Back to Basics (1992-1993)

Worldwide – (1/4/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Steve Austin defends the TV title against Ron Simmons! *Insert his catchphrase here*
World Championship Wrestling – (1/4/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Dustin Rhodes battles Arn Anderson from the Dangerous Alliance!
Worldwide – (1/11/1992, Atlanta, GA)
The Dangerous Alliance has to deal with Ron Simmons AGAIN!
World Championship Wrestling – (1/11/1992, Atlanta, GA)
BUFF! DADDY! Can he last ten minutes with Austin?
Worldwide – (1/18/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Ricky Steamboat meets Steve Austin for the TV belt! How does that sound to you?
Clash of the Champions XVIII – (1/21/1992, Topeka, KS)
The good guys advance in the war with the Dangerous Alliance.
Worldwide – (1/25/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Pillman/Zenk finally get that US tag titles rematch!
Worldwide – (2/1/1992, Atlanta, GA)
What a wacky main event!
Worldwide – (2/22/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Ricky Steamboat and Cactus Jack DID really wrestle each other!
Superbrawl II – (2/29/1992, Milwaukee, WI)
Sting/Luger, Dangerous Alliance, Pillman/Liger! It’s the best!
Wrestle War – (5/17/1992, Jacksonville, FL)
The last Wargames before it gets castrated!
Beach Blast – (6/20/1992, Mobile, AL)
Rude/Steamboat for 30 MINUTES! Plus, the final blowoff of the Sting/Cactus feud.
Clash of the Champions XIX – (6/22/1992, Charleston, SC)
The Miracle-Violence Connection make a statement!
Great American Bash – (7/12/1992, Albany, GA)
You like tag team wrestling? No? Well too bad!
Saturday Night – (8/1/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Ricky Steamboat and Steve Austin. What more could you want?
Clash of the Champions XX – (9/2/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Eight-man elimination matches for teh win!
Worldwide – (9/26/1992, Gainesville, GA)
The Steiners get them some of Doc & Gordy!
Halloween Havoc – (10/25/1992, Philadelphia, PA)
Spinning wheels and making deals.
Clash of the Champions XXI – (11/18/1992, Macon, GA)
Windham gets pissed when people don’t cheat to win!
Worldwide – (11/28/1992, Gainesville, GA)
Sting takes on the Barbarian! Edge-of-your-seat stuff, I know!
Saturday Night – (12/19/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Ron Simmons gets his hands on Rick Rude!
Starrcade – (12/28/1992, Atlanta, GA)
Does anybody really need to be king of cable? What does that even prove?
Clash of the Champions XXII – (1/13/1993, Milwaukee, WI)
Cactus Jack to the rescue!
Power Hour – (1/30/1993, Atlanta, GA)
Cactus wants a little bit of revenge on Orndorff! Plus, the Hollywood Blondes!
Power Hour – (2/6/1993, Atlanta, GA)
Double main event!
Power Hour – (2/20/1993, Atlanta, GA)
The Hollywood Blondes take on the tag champs! It’s like a PPV match for free!
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