Monday Night Raw – (1/6/1997, Albany, NY)
Monday Night Raw – (1/13/1997, Albany, NY)
Royal Rumble(1/19/1997, San Antonio, TX)
Monday Night Raw – (1/20/1997, Beaumont, TX)
Monday Night Raw – (1/27/1997, Beaumont, TX)
Monday Night Raw – (2/3/1997, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Thursday Raw Thursday – (2/13/1997, Lowell, MA)
IYH XIII: Final Four(2/16/1997, Chattanooga, TN)
Monday Night Raw(2/17/1997, Nashville, TN)
Monday Night Raw(2/24/1997, NYC)
Monday Night Raw(3/3/1997, Berlin, Germany)
Raw is War(3/10/1997, Worcester, MA)
Raw is War(3/17/1997, Syracuse, NY)
WrestleMania XIII(3/23/1997, Chicago, IL)
Raw is War(3/24/1997, Rockford, IL)
Raw is War(3/31/1997, Peoria, IL)
Raw is War(4/7/1997, Muncie, IN)
Raw is War(4/14/1997, Muncie, IN/Johannesburg, South Africa)
IYH XIV: Revenge of the Taker(4/20/1997, Rochester, NY)
Raw is War(4/21/1997, Binghamton, NY)
Raw is War(4/28/1997, Omaha, NE)
Raw is War(5/5/1997, Green Bay, WI)
IYH XV: Cold Day in Hell(5/11/1997, Richmond, VA)
Raw is War(5/12/1997, Newark, DE)
Raw is War(5/19/1997, Mobile, AL)
Raw is War(5/26/1997, Evansville, IN)
Raw is War(6/2/1997, Huntington, WV)
King of the Ring(6/8/1997, Providence, RI)
Raw is War(6/9/1997, Hartford, CT)
Raw is War(6/16/1997, Lake Placid, NY)
Raw is War(6/23/1997, Detroit, MI)
Raw is War(6/30/1997, Des Moines, IA)
IYH XVI: Canadian Stampede(7/6/1997, Calgary, AB, Canada)
Raw is War(7/7/1997, Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Raw is War(7/14/1997, San Antonio, TX)
Raw is War(7/21/1997, Halifax, NS, Canada)
Raw is War(7/28/1997, Pittsburgh, PA)
SummerSlam(8/3/1997, East Rutherford, NJ)
Raw is War(8/4/1997, Bethlehem, PA)
Raw is War(8/11/1997, Biloxi, MS)
Raw is War(8/18/1997, Atlantic City, NJ)
Friday Night’s Main Event(8/29/1997, Chicago, IL)
Friday Night’s Main Event(9/5/1997, Chicago, IL)
Ground Zero: IYH XVII(9/7/1997, Louisville, KY)
Raw is War(9/8/1997, Cincinnati, OH)
Raw is War(9/15/1997, Muncie, IN)
One Night Only (UK PPV)(9/20/1997, Birmingham, UK)
Raw is War(9/22/1997, New York City)
Raw is War(9/29/1997, Albany, NY)
Badd Blood: IYH XVIII(10/5/1997, St. Louis, MO)
Raw is War – (10/6/1997, Kansas City, MO)
Raw is War – (10/13/1997, Topeka, KS)
Raw is War – (10/20/1997, OKC, OK)
Raw is War – (10/27/1997, Tulsa, OK)
Raw is War – (11/3/1997, Hershey, PA)
Survivor Series – (11/9/1997, Montreal, QB)
Raw is War – (11/10/1997, Ottawa, ON)
Raw is War – (11/17/1997, Cornwall, ON)
Raw is War – (11/24/1997, Fayetteville, NC)
Raw is War – (12/1/1997, Roanoke, VA)
D-Generation X: IYH XIX – (12/7/1997, Springfield, MA)
Raw is War – (12/8/1997, Portland, ME)
Raw is War – (12/15/1997, Durham, NH)
Raw is War – (12/22/1997, Lowell, MA)
Raw is War – (12/29/1997, Long Island, NY)
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