The Legion of Doom YouTube/Dailymotion Mixtape

After already becoming legendary figures in the AWA and the NWA, the Road Warriors move on to the WWF to absolutely cement their legacy. Of course they dropped the Road Warriors name and became known only as the Legion of Doom. They debuted in the WWF in July 1990 and instantly started up a war with the most obvious of rivals – the team of Demolition.

  • The Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior vs. Demolition – (Saturday Night’s Main Event #28, 10/13/90)

It’s a feud the world had wanted to see for several years now. I’m talking about the Road Warriors vs. Demolition, and now we have it. The Road Warriors interfered in Demolition’s title match at SummerSlam and basically cost them the belts to the Hart Foundation and it just seemed like a good idea to put all the “warriors” together. The Warriors clear the ring to start, but then Smash catches Animal with a clothesline. Animal comes back with a powerslam for two. Warrior and Ax tag in for a bit. Warrior delivers a bunch of shoulderblocks and goes for the finish with the GORILLA SPLASH, but nobody’s home. Smash dumps Warrior for some Crush cheating and rolls the Warrior back in. Warrior gets stuck in the Demos corner for a while and they set him up for DEMOLITION DECAPITATION, but Hawk saves him at the last second. HOT TAG TO HAWK! Hawk hits a FLYING CLOTHESLINE on Smash, nails Ax & Crush, and tags in Warrior. LOD go to the floor with Ax & Crush while Warrior puts Smash away with the GORILLA SPLASH (5:38) They BURIED Demolition here. It’s one of those spectacle matches, not necessarily all that amazing. *½

  • The Legion of Doom vs. The Orient Express (w/Mr. Fuji) – (The Main Event, 2/1/91)

Kato tries his best against Animal, but the guy just won’t sell anything. Kato takes a powerslam and Tanaka goes up RIDICULOUSLY high on a double-team backdrop from LOD. Hawk and Tanaka give it a go. Hawk hits a shoulderblock, but gets tripped up by Kato when he comes off the ropes. The Express double-whip Hawk into the corner, but he explodes out to clothesline both guys. Oh wait, Kato ducks and manages to escape to the floor, but Animal is there to throw him back in the ring only to be clotheslined out. Tanaka tags and tries for a hiptoss on Animal, but that ain’t happening. Tanaka flips over Animal, but gets dropped with a clothesline. Now all four men get in the ring and during the confusion, Fuji tosses some salt in Animal’s eyes to set up a Tanaka superkick. The Express deliver the leapfrog/backbreaker on Animal, but then he comes right back with a double-clothesline. Hawk tags in and kills everything. DOOMSDAY DEVICE puts Kato away for the 1-2-3. (5:14) Too bad the Nasties weren’t already the tag champs to give that face/heel title switch at ‘Mania because the crowd was reacting like crazy people to every move Hawk and Animal made. *½

  • WWF Tag Team Champions The Legion of Doom vs. The Rockers – (Prime Time Wrestling, 12/30/91)

Right when the Rockers are having some serious breakup issues, they go and get a tag team titles shot to hopefully rekindle their relationship. This is during the first tag title run for the LOD to make them the one and only team to win the AWA, NWA, and WWF tag team titles. How about that for a crowning achievement? Suck it, Dudley Boyz. Animal takes the Rockers tandem offense, but it does really bother him. Hawk comes in and hits the Jumping Fist Drop on Jannetty. Shawn runs into a military press, but he counters before he’s slammed with a headscissors. Hawk is right back up with a clothesline. HA! Hawk misses a flying shoulderblock, but blocks a sunset flip with a right hand. Powerslam to Michaels by Animal. The splash off the ropes hits knees. HOT TAG TO JANNETTY! Shawn superkicks Animal into a sunset flip for 1-2-NO! Pier-six brawl erupts. STEREO SUPERKICKS to Hawk! Shawn whips Marty into Animal and goes to dropkick them down, but Animal turns around and takes the dropkick to land him on top of Jannetty for the 1-2-3. (3:30) Whoops. Afterwards, the Rockers argue and Marty just wants to hug it out, but Shawn refuses and gives Marty a couple slaps across the face. Jannetty starts to haul off on Shawn, but thinks better of it and walks out. *

  • WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith vs. The Legion of Doom – (IYH: Revenge of the Taker, 4/20/97)

