TEN YEARS AFTER: New Year’s Revolution – (1/7/2007, Kansas City, MO)
Cena v. Umaga, DX v. Rated RKO, and Hardy v. Nitro inside a STEEL CAGE~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Royal Rumble – (1/28/2007, San Antonio, TX)
Cena v. Umaga — LAST MAN STANDING. Plus, the most important Royal Rumble match since the last Royal Rumble match!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (2/16/2007, Seattle, WA)
The Undertaker teams up with Batista to take on Rated RKO while John Cena and Shawn Michaels are set to face Mr. Kennedy and MVP!
TEN YEARS AFTER: No Way Out – (2/18/2007, Los Angeles, CA)
The WrestleMania main events EXPLODE~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (2/19/2007, Bakersfield, CA)
Rob Van Dam meets Edge in a ‘Money in the Bank’ qualifying match while John Cena battles Randy Orton!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (3/26/2007, Chicago, IL)
The WrestleMania main events EXPLODE AGAIN~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (3/27/2007, Grand Rapids, MI)
All eight Money in the Bank competitors meet in a huge eight-man tag!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (3/30/2007, Grand Rapids, MI)
The Undertaker and Batista meet for the “Biggest Interview in Sports Entertainment History”. When did Tony Schiavone return to WWE?
TEN YEARS AFTER: WrestleMania 23 – (4/1/2007, Detroit, MI)
John Cena meets Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker battles Batista, and the Battle of the BILLIONAIRES~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (4/2/2007, Dayton, OH)
 Vince is bald! HAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. Plus, Shawn Michaels and John Cena EXPLODE~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (4/3/2007, Fort Wayne, IN)
 The ECW Originals take on the New Breed in EXTREME RULES~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (4/6/2007, Fort Wayne, IN)
 The Undertaker and Batista meet in the ring again. Plus, Chris Benoit gets his paws on the Miz!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (4/13/2007, Providence, RI)
 Batista and the Undertaker team up to tackle Mr. Kennedy and Finlay! Plus, Chris Benoit meets MVP!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (4/20/2007, Milan, Italy)
 Deuce N Domino take on Paul London and Brian Kendrick with the WWE tag titles on the line! Can the greasy twosome win the big one?
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (4/23/2007, London, England)
 Cena/Michaels II!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (4/27/2007, London, England)
 Batista and the Undertaker team up to tackle Mr. Kennedy and Finlay! But this time, it’s a NO-DISQUALIFICATION MATCH~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Backlash – (4/29/2007, Atlanta, GA)
John Cena faces his biggest challenge to date in a fatal four-way match against Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Randy Orton. Plus, the Undertaker battles Batista in a WrestleMania rematch under Last Man Standing rules!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (4/30/2007, Nashville, TN)
 Someone is beating up all of John Cena’s top challengers – and it’s not John Cena who is doing the beating up! Who could it be?! The answer may shock/disappoint you.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (5/4/2007, Birmingham, AL)
 Mr. Kennedy battles Matt Hardy in a fun match! Plus, Kane takes on MVP to see who will be the U.S. champ Chris Benoit’s next challenger!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (5/11/2007, Pittsburgh, PA)
 A must-see Smackdown as the world champ the Undertaker meets Batista – inside a STEEL CAGE! Seriously, this was an awesome show.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (5/18/2007, Baltimore, MD)
 Chris Benoit meets Finlay. That’s really all you need. Just in case that’s not enough, MVP takes on Matt Hardy in another fun match! Plus, OZZY OSBOURNE PERFORMS~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Judgment Day – (5/20/2007, St. Louis, MO)
 John Cena takes on his LARGEST challenge to date in the Great Khali! Plus, MVP battles Chris Benoit in a 2/3 falls match over the U.S. title!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (5/25/2007, Des Moines, IA)
 Batista, Mark Henry, Finlay, and Kane battle to see who will be the number one contender to face Edge at One Night Stand!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (6/1/2007, London, ON, Canada)
 The Cutting Edge comes to Smackdown! Plus, Deuce N Domino defend their WWE tag titles in a triple-threat match!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Saturday Night’s Main Event 34 – (6/2/2007, Toronto, ON, Canada)
TEN YEARS AFTER: One Night Stand – (6/3/2007, Jacksonville, FL)
 Gimmick matches everywhere!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (6/8/2007, Orlando, FL)
 MVP meets Batista, Edge takes on Chris Benoit, and it seems Mr. McMahon is acting very odd.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (6/11/2007, Wilkes-Barre, PA)
 Wouldn’t you know it? The one night everybody shows their appreciation to Mr. McMahon – and he DIES.
