Volume 1
From the fall of 1978, the Sheik is a babyface? Plus, Dory Funk Jr. gets beaten up and left for dead by Austin Idol and Don Kent!
Volume 2
From the winter of 1969, a team called Hell’s Angels is running roughshod over Detroit. Killer Karl Kox wants the Sheik and the US title. Abdullah Farouk may be able to make that happen.
Volume 3
My (not-so) educated guess says this show aired in 1977.  We get some Dick the Bruiser and Ernie Ladd action. Ox Baker and Dory Funk Jr. also appear. The Sheik was deemed too violent for TV so he’s nowhere to be seen. In other words, you gotta lay down the $3 to see him.
Volume 4
More from the fall of 1978. In what would be deemed as a main event anywhere in the Detroit area, “Bulldog” Don Kent and Stan “The Man” Stasiak takes on the Sheik and Dory Funk Jr.!
Volume 5
Fall of 1975. THE SHARK CAGE MATCH~!
Volume 6
December 29, 1972. Big Time Wrestling does it’s absolute best to get you interested in a Bobo Brazil versus the Sheik match from Cobo Hall with Joe Louis as special referee to close out the year.
Volume 7
From September 1976. No Sheik this time, but Pampero Firpo is here.
Volume 8
From November 1978. The Fabulous Kangaroos, Don Kent, Mark Lewin, and the Shiek. Why, we’re in Detroit, of course!
Volume 9
From February 1976. We go to Cobo Hall for a “loser leaves town” match for the U.S. title between the champion Mark Lewin and the Shiek! Plus, there’s a two-ring battle royal with Andre the Giant and Bobo Brazil!
Volume 10
From summer or possibly fall of 1979. We hear about a broken trophy angle between Chief Jay Strongbow and Don Kent. Plus, the Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher are battling the Funk brothers in Japan!
Volume 11
From February 1975. To wrap up my Detroit recaps, we go to London, Ontario to see the Sheik battle Tiger Ali Singh inside a steel cage!
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