1. Great Website with the best coverage around. Love to see constant updates.Match reviews really make me laugh. Where do you get all of these old tapes to review?

  2. wcwrules4lyf

    Haha, thanks man. I’ve been collecting stuff for over ten years and after a while, you REALLY start to accumulate alot of tapes – almost to a shameful degree.

    • I have a ton as well-some original Coleseum video’s but mostly stuff off of WWE 24/7 that I taped. I think I am the only person around who still loves VHS. Would love to get ahold of some of the old DUBYA SEE DUBYA stuff from early to mid 90’s.

  3. This is off topic, but does anybody else notice that The Red Rooster sounds a lot like John Denver.

  4. Hey wrestling fans,check out the website ‘ioffer’ for WCW/WWF/WWE dvd sets.The best seller i found is called ‘Heatermania’.Good quality stuff not available through official WWE outlets.

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