World Championship Wrestling (01.04.92)

World Championship Wrestling
January 4, 1992
Atlanta, GA
Center Stage Theatre

(Taped on 12/16/1991)

The current WCW Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Lex Luger (7/14/1991)
U.S. Champion: Rick Rude (11/19/1991)
World Television Champion: Steve Austin (6/3/1991)
World Light Heavyweight Champion: Jushin Liger (12/25/1991)
World Tag Team Champions: Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes (11/19/1991)
U.S. Tag Team Champions: The Young Pistols (11/5/1991)

Your host is Jim Ross.

Flashback to Last Week: Marcus Alexander Bagwell turning down an offer by the Dangerous Alliance. He strikes Paul E and gets swarmed by the GREATEST stable ever after the ’88 Horsemen. Sting makes the save until Rick Rude comes in from out of nowhere and drops him with the RUDE AWAKENING. Rude continues to beat Sting’s leg with a plaster cast! Hot stuff, folks.

JR brings out the US Champ Rick Rude and Paul E. Dangerously. Paul E brings up Magnum TA’s tragic end to his career saying that he wakes up every morning asking himself “what if”. This feud with Rick Rude will not be over until Sting suffers the same fate. Enough about Sting, Rude warns Ricky Steamboat not to mess with his money OR his women. He’s talking about Madusa here. Hmm, Rude’s a boob man.

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Rick Rude (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Gregg Sawyer

Ricky Steamboat joins JR for commentary. He’s going to help Sting any way he can. What a guy. The RUDE AWAKENING is all it takes at 1:49.

During the WCW Magazine segment, we check out Jushin Liger beating Brian Pillman for the Light Heavyweight title in the Omni on Christmas night.

  • Larry Zbyszko (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Larry Santo

JR is SO convinced Paul E is a tad homosexual. It’s never the ones you hope, is it JR? The crowd switches between “Larry sucks” and “Paul E sucks” chants while Larry Z stretches this guy out. Three quarter nelson gets the win at 3:54. Afterwards, Larry Z gives Santo a Brainbuster just for giggles. Santo needs a stretcher and some jobbers come out to help, but Zbyszko tosses them away and turns over the stretcher. Awesome!

Flashback to Last Week: Terrence Taylor and Alexandra York had a meeting planned that night. Her hair is super ridiculously big. She lets her hair down and hopes the two can work it out. I’m guessing Taylor will be bringing the cigars.

  • Terrence Taylor (w/Alexandra York) vs. Terry Bronson

What’s with everybody wrestling jobbers who have the same first name? Larry vs. Larry? Terry vs. Terry? Bronson gets a few nearfalls on Taylor which gets him dumped on the floor. Back inside, Taylor refuses to pin Bronson with the flying splash and the Doctorbomb and decides to finish Bronson off with the FIVE-ARM at 5:55.

JR meets with Terrence Taylor and Alexandra York. She thinks the meeting they had last week was the best ever for the York Foundation, but Taylor doesn’t seem to think so. He’s come to the conclusion that he doesn’t need the computer, the York Foundation, or the fans to be successful. He throws the computer on the ground and declares that he’s on his own. Geez dude, that computer probably cost like $20,000 back then! Just take it and run. By next week, Terry Taylor would slip into his ‘Taylor Made Man’ gimmick.

  • Van Hammer vs. Paul Lee

Yay! Cactus Jack joins JR for a word. The reason he’s out here is strictly just to scout his opponent. You can trust Cactus Jack. HAMMER ROCKS (slingshot suplex) gives him the win at 2:32. I have never seen him hit that correctly. As expected, Cactus Jack storms the ring and they brawl back to the locker room.

  • Mr. Hughes vs. Jack Savage & Dave Diamond

Oh geez. Hughes has some fun throwing these two around. They finally try to double team, but Hughes gives them the ANGRY BLACKMAN SLAM one by one and pins them both for the win at 4:26.

We hear from Sting. You want injuries, Rick Rude? You’ll get injuries, Rick Rude!

  • Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson (w/Paul E. Dangerously)

Not only are these two tag team championship rivals, but they will both be involved in a big six man tag at the AWESOME upcoming Clash. Rhodes tries to keep Arn grounded to start with hammerlocks and headscissors. AA attempts a comeback, but Rhodes shoves off a superplex and hits a Flying Lariat that takes Arn to the floor. Back inside, Arn tosses Dustin out. That backfires as Rhodes trips Arn up and posts the leg. Naturally (ha), Rhodes works the leg like a pro. You have to give AA loads of credit too for selling the pain as if his leg doesn’t work anymore. Just great psychology as the injury inhibits his ability to mount any kind of offense. However, Arn does manage a SPIIIIINEBUSTER! Delayed cover only gets him two. Hard whip into the corner, but AA’s knee is still bothering him. Out goes Dustin to the floor as Paul E smashes his phone over Dustin’s head. Just to make things worse, Paul E distracts the ref while AA posts Dustin’s shoulder. Back inside, AA goes into full on Anderson-mode and tries to break an arm. Rhodes uses his good arm to try and punch Arn away, but it’s all moot at this point. As Dustin attempts to stand up out of a wristlock on the mat, Dangerously bashes his phone on Dustin’s head again right over the ref’s back. That’s so cool! Some lady about dropped her kid to stand up and yell at Paul E. Back to the floor, AA makes a HUGE mistake trying for a piledriver, which Dustin backdrops out and takes Arn into the ring. He unloads on Arn with a Dusty attack and grabs a sleeper. Arn backs him into the corner, but then runs up behind him with a BULLDOG! Paul E jumps up on the apron while Dustin covers. That allows Bobby Eaton – who hasn’t been seen on the entire program – to run in out of NOWHERE and leap off the top with the ALABAMA JAM on Dustin! Fantastic. It’s completely unexpected and impactful. Eaton gets the heck out of the ring as Arn rolls over into the cover for 1-2-NO! Even though Rhodes got a shoulder up, Steamboat slides in at the last second to tell the ref what happened. And we’re out of time! They show us the conclusion on the Main Event. (18:53) Such fantastic psychology and a testament to the match quality we were accustomed to at the time. Any combination of the top babyfaces could face any member of the Dangerous Alliance and you are pretty much guaranteed a great main event. ***½


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