AJ Styles
AJ wins two world championships, battles an ABYSS, and squares off with Matt Hardy!

BJ Whitmer-CM Punk
A little BJ Whitmer, a lot of Killswitch Engage!

Dean Malenko
Dean wrestles his brother Joe and a bunch of other people that you’ve actually heard of!

Eddie Guerrero
Lying, cheating, stealing and black tigers! Sounds neat, doesn’t it?

His name is Finlay and he loves to fight.

The Great Muta
We take a look at the first eleven years of this amazing character before he goes bald.

The Hart Foundation
What – you thought I was going to do a Hulk Hogan mixtape?!

The Iron Sheik
He’ll break your back, make you humble, and well…you know the rest.

Juventud Guerrera
Juvenile Guerrilla? Close enough, spell check.

Kurt Angle (PART ONE!)
Who says Olympic champions can’t excel in a fake sport?

Kurt Angle (PART TWO!)
Watch as Kurt Angle takes on wrestling’s biggest names!

The Legion of Doom
OHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH! Yeah, I got nothing to say.

The Midnight Express
Just because all you see before you are Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan, doesn’t mean we left out Loverboy Dennis from this mixtape. That would just be silly.

Owen Hart (PART ONE!)
Before he ever made it to the US, he had already seen the world.

Owen Hart (PART TWO!)
Enjoy more Owen Hart as he battles his way through the 1990s.

Rick Rude (PART ONE!)
What I’d like to have right now is for all of us to watch some Rick Rude matches.

Rick Rude (PART TWO!)
So ravishing, one part couldn’t possibly contain the man!
Shawn Michaels (PART ONE!)
He’s not your boy toy, he’s just a sexy boy who hurt his back and then returned better than ever four years later.
Shawn Michaels (PART TWO!)
See Shawn Michaels main event WrestleMania and put some guys over. Something you never thought you’d see out of him ten years before.
Trish Stratus (PART ONE!)
She goes through tables, manages a tag team, and gets in a fight with Daddy’s Little Girl: it’s Trish!
Trish Stratus (PART TWO!)
A diva with a legitimate Hall of Fame-level career or just the hottest chick to ever walk that aisle? No matter the opinion, WE STILL WIN.

Issue #1
Eddie Gilbert competes in the northeast indies against hardcore legends Terry Funk and Cactus Jack! Plus, a handheld version of Pillman/LIGER! It’s all in here.


Is this guy any count? FIND OUT WHAT I THINK ABOUT HIM.


Brodie Lee Memorial
RIP — 1979-2020.
  1. these mixtapes are great. any chance you will do more in the future?

  2. OH yeah. The letter ‘K’ is coming. I bet you could guess who is representing the letter K. And no, not Khali. ;D

  3. Awesome website! The The Hart Foundation mixtape was great.

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