The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2005
HBK/Angle, Batista/HHH, and Flair/HHH tell a timeless story in a STEEL CAGE!
TEN YEARS AFTER: WrestleMania 22 – (4/2/2006, Chicago, IL)
Cena v. HHH, HBK v. Vince, and Edge v. Foley!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Backlash – (4/30/2006, Lexington, KY)
Cena v. HHH v. Edge! Plus, “God” is HBK’s tag partner against the McMahons?
TEN YEARS AFTER: Judgment Day – (5/21/2006, Phoenix, AZ)
Rey v. JBL, Taker v. Khali, and the KOTR Finale!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Vengeance – (6/25/2006, Charlotte, NC)
DX v. Spirit Squad! RVD v. Edge, and Orton v. Angle!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Saturday Night’s Main Event #33 – (7/15/2006, Dallas, TX)
Edge defends the WWE title against John Cena!
TEN YEARS AFTER: The Great American Bash – (7/23/2006, Indianapolis, IN)
Rey v. King Booker, Batista v. Kennedy, and the PUNJABI PRISON~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: SummerSlam – (8/20/2006, Boston, MA)
Edge v. Cena, DX v. the McMahons, Batista v. King Booker, Flair v. Foley, and Hogan v. Orton!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Unforgiven – (9/17/2006, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Edge v. Cena – TLC! Plus, we celebrate the career of Trish Stratus.
TEN YEARS AFTER: No Mercy – (10/8/2006, Raleigh, NC)
King Booker v. Batista v. Lashley v. Finlay!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Cyber Sunday – (11/5/2006, Cincinnati, OH)
King Booker v. Cena v. Show! DX v. Rated RKO!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Survivor Series – (11/26/2006, Philadelphia, PA)
King Booker v. Batista, Team Cena v. Team Show, Team DX v. Team Rated RKO!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Armageddon – (12/17/2006, Richmond, VA)
Batista/Cena v. Booker/Finlay, Taker v. Kennedy LAST RIDE! Plus, Joey Mercury’s face explodes!
The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2006 (VINTAGE MATT~! edition)
We take a retro-look at Matt’s original ‘best of 2006’ post! This time with complete PBP!
TEN YEARS AFTER: New Year’s Revolution – (1/7/2007, Kansas City, MO)
Cena v. Umaga, DX v. Rated RKO, and Hardy v. Nitro inside a STEEL CAGE~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Royal Rumble – (1/28/2007, San Antonio, TX)
Cena v. Umaga — LAST MAN STANDING. Plus, the most important Royal Rumble match since the last Royal Rumble match!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (2/16/2007, Seattle, WA)
The Undertaker teams up with Batista to take on Rated RKO while John Cena and Shawn Michaels are set to face Mr. Kennedy and MVP!
TEN YEARS AFTER: No Way Out – (2/18/2007, Los Angeles, CA)
The WrestleMania main events EXPLODE~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (2/19/2007, Bakersfield, CA)
Rob Van Dam meets Edge in a ‘Money in the Bank’ qualifying match while John Cena battles Randy Orton!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (3/26/2007, Chicago, IL)
The WrestleMania main events EXPLODE AGAIN~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (3/27/2007, Grand Rapids, MI)
All eight Money in the Bank competitors meet in a huge eight-man tag!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (3/30/2007, Grand Rapids, MI)
The Undertaker and Batista meet for the “Biggest Interview in Sports Entertainment History”. When did Tony Schiavone return to WWE?
TEN YEARS AFTER: WrestleMania 23 – (4/1/2007, Detroit, MI)
John Cena meets Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker battles Batista, and the Battle of the BILLIONAIRES~!
TEN YEARS AFTER: Raw – (4/2/2007, Dayton, OH)
TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi – (4/3/2007, Fort Wayne, IN)
TEN YEARS AFTER: Smackdown – (4/6/2007, Fort Wayne, IN)
The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2007
Cena/Umaga, MITB, and plenty of Randy Orton!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #36
Jenny McCarthy battles Autism! Oh yeah, and some wrestling too.
The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2008
Ric Flair says goodbye while Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho get embroiled in a war!
(PPVs from this year are all courtesy of Alexander Settee)
Raw – (1/19/2009, Rosemont, IL)
Kicking your boss in the face can get you in a lot of trouble! Who knew!
Royal Rumble – (1/25/2009, Detroit, MI)
Randy Orton does what no heel has been able to do in ten years – win the Rumble!
No Way Out – (2/15/2009, Seattle, WA)
More Elimination Chambers! Just like last year.
WrestleMania XXV – (4/5/2009, Houston, TX)
Without question, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker steal the show.
Backlash – (4/26/2009, Providence, RI)
WWE’s biggest feuds are either settled or continue to reach new heights.
Judgment Day – (5/17/2009, Chicago, IL)
Batista gets his first major title shot since his big return to the WWE in April.
Extreme Rules – (6/7/2009, New Orleans, LA)
After ten years of ladder matches, Jeff Hardy and Edge still manage to innovate.
The Bash – (6/28/2009, Sacramento, CA)
Once again, Smackdown RULZ all when it’s PPV time.
Night of Champions – (7/26/2009, Philadelphia, PA)
It’s that one time a year when all the belts get defended on a PPV!
SummerSlam – (8/23/2009, Los Angeles, CA)
CM Punk’s title win starts with a…BONG.
Breaking Point – (9/13/2009, Montreal, QC, Canada)
Cena gets flogged, but HE…WILL…NOT…QUIT!
Hell in a Cell – (10/4/2009, Newark, NJ)
Three ‘Hell in a Cell’ matches on one PPV? And you used to be so rare and special.
Bragging Rights – (10/25/2009, Pittsburgh, PA)
Cena/Orton again – for a guaranteed sixty minutes this time!
Raw – (11/2/2009, Worcester, MA)
Ozzy and Sharon get RAW!
Survivor Series – (11/22/2009, Washington, DC)
DX and Jerishow get world title shots!
Tables Ladders & Chairs – (12/13/2009, San Antonio, TX)
Christian and Shelton Benjamin follow through on their words and actually do steal the show!
The 100 Greatest Matches of the Decade: 2009
HBK/Taker, Jericho/Mysterio, two Elimination Chamber matches, and much more!
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