Royal Rumble – (1/21/1990, Orlando, FL)
Hogan and Warrior show us what they can do in the ring!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #25 – (1/27/1990, Chattanooga, TN)
Can Hogan and Warrior co-exist to battle Mr. Perfect and The Genius?
The Main Event #3 – (2/3/1990, Detroit, MI)
Boxers in wrestling? That’s preposterous!
WrestleMania VI – (4/1/1990, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, and Steve Allen!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #26 – (4/28/1990, Austin, TX)
Hogan/Perfect, Harts/Rockers!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #27 – (7/28/1990, Omaha, NE)
Perfect/Santana, Demolition/Rockers!
SummerSlam – (8/27/1990, Philadelphia, PA)
Hogan’s back for revenge!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #28 – (10/13/1990, Toledo, OH)
LOD vs. Demolition! Finally!
Survivor Series – (11/22/1990, Hartford, CT)
What the EFF is in that EGG?
The Main Event #4 – (11/23/1990, Fort Wayne, IN)
Warrior/DiBiase, plus Strike Force EXPLODES!
Madison Square Garden – (12/28/1990, NYC)
Even though Mr. Perfect just won back the IC title, he meets Roddy Piper who still has yet to capture a championship in the WWF!
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