Royal Rumble – (1/19/1991, Miami, FL)
Randy Savage just will not leave the Ultimate Warrior alone!
The Main Event #5 – (2/1/1991, Macon, GA)
Earthquake wraps up his biggest money-making feud ever!
WrestleMania VII – (3/24/1991, Los Angeles, CA)
Superstars and Stripes Forever, BAYBEE!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #29 – (4/27/1991, Omaha, NE)
From a show of hands, who wants see Warrior vs. Taker?
SummerSlam – (8/26/1991, New York City)
Bret Hart achieves his dream, while Virgil fights back against the man!
Survivor Series – (11/28/1991, Detroit, MI)
Ric Flair makes his WWF wrestling PPV debut! WOO!
This Tuesday in Texas – (12/3/1991, San Antonio, TX)
I don’t know why everyone hates this show. It’s good!
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