World Class Championship Wrestling

WCCW TV – (10/23/1982, Dallas, TX)
“The Freebird” Michael Hayes debuts in World Class. Plus, Ric Flair denies any involvement in a bounty placed on Kerry Von Erich.
WCCW TV – (10/30/1982, Dallas, TX)
Al Madril takes the Great Kabuki to the limit, “Freebird” Michael Hayes challenges “Wild” Bill Irwin, and David Von Erich beats Renesto in no time flat.
WCCW TV – (11/13/1982, Dallas, TX)
Kevin Von Erich defend his NWA American heavyweight title against “Wild” Bill Irwin.
WCCW TV – (11/20/1982, Dallas, TX)
Fritz Von Erich reveals the proof he has on the bounty for his son, Kerry Von Erich returns, and the Freebirds in action!
WCCW TV – (11/27/1982, Dallas, TX)
Bundy Bares All. It’s not what you think.
WCCW TV – (12/18/1982, Dallas, TX)
The Fritz/Flair confrontation. Cha-ching.
WCCW TV – (12/25/1982, Dallas, TX)
David Von Erich battles Great Kabuki for some kind of Asian championship. Yep.
WCCW TV – (1/1/1983, Dallas, TX)
The fallout from Christmas Star Wars. Six-man tag champs are crowned and someone wins $10,000 in a battle royal.
WCCW TV – (1/8/1983, Dallas, TX)
The epic Flair/Von Erich cage match that set Dallas on FIRE.
WCCW TV – (1/15/1983, Dallas, TX)
Each one of the Freebirds get a match. Needless to say, Terry has it harder than any of them.
WCCW TV – (1/22/1983, Dallas, TX)
We see Kevin’s American title defense from Christmas Star Wars, Kerry gets fired up about the Freebirds, and King Kong Bundy introduces us to Devastation Inc.
WCCW TV – (1/29/1983, Dallas, TX)
WCCW TV – (2/5/1983, Dallas, TX)
The Freebirds pick up ANOTHER championship.
WCCW TV – (2/26/1983, Dallas, TX)
Important debuts galore, and the Von Erich boys battle the Freebirds in an epic lumberjack match.
WCCW TV – (3/5/1983, Dallas, TX)
Skandor Akbar threatens World Class with the Great Kabuki and Kamala. What a devastating pair. OH, NOW I GET IT.
WCCW TV – (3/19/1983, Dallas, TX)
After Iceman Parsons embarrasses Buddy Roberts, Jimmy Garvin gives David Von Erich a brainbuster he’ll never forget – or remember, for that matter.
WCCW TV – (3/26/1983, Dallas, TX)
This week, the Freebirds meet the Von Erichs in some Texas Tornado style action.
WCCW TV – (4/2/1983, Dallas, TX)
Iceman King Parsons handles some business with the Great Kabuki and pretty much kicks him out of Dallas.
WCCW TV – (4/23/1983, Dallas, TX)
Chris Adams is in the house. He looks like a child.
WCCW TV – (4/30/1983, Dallas, TX)
Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine come to ringside to film David Von Erich’s match. What could go wrong?
WCCW TV – (5/7/1983, Dallas, TX)
The Penalty Box Match!
WCCW Saturday Night Wrestling – (10/17/1983, Fort Worth, TX)
Alot of Michael Hayes. Apparently, the World Class talent pool wasn’t as deep as you might think.
WCCW Saturday Night Wrestling – (10/24/1983, Fort Worth, TX)
More Michael Hayes as he rips up a jacket – LIKE A BOSS. Then, Jimmy Garvin and his ladies screw over Chris Adams. Do the good guys ever win around here? Oh yeah, there’s a BONUS MATCH~!
WCCW TV – (9/13/1985, Dallas, TX)
A very lovely and well-built blonde in a pink top and pink pin-striped shorts appears. Plus, Iceman King Parsons teams with Kerry Von Erich to battle Mark Lewin and that rookie Jack Victory.
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