WCCW: TV (01.01.83)


January 1, 1983
Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena
(taped on 12/25/82)

The NWA & WCCW champions were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (9/17/1981)
NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (12/25/1982)
NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Von Erich (9/5/1982)
NWA American Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/26/1982)
NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: David Von Erich (9/19/1982)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOO! By the way, everything from this show comes from the Christmas Star Wars show. This was on the WWE Network for like a day or two and then they took it off for some reason.

Your host is Bill Mercer.

From the back, David and Kevin Von Erich feel bad that they won’t have a shot at the NWA world six-man tag titles tonight, but they know that they and Kerry will certainly be top contenders. Yeah, not like you two guys don’t already have titles or anything. And hey, Kerry has an NWA world title shot on the very same night. So come on, guys. Gimme a break.

  • NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Titles: Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and David Von Erich vs. Tom Steele, Ben and Mike Sharpe

It was supposed to be all three of the Fabulous Freebirds here, but Buddy Roberts got stuck in Denver due to the snowy weather. Thanks Obama. Since David isn’t on tonight’s card and didn’t have anything else to do, he is a more than suitable substitute for Buddy. Tom Steele is Cousin Luke from the WWF, Ben Sharpe is Kelly Kiniski, and Mike Sharpe is of course the loudest jobber in WWF history: Iron Mike Sharpe. We get a series of tough lock-ups between Gordy and Iron Mike to start. Once Gordy gets him over to the Freebirds corner, Hayes and Von Erich take turns with a headlock. David fights out of the heels corner and tags in Gordy who backdrops, slams, and suplexes Ben Sharpe around. Tag to Hayes, he comes off the middle rope with an elbow drop onto Ben. Not nearly as pretty an elbow drop as Randy Savage. In comes Tom Steele, Von Erich drops him with a piledriver. Hayes and Iron Mike square off as Hayes tries to get the Dallas crowd behind him. He winds up being too aggressive and gets caught on the wrong side of town. Ben Sharpe really cranks on a chinlock as Hayes desperately tries to escape. The heels work him over something good while Gordy and Von Erich are having fits on the other side of the ring. Hayes nearly goes down by a sleeperhold, but winds up getting out of that and avoiding a corner charge from Tom Steele. HOT TAG TO GORDY! Almost immediately, he misses Steele in the corner and runs his shoulder into the post. He manages to break away from Iron Mike and tags in the hero David Von Erich. Match breaks down and Von Erich catches Iron Mike with the Running Knee Smash for the 1-2-3! (17:57) Really fun face-in-peril formula match. I also enjoyed the desperation of both sides just dying to be crowned as the first six-man tag champs. ***½

Afterwards, David Von Erich ever being the man of integrity, willingly gives up his third of the championship and awards his share over to Buddy Roberts. When you’re the promoter’s son, you can do that sort of thing, I suppose. It’s also interesting that David Von Erich won the Freebirds the championship knowing how things would escalate between the Von Erichs and the Freebirds very soon.

Over in the locker room wearing a SWANK brown leather jacket, ref David Manning explains the rules to this next match to the people and to Bill Mercer. He looks like he’s ready to get LAID tonight.

  • $10,000 Pole Battle Royal

Pinfalls, submissions, and being thrown over the top rope are all ways to eliminate other wrestlers. Once we’re down to the final three, the only way to win is to pull down the check at the top of the pole. The entrants include: The Spoiler, Checkmate, Frank Dusek, Ben Sharpe, Tom Steele, Ken Mantell, King Kong Bundy, Bill Irwin, Mike Sharpe, Bugsy McGraw, Al Madril, Jose Lothario, David Von Erich, Brian Adias, and Magic Dragon. The only ones who didn’t wrestled earlier in the show were the Spoiler, Bugsy McGraw, and Ken Mantell. Pretty uneventful battle royal until we get to the last five or so. They would be Ken Mantell, Iron Mike Sharpe, Al Madril, Tom Steele, and Brian Adias. The people sure do pop when Madril lays in the punches to Sharpe. Steele is the first to go. Looks like Madril tries to team up with Adias, but Adias helps Mantell dump him out anyways. Hey, there’s $10,000 on the line here. Now it’s the first to reach the check at the top of the pole. They all take turns struggling up the pole. While Sharpe throws Adias out onto the apron on the other side of the ring, Mantell starts climbing up the pole. Sharpe reaches him before he grabs the check, but he’s kicked down to the mat leaving Mantell to collect on a very sweet Christmas present. (11:04) Ken Mantell wouldn’t book himself to win $10,000, would he? NAHHHH. Though an average battle royal, it had an interesting cast of characters. *½

After the break, Ken Mantell tells Bill Mercer how awesome it is to win all that prize money. What will he spend it on? He’ll think of something.

NEXT WEEK: Kerry Von Erich meets Ric Flair for the NWA world title inside a STEEL CAGE with Michael Hayes as special enforcer. You don’t want to miss that one.


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