half minutes.
After the match, Yokozuna attempts the Banzai Drop but Savage manages to move out of the way and sends Yoko to the floor.


Gene introduces the Mega Maniacs, Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake and Jimmy Hart. Hogan absorbs his reaction, but it isn’t nearly as big as it has been in the past. Hogan brings up the attack on Beefcake a few weeks ago. Hogan says he heard everyone praying for Beefcake, so he got on his motorcycle for seven days and seven nights to go help him. Beefcake talks about ripping Money Inc. hair out of their heads. Hogan finishes off by saying “When I put the WORLD TITLE on the jaws of the sharks, they are going to get lock jaw”….


The debut of Lex Luger from the Royal Rumble is shown. Footage of Luger destroying various jobbers is shown as well. Gene mentions that Luger thinks he is “perfect”, which leads into the following.

Second Contest: Mr. Perfect versus Skinner

Skinner breaks kayfabe by saying “Come on Curt” at one point. Skinner did get some offense in but nothing special. Perfect manages to win following the Perfect Plex in four minutes.


Bob Bartlett is still sitting in the empty Manhattan Center, not sure what is going on.

Wrestle Mania IX Report with Gene. Bret Hart cuts a promo saying that he doesn’t see himself as the underdog against Yokozuna.


Main Event: Bam-Bam Bigelow versus The Undertaker

Bigelow got in a lot of offense in this match. Taker gets about thirty seconds of offense before Bigelow bails after a choke slam. Bigelow doesn’t come back and is counted out in just under six minutes of action.
After the match, Giant Gonzalez comes down but is held apart by referees.


Vince McMahon makes a bold prediction that Bret Hart will retain the WWF World Heavyweight Championship and the Mega Maniacs will win the WWF World Tag Team Championships.

We see a Bret Hart music video going along with the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

End of show.

My Take: Not a bad show this week, a great improvement compared to the past several weeks. Savage/Yoko was a great way to get Yokozuna not only more over with the crowd, but to give him great momentum heading into Wrestle Mania IX. Wasn’t a fan of the Mega Maniacs interview because Hogan took the focus off of the feud with Money Inc. and onto himself. Also, the video with Bret Hart was awful because of the song choice. Bigelow getting some offense was nice to see. The fact that the Giant Gonzalez was able to be held back by much shorter referees is ridiculous. I should note, that this RAW was a shorter version of the two hour March to Wrestle Mania IX that aired the day earlier.

About Bob Colling Jr.

31-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Avid fan of professional wrestling and write reviews/articles on the product. Usually focusing on the old school wrestling.

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  1. This is actually an abridged 1-hour version of the 2-hour “March to Wrestlemania” special they showed the previous night. One of the main points of the full version that isn’t shown here is the blowoff to the Kamala/Kimchee feud.

  2. It’s fine man. I also noted that in the last sentence of “My Take”.

  3. so this is the march to the march to wrestlemania IX.

  4. It’s not the FULL version. This was shown as the one hour RAW. As “A King” said, it is missing the Kamala/Kimchee blowoff and i’m sure a couple of interviews. However, since it was shown in place of RAW, i figured to add it.

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