Royal Rumble(1/30/2011, Boston, MA)
Elimination Chamber(2/20/2011, Oakland, CA)
WrestleMania 27(4/3/2011, Atlanta, GA): authored by Kyle Fitta
Extreme Rules(5/1/2011, Tampa, FL): authored by Kyle Fitta
Over the Limit(5/22/2011, Seattle, WA): authored by Kyle Fitta
Capitol Punishment(6/19/2011, Washington, DC)
Money in the Bank (7/17/2011, Chicago, IL)
SummerSlam(8/14/2011, Los Angeles, CA)
Night of Champions(9/18/2011, Buffalo, NY)
Hell in a Cell(10/2/2011, New Orleans, LA)
Vengeance(10/23/2011, San Antonio, TX)
Survivor Series(11/20/2011, New York City)
Tables Ladders & Chairs(12/18/2011, Baltimore, MD)
Royal Rumble(1/27/2013, Phoenix, AZ)
SummerSlam(8/18/2013, Los Angeles, CA)
Royal Rumble(1/26/2014, Pittsburgh, PA)
Elimination Chamber TAG TEAM REVUE EDITION~!(2/23/2014, Minneapolis, MN)
WrestleMania XXX(4/6/2014, New Orleans, LA)
Extreme Rules(5/4/2014, East Rutherford, NJ)
Payback(6/1/2014, Chicago, IL)
Money in the Bank(6/29/2014, Boston, MA)
Battleground(7/20/2014, Tampa, FL)
SummerSlam(8/17/2014, Los Angeles, CA)
Night of Champions(9/21/2014, Nashville, TN)
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