WWE: The Attitude Era DVD Review (Disc Two)

WWE: The Attitude Era 3-Disc Set DVD Review
Released: November 20, 2012


Mike Tyson Joins DX– (Raw is War, 3/2/98): Mike Tyson who was major headline news at this time & the special enforcer from the Main Event at WrestleMania & Shawn Michaels get into a confrontation and challenge each other to a fight. However it’s just a swerve as HBK tears off Tysons shirt to reveal him as the newest member of DX. Of course Tyson swerved DX by counting the pinfall for Stone Cold but of course all was well as Tyson returned on RAW in 2009 with DX & inducted him in the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

A New Beginning for D-Generation X– (Raw is War, 3/30/98): Awesome segment where HHH declares the ball is in his court and he’s the new leader of DX. He introduced the return of friend & fellow clique member Sean ”X-Pac” Waltman to a huge pop as he was recently fired from WCW. X-Pac bashed Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and said if they had had their way that Scott Hall & Kevin Nash would be standing in the ring with them. This was a HUGE momentum swing for the WWF at the time and along with the New Age Outlaws, the entertaining and face DX.

  • Sable vs. “Marvelous” Marc Mero – (Raw is War, 5/11/98)

No match. Marc Mero has been blaming Sable for months over the fact that his career sucks, and his wife is now more over than he ever was. Sable wants to fight, so Mero picks her up and threatens her with a TKO. He decides to put her down instead, and tells Sable what could have happened. Mero then demands that she apologize for trying to ruin his career. Oh, she’ll apologize. She apologizes with a kick to the balls and gives him a SABLEBOMB as an exclamation point to end their relationship.

Nation of Degeneration– (Raw is War, 7/6/98): The famous and very funny skit where DX impersonates The Nation. If ya smell what the Crock is cookin’!

  • Bart Gunn vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams – Brawl for All Match (Raw is War, 7/27/98)

Doc beat Pierre Oulette to get to this point, while Bart defeated Bob Holly. This looks as worked as all the other “boxing” matches in WWE history. Doc wins on points (15-5 at the end of round two), but Bart knocks him out with a massive left near the end of round three. JR does his darnedest to try and maintain Doc’s credibility as a legit tough guy, but he just lost to Bart FN Gunn, so what can you really say there.

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions The Undertaker & Steve Austin vs. The New Age Outlaws vs. Kane & Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Rock & Owen Hart – (Raw is War, 8/10/98)

Lot of talent in this match. The Rock and Owen come out first, and after the Outlaws enter the ring to do their weekly shtick, Ken Shamrock appears to attack Owen Hart. Meanwhile, the Outlaws double-team the Rock! Oh no, Shamrock has snapped. He puts Owen in the ANKLELOCK. Here comes the rest of DX and the Nation to continue their full-scale war. JR – “It is chaotic!” No one pays attention to Owen and Shamrock until Steve Blackman shows up and convinces Shamrock to release the hold. After our last commercial break, European champion D’Lo Brown – chest protector and all – has decided to replace Owen in this match. During their entrance, Mankind keeps his distance from Kane and Paul Bearer since there’s some sort of uncertain conspiracy going on between them. There’s a lot going on here, and we haven’t even got to the match yet! Despite being the tag champs, Undertaker and Steve Austin receive separate entrances, which is another story in and of itself. On a side note, Austin has the Smoking Skull belt with him. I love it.

Alright, let’s get it on. Austin and Mankind start us off brawling in the center of the ring. Mankind catches Austin with a swinging neckbreaker for a quick nearfall. Austin wants to make him pay with a Stone Cold Stunner, but Mankind pushes him away and bails. Meanwhile, Rock attacks Austin, and gets punched back to the apron. Mankind jumps Austin and wants a suplex to the floor, but Austin counters with a neck snap on the ropes, and brings Mankind back in with a suplex of his own for two. D’Lo tags in, and beats up Austin a little bit. He comes back with a Thesz Press and the elbow. Tag to Kane, he briefly gets a piece of D’Lo before tagging Billy Gunn. Rocker Dropper and press slam gets two. Road Dogg gets a turn and takes a beating from Mankind and D’Lo. Back to Gunn, he levels D’Lo with the Jackhammer for two. UT pulls Gunn off the cover, which kind of terrifies Billy. D’Lo tags Austin, who tries to rip Gunn’s arm off. Since D’Lo almost wouldn’t tag the Undertaker, Austin gives him a shot to a HUGE ovation. Austin shows a little team spirit by dropping Gunn on the guardrail down on the floor. In one of those ridiculous moments in tag matches with more than two teams are included, Billy Gunn tags Austin to go against the Undertaker. JR says you can fight each other, but can’t pin them. WHAT. The tag champs make the Outlaws pay, as Austin beats on Gunn while UT goes Old School on Road Dogg. Tag to D’Lo, Road Dogg becomes the punching bag for the Nation. Sky High from D’Lo gets a nearfall. People’s Elbow also hits for 1-2-NO! Austin pulls Rock off the cover. Mankind beats on Road Dogg while spitting on Austin and Taker. Being preoccupied, Road Dogg surprises Mankind with a Russian legsweep. He wants to tag Billy, but Mankind knocks him off the apron. Instead, Road Dogg settles for tagging the Undertaker. It’s a pier-six brawl as Undertaker clears everybody out except for Kane. During the chaos, Mankind tags Kane, who goozles Undertaker for a CHOKESLAM. Cover, 1-2-3! We’ve got new tag champs. (14:29) Well, that seems kind of fishy considering the Undertaker couldn’t be beaten with just one chokeslam from Kane every other time they had met before. Even Austin is pretty confused by this. CONSPIRACY? Match was hot as can be, and wasn’t too bad a match. **½

  • Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart (w/Dan Severn) – Lion’s Den Match (SummerSlam 1998)

This is supposed to provide an MMA-type atmosphere for these two to do battle. The cage is MUCH smaller than what we see in UFC. Severn is the guy who “trained” Owen to be able to handle himself within this environment in order to get some revenge on his old UFC rival. By the way, this match did not take place in Madison Square Garden, but yet in some place near the arena. They each fight off some MMA-type submissions to start. Owen backs Shamrock into the cage and slams him down on the mat. Shamrock fires back with a ground and pound before delivering a back suplex. After Owen low blows Shamrock to escape a sleeper hold, Shamrock goes crazy with a few stiff clotheslines and rips off Owen’s t-shirt so he can choke him down. Shamrock then jumps off the cage to knock Owen down with a body attack. Owen fights back by throwing Shamrock face-first into the support beams. Enziguri kick connects before Owen gives Shamrock a version of the hotshot onto the cage. Shamrock now avoids a few finisher tries, and blocks a headscissors with a powerbomb. He uses the cage again to bounce back and nail Owen, but tries one too many times as Owen catches Shamrock in mid-air for a powerslam. Belly to belly suplex leads into the SHARPSHOOTER. Shamrock climbs the cage to break the hold, and then drops Owen with a DDT. Owen looks to come back to win by sending Shamrock into a support beam. He wants the BEAST CHOKER, but Shamrock walks up the cage to escape the hold and land behind Owen! Fujiwara armbar takedown puts Owen in position for the ANKLELOCK to give Shamrock the win. (9:16) King Ken Shamrock wins! Nice little story told there in that little cage. ***

  • The Rock vs. Mankind – WWF World Title Tournament Finals (Survivor Series 1998)

Interesting situation: who will win the WWF title? The corporate pick or the PEOPLE’S champion. Makes me think of this year’s Republican presidential race. Anywho, Lawler and JR promise us we will see ALL of this PPV main event – clearly making verbal jabs at WCW’s most recent Halloween Havoc offering. Collar and elbow tie-ups to start. Rock punches and stomps Mankind down into the corner, but then they head outside where Mankind switches gears. Back in, Mankind clamps on a chinlock. Meanwhile, Vince and Shane McMahon head down. This is the same night where Shane McMahon turned heel and joined up with the Corporation after following through with his elaborate plan to resign Stone Cold Steve Austin as a wrestler (instead of a referee) and then “screw” him out of reaching the WWF title tournament finals. Rock fights out of the chinlock before they head into the crowd where a trash can gets involved. Back inside, Rock grabs an EXCITING chinlock. Mankind knees out and a Cactus Clothesline lands them both out in front of the announce tables. Mankind ravages Rock’s back with a chair, but then Rock takes down Mankind while he’s carrying a set of steel steps only for them to fall back down on his face – at least we are led to assume that. Rock smashes the chair on the steps a few times before Mankind stands back up and gets his brain scrambled with a NASTY chairshot across the face. Back in the ring, Rock gets two. On the outside, Mankind delivers the Cactus Elbow, and then legdrops Rock on JR and King’s table. It doesn’t break. Mankind scores a nearfall back in the ring. Chinlock! Rock comes back with a DDT, but gets dumped. As he leans up against the Spanish announce table, Mankind leaps from the second rope only for the Rock to move as Mankind goes crashing through the table. Shane – “Mankind is sick!” In the ring, the PEOPLE’S ELBOW catches Mankind for 1-2-NO! Oh wait, DOUBLE ARM DDT stuns the Rock as Mankind whips out Mr. Socko. The MANDIBLE CLAW puts down Rock as his arm drops once, twice, and drops three times. Whoops. He forgot. Rock first pulls the sock out of his mouth, and then pulls Mankind in for the ROCK BOTTOM. Slow cover, 1-2-NO! Since that won’t put away Mankind, Rock looks over at Vince McMahon and raises the eyebrow. What’s that about? As Rock grabs the SHARPSHOOTER on Mankind, Vince and Shane run over to the timekeeper screaming for the bell to ring. And it’s Montreal all over again. (17:18) Vince announces to the world that Mankind is just gullible to believe he could be corporation, just as the world is filled with a bunch of idiots for thinking the Rock cares about them. Vince says he is so proud of what went down involving Stone Cold Steve Austin. While they continue to gloat, eventually Mankind interrupts and asks what exactly is happening right now. Here is what is happening. *GLONK!* Rock nails him from behind with the WWF title belt to make him an even more sympathetic babyface. Rock Bottom to Mankind. Now as Rock, Vince, and Shane celebrate, we see Stone Cold Steve Austin heading down to ringside. Vince and Shane hightail it out of there, as Austin delivers the STONE COLD STUNNER to the Rock and then throws him out – along with the title belt. As Mankind gets back to his feet, Austin walks over and gives him a STUNNER as well. Why not. Austin hits those four corners, stomps one more mudhole in the Rock, and then leaves with his two middle fingers in the air to close the show. ***

