1. Wow. What awesome reviews! You know, most WCW fans (hell, wrestling fans in general) seem like they have become so consolidated in their thinking and such “smart” fans that they can no longer appreciate shows that don’t fit into the narrow mindset that the NWA/WCW was only good in 1989 and when the NWO was around. It’s just the in-style thing to rant on about how horrible WCW was and how great it is that it’s gone now, and a lot of it comes from these so called fans who’ve only seen these matches in 9 minute segments on YouTube. It’s nice to read a review from someone who watched some of these shows when they actually aired and can review them within their contexts. Keep up the good work, it’s been a good read.

  2. Cool stuff…even some TV reviews you don’t normally see from certain other reviewers. And to the above poster, I liked WCW for its good points even while groaning at the bits that made me impatient. (it was only the Russo era that sent me over the point of no return, kind of like how 2002-date WWE has made me a mostly ex-current wrestling fan) Back in the day, I was a WRESTLING fan, not a WWF/WCW/etc. etc. fan.

  3. I have just spent the whole afternoon reading your wonderful, detailed reviews of the first wrestling matches & cards that I ever watched. I am going to be checking back often for updates, but I wanted you to know just how much I appreciate your work. It’s really brilliant, thank you so much.

  4. I wasn’t around back when some of this stuff happened, and I really felt like I missed out. But being able to go back and read about these WWF/WCW/ECW shows of yesteryear, it’s really cool. This is the best review site ever. And I really mean it dude. Please keep the reviews coming!

  5. Do you know where I can get a copy of Starrcade 1984?

  6. Love the site, man. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hey man, just stumbled onto your website. Fantastic, great reviews. I’ll be checking back often. Great to read new reviews of the old stuff. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks for the good word, Lee! I appreciate everybody who reads my reviews.

  9. Great stuff, hope you continue with reviewing more Nitro’s.

  10. Any chance you’ll start on 1997?
    Would dearly love to see your take on the mind blowingly awful experiment that was NWO Souled Out.

    • Absolutely. I’ll start with 1997 as soon as I finish 1996. Can’t wait!

      • Seriously, I’ve just watched NWO Souled Out. I wouldn’t be so eager. :O)

        Great site, by the way. Having your summaries as I watched each PPV (I’ve been watching every WCW PPV from 1991 to 2000 in sequence) has really added to the enjoyment.

  11. I’ve enjoyed really much reading your WCW and WWF reviews of the year 1996. It have been fun to compare your opinions to mine because I’ve also been reviewing 1996 pay-per-views :) I found your site when I was watching Uncensored 1996. I already finished 1996 (because I only watched pay-per-views) and found also time to start 1997 with Royal Rumble and the legendary Souled Out :D Though sometimes our opinions differ pretty much, reading your reviews is always a delight. I’m waiting more to come and hoping you’ll also continue to 1997!

    Oh, I almost forgot: I’m Finnish so I guess it would be a waste of time to give a link to my reviews :D Being Finnish is also a reason why my English sucks.

  12. You’re awesome, Peng.

    Send me a link anyways. I can run your site through a Finnish translator. I would love to read your stuff.

  13. Respect to you for putting all the work into reviewing these shows,Matt.You have done a great job.

  14. For anyone who is interested,all these WCW PPV’s(and many others) can be bought from http://www.ioffer.com.The best seller is called ‘Heatermania’ and he does boxsets with artwork.I have bought PPV’s of the years 1989,1990,1992,etc and am very happy with them.The picture and sound quality is between 7-9/10 and most of the shows are the live PPV and NOT the edited 2 hour vhs copy.
    Just thought i would let you wrestling fans know.

  15. Hello…great site…https://wcwrules4lyf.wordpress.com/wcw is #1! Please keep it up webmaster….good work…thumbs up!

  16. Superb content, my friend. You are truly a literary genius. This kind of article requires a great mind and a lot of research. I commend you on the hard work you put into this writing.

  17. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

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  19. Hey Matt, I absolutely love reading your reviews. You write the best wrestling reviews on the Internet, and I’m very glad I stumbled upon your site a few years ago. I was wondering if you were planning on returning from your hiatus and continuing on through the final years of WCW and the WWF Attitude Era. I would love to see your spin on Sting/Hogan at Starrcade ’97 and the debacle that was 1999-2000 WCW.

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