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (6/12/2007, Philadelphia, PA)
 After Chris Benoit gets drafted to ECW, he joins CM Punk to battle the New Breed!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (6/15/2007, Philadelphia, PA)
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (6/19/2007, Charlotte, NC)
 To make this as least depressing as it can be, this episode airs the ECW world title tournament semifinals!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (6/22/2007, Charlotte, NC)
 Batista rejoins his old pal Ric Flair to battle Edge and MVP!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Vengeance: Night of Champions – (6/24/2007, Houston, TX)
 EVERY TITLE IS ON THE LINE! It’s a good idea – in theory.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (6/29/2007, San Antonio, TX)
 Vengeance is over now, but EDGE STILL HAS TO WRESTLE BATISTA!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (7/6/2007, Dallas, TX)
 The U.S. champ MVP goes to war with Matt Hardy. Matt will not die, so this could be problematic for Mr. Porter.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (7/13/2007, New Orleans, LA)
 Edge celebrates Mardi Gras – in July?
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (7/20/2007, Laredo, TX)
 Since Edge partied too hard last week, a battle royal will determine a *new* World Heavyweight Champion!
TEN YEARS AFTER: The Great American Bash – (7/22/2007, San Jose, CA)
 John Cena battles Bobby Lashley! Kane and Batista try to dethrone the Great Khali! Jeff Hardy tries to take the IC title away from Umaga!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (7/30/2007, Tucson, AZ)
 While Mr. Kennedy puts Bobby Lashley out of action, Carlito scores a huge upset!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (8/6/2007, Buffalo, NY)
 RAW gets a *new* GM while Mr. McMahon finds out he knocked up some broad — and she kept it!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (8/13/2007, New York City)
 The “bastard child” quest continues.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Saturday Night’s Main Event 35 – (8/18/2007, New York City)
 MVP has chosen a surrogate to box Matt Hardy — and it’s Evander Holyfield! If only they had let him talk…
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (8/20/2007, Fayetteville, NC)
 A jealous Santino Marella tries to interrupt Maria’s date with Ron Simmons! Yep, checks out. This is a *wrestling* show.
TEN YEARS AFTER: SummerSlam – (8/26/2007, East Rutherford, NJ)
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (8/27/2007, Boston, MA)
 On the night after his loss at SummerSlam, Randy Orton looks to make a statement to Mr. McMahon that he *deserves* another shot at John Cena and more importantly the WWE title.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (8/31/2007, Albany, NY)
 To find a #1 contender to Great Khali’s world title, Teddy Long makes a one-night CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION, which is just a vague WWE-ized way of saying “four-man tournament”.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (9/3/2007, Columbus, OH)
Things are looking up, folks.
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (9/4/2007, Cincinnati, OH)
CM Punk gets *ONE LAST SHOT* at the ECW title. I took time out of my day to write up this recap so he better make it count.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (9/10/2007, Green Bay, WI)
Vince finally finds out who his bastard kid is. Say, whatever happened to the chick who was suing him?
TEN YEARS AFTER: Unforgiven(9/16/2007, Memphis, TN)
Undertaker makes his return to kick Mark Henry’s butt. Plus, Cena-Orton II!
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (9/17/2007, Nashville, TN)
Check out the balls on John Cena’s dad!
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (9/24/2007, Milwaukee, WI)
Hornswoggle makes trouble for Jonathan Coachman – because he’s a McMahon now, ya see!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (9/28/2007, Indianapolis, IN)
While Vickie Guerrero becomes the new GM of Smackdown, MVP gets put into a match with an old nemesis.
TEN YEARS AFTER: No Mercy – (10/7/2007, Chicago, IL)
TEN YEARS AFTER: Cyber Sunday – (10/28/2007, Washington, DC)
The Undertaker challenges Batista to get his world title back, but who will be the special guest referee? ONLY THE WWE FANS CAN DECIDE~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (10/29/2007, Philadelphia, PA)
For most people, a handicap match with Randy Orton and Umaga would be a HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE. But not for Triple H.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (11/16/2007, Wichita, KS)
Just days before Batista goes inside Hell in a Cell to face the Undertaker, he REQUESTS a No-DQ match with…Mark Henry? It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Plus, MVP and Matt Hardy defend their tag titles against The Miz & John Morrison.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Survivor Series – (11/18/2007, Miami, FL)
Batista takes on an angry Undertaker inside HELL IN A CELL. Plus, Shawn Michaels battles Randy Orton – without any Sweet Chin Music.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (11/19/2007, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (11/23/2007, Tampa, FL)
Edge is back – and he’s in love?
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (11/26/2007, Charlotte, NC)
Ric Flair returns to make an important announcement. WOO!
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (12/10/2007, Bridgeport, CT)
It’s time to celebrate the 15th ANNIVERSARY OF RAW with THREE HOURS! Sheesh.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Armageddon – (12/16/2007, Pittsburgh, PA)
Jeff Hardy faces Triple H for a chance at the WWE title at the Royal Rumble. Plus, Edge gets involved in a triple-threat match over the world title with his biggest foes.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (12/31/2007, Greensboro, NC)
Ric Flair must keep on winning to remain within WWE. Tonight, he faces TRIPLE H.
The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2007
Cena/Umaga, MITB, and plenty of Randy Orton!
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