  • The Rock & the Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Mankind & Steve Austin – (Raw is War, 12/7/98)

Love the way they used to split up the upcoming PPV co-main events into a tag match. Put the faces together against the heels. Simple. Since there’s separate entrances, Rock and Taker get a jump on Mankind to start. Once Austin appears, it turns into a big brawl with Rock and Austin squaring off while Taker and Mankind do the same elsewhere. This goes on for quite some time until Mankind becomes *your* face-in-peril. Loads of stomping and punching all over poor Mankind. PEOPLE’S ELBOW gets 1-2-NO! Rock nearly takes the Double-Arm DDT, but backdrops out and lands the ROCK BOTTOM for two. Austin makes the save. That action brings in Undertaker to turn this back into a pier-six brawl. Next thing you know, the Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock show up to handcuff Mankind to the top rope. Ring the bell. (8:15) Taker beats Austin into the crowd, but then Austin beats Taker back over the barricade. He wraps a camera cord around Taker’s neck, but Taker nails him with the ring bell to make him stop. Now Taker gives Austin a chair shot to the face, and then picks up his lifeless body over to be strapped to the Undertaker symbol. While Gregorian chants are played over the loud speaker, Austin and Taker yell things at each other. Undertaker’s voice comes over the PA: “Austin, I’ve taken you – mind, body and soul. The only thing left is to bury you alive.” Pretty controversial stuff. Not much of a match though. *½

Austin Gives The Corporation A Beer Bath – (Raw is War, 3/22/99): Seems fairly self-explanatory from the title.

  • WWF Champion The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Steve Austin – (Raw is War, 6/28/99)

So before Austin lost his sweet CEO position back to Vince at the King of the Ring, he signed himself into a WWF title rematch with the Undertaker where the Corporate Ministry cannot interfere. If they decide to do so, UT must forfeit the title. They take turns beating each other in the corner and intimidating poor Earl Hebner. Thesz Press and the elbow gets two. Austin nearly gets the Stunner out of nowhere, but Taker shoves him off and takes a powder. Austin follows him out for some brief head smashing on the steps. Back in, Austin hits a clothesline before Taker lands a big boot. While the ref’s back is turned, Bearer nails Austin with one of his shoes. Back to the floor for some brawling. Paul Bearer interrupts Austin’s piledriver, and gets nailed. Back inside, Taker whips Austin corner to corner. Austin tries a slam, but UT falls on top for two. He grabs a chinlock. Austin fights out, but Taker follows through with Old School for another nearfall. Back to the chinlock, Austin stands up and cracks a jawbreaker. Now Austin wants to post a leg or two, but Taker kicks him back into the barricade. With Austin back in, Taker reapplies the chinlock. What is WITH the chinlock? Austin manages an escape into a double-clothesline. They meet over in the corner where Austin stomps a mudhole in Taker. Austin nearly slips into the Tombstone, but escapes and surprises Taker with the STONE COLD STUNNER. Cover, 1-2-NO! Paul Bearer yanks out Hebner. Austin walks over and decks Bearer. Back inside, Austin hits one more STUNNER for the 1-2-3! (12:04) The Charlotte crowd goes insane. Austin has won his fourth WWF title in fifteen months. After the bell, Undertaker beats Austin into a bloody mess despite the refs trying to stop the madness. Hardly a good match, but MAN oh man what a hot crowd, and sometimes that makes all the difference. **

The Debut of Y2J – (Raw is War, 8/9/99): Again, you have seen it. The Countdown video that we had been seeing appear occasionally on the TitanTron for weeks had now finally come to the end while the Rock is speaking inside the ring. What was going to happen?! After doing his now signature entrance, Chris Jericho debuts in the WWF to one of THE largest pops of his career, announcing to the world that he is here to save the WWF fans from boring characters like the one we have been listening to before he was interrupted. The Rock asks Jericho who he is exactly, because apparently the Rock has seen less WCW than Vince McMahon. I get that the Rock likes to make people look foolish, but at what expense? Funny how this insult is typically used for ex-WCW talent too, huh? It took Jericho – a great talent – another six months before anybody in the WWF seemed to care about him.

Final Thoughts: Moving onto disc three…

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