The Legion of Doom returned to the WWF on the February 24 edition of Monday Night Raw. They have already had their handful of opponents over the span of only two months – the Nation of Domination, the Godwinns, and now Owen and Davey Boy. Speaking of the tag champs, Davey Boy wears the European gold while Owen carries his Slammy trophies and is about a week away from winning his first IC championship. So yeah, they are LOADED with gold right now. Onto the match, Owen realizes he can’t match strength with Animal and tags in Bulldog. Hawk clotheslines Davey Boy down for the Jumping Fist Drop. Owen tries to distract, so Hawk gives him the universal UP YOURS gesture. Bulldog comes back with a Hourglass Suplex on Hawk. Owen tags in and tries the Sharpshooter, but Hawk kicks him away. Tag to Animal, he hits a powerslam on Owen for two. On the split-screen, Steve Austin finally shows up to the building and calls Pat Patterson a silly jackass when he tells him he’s late. Owen elbows out of a chinlock, but runs into a press slam. Owen fires back on Hawk with the ENZIGURI OF DEATH. The champs keep Hawk in their corner until he slips out of the RUNNING POWERSLAM and shoves Bulldog into Owen to send him flying out to the floor. That leaves Davey Boy all alone for a SUPER POWERSLAM from Animal for the 1-2-3 at 6:55. Well it looks like we have new tag champs, but unfortunately another ref runs out and tells the original ref that Owen was the legal man and not Bulldog. Like that’s mattered at all in the last fifteen years. Anyways, the match continues. Owen blind tags and nails Animal with the Spinning Heel Kick. Wait, shouldn’t Owen have been starting the match? Oh whatever. The champs isolate Animal until Owen misses a flying headbutt. HOT TAG TO HAWK! Clotheslines everywhere. Another brawl erupts and Owen takes the DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Cover…no count? Finally we get a count and Bret Hart runs in to jump on Hawk for the DQ. (12:17) Oh the Legion of Doom are PISSED. Kind of a mess in certain spots, but the heat segments were decent. I just don’t think the whole match turned out the way they had hoped. **

  • WWF Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin vs. The Legion of Doom – (Raw is War, 6/2/97)

One week prior to this encounter, the unlikely duo of Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin became the team to finally defeat Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith for the tag titles to end their nine-month reign and the Legion of Doom were promised the winners. Not to plug anybody besides the Legion of Doom, but you can check out that match on the Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD set. It’s quite good. LOD have their way with Michaels to start. Hawk misses the flying splash however. Shawn wanders around into the wrong corner though, which brings in Austin to even the score. The LOD clean house as the Hart Foundation make their way down the aisle while HBK and Austin get in each other’s faces. COMMERCIAL BREAK! And we’re back. Animal levels Austin with a shoulderblock for two. Austin goes to the eyes and low blows Animal to slow him down. Tag to Michaels, Animal fights out of the corner and tags Hawk. Austin nails Hawk from the apron, but he NO-SELLS until HBK nails *him* from behind into some CLUBBERIN in the corner. Austin hits the double bird flying elbow drop for two. Back over to Shawn, they level Hawk with a double back elbow. “LOD” chants go up. That’s saying something when you consider Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin are also in the same match. False tag spot ensues and the ref gets nailed by Animal. Oops. Meanwhile, Austin wallops Hawk with the tag belt! Cover by Shawn, 1-2-NO! Hawk catches Austin coming off the top as the Hart Foundation return to ringside. Animal gets a tag and goes dropkick crazy. He tosses Michaels over the top out to the feet of the Hart Foundation. Austin clotheslines Animal away and grabs HBK by the hair to bring him back to the ring. Uh oh, now they have come to blows. Ring the bell, Shawn and Austin have been counted out. (7:05 shown) You have to love the Hart Foundation here. They didn’t do a thing and still managed to totally ruin the match by just merely making an appearance. Nevertheless, the Legion of Doom would get their hands on the Hart Foundation in six days at the King of the Ring. **½

  • The Legion of Doom vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H – (Raw is War, 12/15/97)

