PDRwrestling Joins Ko-Fi!

Guys, many of you know I’ve been recapping old wrestling from the 70s into the 90s (and beyond!) for more years than I’m willing to admit and I just don’t want to miss out on anything worth watching.

Is there something out there in the wrestling world that I have missed and haven’t been talking about? Is there a match you want me to recap that I haven’t already written about – no matter how good or how bad? I’ll gladly do this for you at your request for a small fee of $3. Do you want me to do a whole show? I’ll gladly do that for $15. I DON”T REALLY CARE WHAT PROMOTION IT’S FROM. I don’t even care what decade it’s from. I just want to provide for you – the wrestling fan and the PDRwrestling fan – a personal recap experience that I hope you will enjoy.

Reach out – let’s have some fun. I’ll be eternally grateful and I must say that I have definitely appreciated all of the support I’ve received over these many years!

Check out https://ko-fi.com/pdrwrestling to help support the site and send me your requests!


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