TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (1/7/2008, Uncasville, CT)
For the third time in RAW history, it’s RAW ROULETTE~! Jeff Hardy battles Umaga – inside a STEEL CAGE.
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (1/8/2008, Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore get their “15 Minutes of Fame” against The Miz & John Morrison. Plus, a returning Chavo Guerrero gets a second chance to beat CM Punk so he can get an ECW world title shot. Who is really behind such decision-making?! Hmm.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (1/21/2008, Hampton, VA)
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (1/22/2008, Charlottesville, VA)
TEN YEARS AFTER: Royal Rumble – (1/27/2008, NYC)
Okay guys, Triple H is the clear winner for the Rumble match. There’s nobody who could possibly win the Rumble match other than him because he’s married to the boss’s daughter and whatnot. If you don’t pick Triple H to win, you’re a mark who isn’t as smart as me. You don’t know how the biz works like I do. I’m what they call a “smart”.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (2/11/2008, Austin, TX)
Check off another one of your dream matches for Shawn Michaels. Tonight, he goes twenty minutes with Jeff Hardy.
TEN YEARS AFTER: No Way Out – (2/17/2008, Las Vegas, NV)
Nobody makes the Big Show bleed his own blood. NOBODY.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (2/25/2008, Phoenix, AZ)
JBL makes a big little confession.
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (3/4/2008, Cleveland, OH)
It’s CM Punk’s last chance at regaining his ECW title.
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (3/10/2008, Milwaukee, WI)
THIS WEEK IS A THREE-HOUR WRESTLEMANIA 24 REWIND NIGHT! What does that mean exactly? Well, you get to see the Undertaker and Mark Henry in a casket match again! YEAH!
TEN YEARS AFTER: RAW – (3/24/2008, Columbia, SC)
Ric Flair has his final showdown with Shawn Michaels before the final throwdown at WrestleMania.
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (3/25/2008, Fayetteville, NC)
A 24-man tag match? Now that’s bound to be “action-packed”.
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (3/28/2008, Fayetteville, NC)
Edge has a figurative funeral for THE STREAK. You won’t believe what happens next!
TEN YEARS AFTER: WrestleMania 24 – (3/30/2008, Orlando, FL)
Shawn Michaels takes Ric Flair out back and puts him out of his misery.
Saturday Night’s Main Event 36
Jenny McCarthy battles Autism! Oh yeah, and some wrestling too.
The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2008
Ric Flair says goodbye while Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho get embroiled in a war!
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