From the Monday Night War DVD. We have Jim Ross and Jim Cornette together on commentary! As expected, neither HBK or HHH can handle LOD to start. Shawn retreats to the floor and he’s met with a clothesline from Hawk. DX regroups on the floor. Back in, Triple H eats a clothesline by Hawk. Cheapshot from HBK on the apron staggers Hawk into a High Knee from HHH. DX concentrates on Hawk in the corner, followed by a drop toehold into an elbow drop. Get excited, Cornette! We see some CLUBBERIN before we go to break. And we’re back! Hawk tosses Shawn away to escape a front headlock. Double KO leads to a HOT TAG TO ANIMAL! Here comes Billy Gunn to distract Hawk. Road Dogg comes in through the crowd and chokes Hawk down with an ETHER RAG! WHAT. Meanwhile, Animal lifts Shawn up for the DOOMSDAY DEVICE, but there’s no Hawk. He boots Hunter away and electric chair drops HBK. DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER! Enough of this, Chyna comes in with the low blow for the DQ. (7:31 shown) Afterwards, Billy Gunn shaves off half of Hawk’s Mohawk while he’s unconscious. Animal takes a FOUR PERSON powerbomb through the announce table. It’s pandemonium, folks. New Age Outlaws leave by themselves while HBK looks on and appears to be quite impressed with the tag team champs. **

  • Owen Hart & LOD 2000 (w/Sunny) vs. The New Age Outlaws & Triple H (w/Chyna & X-Pac) – (Raw is War, 4/20/98)

Since Hawk and Animal are supposed to be post-apocalyptic warriors anyway, I wonder if the LOD 2000 experiment stemmed from the Y2K scare? As a lead up to Unforgiven, LOD 2000 are repackaged to get another shot at the New Age Outlaws while Owen is still trying to win the European title from Triple H in a WrestleMania rematch. Hunter avoids Owen to start. In comes Billy Gunn instead. That’s alright with Owen. He takes good care of Billy. Gunn goes to the eye and tags in HHH, who runs into a drop toehold. HHH retreats and tags the Road Dogg. Hawk clotheslines him around. Tag to Animal, he gets caught in the DX corner. Hunter delivers a High Knee, but then takes a powerslam. When HHH is in trouble and Animal tags Owen, he scurries back over to the NAO as we go to break. When we return, Animal gets the hot tag. The match breaks down as LOD looks to put Road Dogg away with the DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Meanwhile, Chyna grabs hold of Sunny and starts to take her backstage when Hawk comes out to plead with Chyna. While Hawk is distracted, X-Pac WHACKS Animal with a chair in the ring which staggers him into an ugly PILEDRIVER from Billy Gunn for the 1-2-3. (5:37 shown) Man, DX was somewhat cruel back then. Actually this wasn’t so bad. *½

  • WWE World Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam & Kane vs. The Legion of Doom – (Raw, 5/12/03)

Raw’s co-GM Eric Bischoff promises to ‘raise the bar’ with a tag title defense for RVD and Kane against one of the greatest teams ever in wrestling which gave us this special one night only appearance for the Legion of Doom. Animal stomps a mudhole in RVD to start, but then takes a monkey flip. Tag to Hawk, he drills RVD with a reverse neckbreaker. Mule Kick catches Hawk. Kane tags in and takes care of LOD. Side Slam to Hawk sets up the Flying Clothesline to Animal! He wants a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM. Yeah right. Animal clotheslines Kane out, but RVD takes over Hawk with a flying kick and the Rolling Thunder. Spin Kick from RVD is caught as Animal powerbombs him down. Could it be time for the DOOMSDAY DEVICE? Nope. RVD ducks the flying clothesline and sunset flips on Animal. Kane comes by with the assisted big boot. CHOKESLAM-FROG SPLASH combo to Hawk gets the win. (3:12) Sure they are past their primes, but they still put up a better showing than some surprise guests we’ve seen on Raw over the years. Sadly, Road Warrior Hawk would pass away in his sleep five months later due to a heart attack. ¾*

Is it just me or did the Legion of Doom become another victim to Vince’s “I didn’t create you so I refuse to push you to the moon” attitude? Everything they did felt like it was on auto-pilot. Not just performance-wise, but angle-wise too. They were definitely way more awesome as the ROAD WARRIORS in the NWA, but this was still a fun look back at the Legion of Doom and all the short stints they had at WWE over the years.

Hopefully those of you who voted for the Legion of Doom enjoyed this edition of the YouTube-Dailymotion Mixtape. I tried to pick as many matches that I hadn’t already reviewed as possible and as you can see, I still picked two out of the eight that were already completed in their own original show recaps, but YouTube and Dailymotion was limited on LOD matches for some reason. Next time we do another mixtape, we will have reached the middle of the alphabet! Someone who’s name starts with the letter ‘M’ will have the pleasure of being honored for our thirteenth mixtape. My fingers are crossed for a winning number of Mabel votes! Men on a Mission!


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  1. Love the LOD! Thanks!

  2. great mixtape. i was kind of hoping for la parka myself, but this was good stuff.

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