Golden Era (1983-1992)


Championship Wrestling – (12/10/1983, Allentown, PA)
Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas take on the Wild Samoans. NO-DQ!
WrestleMania – (3/31/1985, New York City)
The very first one! It’s got Hulk Hogan in it!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #1 – (5/11/1985, Long Island, NY)
The fallout from WrestleMania!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #2 – (10/5/1985, East Rutherford, NJ)
I never knew hillbillies got married!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #3 – (11/2/1985, Hershey, PA)
It’s that Halloween episode!
The Wrestling Classic – (11/7/1985, Chicago, IL)
Sixteen guys fight over a car!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #4 – (1/4/1986, Tampa, FL)
Hillbillies look for revenge, plus Hogan/Funk!
Boston Garden – (2/8/1986, Boston, MA)
Bruno Sammartino returns to Boston to shut up Roddy Piper inside a STEEL CAGE!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #5 – (3/1/1986, Phoenix, AZ)
Will Hogan survive an ATLANTIC CITY AVALANCHE?!
Boston Garden – (3/8/1986, Boston, MA)
Ricky Steamboat battles Bret Hart!
WrestleMania 2
(4/7/1986, Long Island, NY|Chicago, IL|Los Angeles, CA)
Hogan/Bundy in a STEEL CAGE!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #6 – (5/3/1986, Providence, RI)
The Funk brothers don’t take kindly to midgets!
The Big Event – (8/28/1986, Toronto, ON, Canada)
64,000 Canadians witness Hogan/Orndorff, eh!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #7 – (10/4/1986, Richfield, OH)
Roddy Piper doesn’t give a WHAT!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #8 – (11/29/1986, Los Angeles, CA)
Savage/Roberts, Harts/Bees! It’s PANDEMONIUM!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #9 – (1/3/1987, Hartford, CT)
Hogan/Orndorff in a STEEL CAGE!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #10 – (3/14/1987, Detroit, MI)
Battle royal INSANITY!
WrestleMania III – (3/29/1987, Pontiac, MI)
Vince finally gets it right!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #11 – (5/2/1987, South Bend, IN)
Another fallout from another WrestleMania!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #12 – (10/3/1987, Hershey, PA)
Hulk Hogan makes a move on Randy Savage!
Survivor Series – (11/26/1987, Richfield, OH)
Team Hogan vs. Team Andre! Now who wants turkey?
Saturday Night’s Main Event #13 – (11/28/1987, Seattle, WA)
Savage/Bret, plus Hogan/Bundy AGAIN!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #14 – (1/2/1988, Landover, MD)
Hogan/Bundy! One more time!
Royal Rumble – (1/24/1988, Hamilton, ON, Canada)
Duggan wins the big one back when it didn’t really matter!
The Main Event #1 – (2/5/1988, Indianapolis, IN)
Hogan/Andre: The Rematch!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #15 – (3/12/1988, Nashville, TN)
Hogan/Race, DiBiase/Savage! You can’t go wrong here!
WrestleMania IV – (3/27/1988, Atlantic City, NJ)
A tournament that lasts all night long!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #16 – (4/30/1988, Springfield, MA)
The fourth WrestleMania fallout show!
Wrestlefest – (7/31/1988, Milwaukee, WI)
Not as fun as the arcade game, that’s for sure.
SummerSlam – (8/29/1988, New York, NY)
The Mega Powers vs. The Mega Bucks!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #17 – (10/29/1988, Baltimore, MD)
Jake shows Andre his “python”! Who’s the REAL giant now?
Survivor Series – (11/24/1988, Richfield, OH)
Hogan makes a move on Savage’s woman!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #18 – (11/26/1988, Sacramento, CA)
Can Andre overcome his fear of snakes and win some gold?!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #19 – (1/7/1989, Tampa, FL)
Hogan faces that One Man Gang-looking guy!
Boston Garden – (1/13/1989, Boston, MA)
The Brainbusters battle the Rockers, Duggan and Bravo fight over flags, and the Big Bossman DEFEATS Hulk Hogan! By DQ. You didn’t actually think Hogan was going to JOB to Bossman, did you?
Royal Rumble – (1/15/1989, Houston, TX)
The Mega Powers get into a tiff, but everything is okay!
The Main Event #2 – (2/3/1989, Milwaukee, WI)
Savage has enough of this Hogan guy trying to move in on his main squeeze!
Boston Garden – (2/11/1989, Boston, MA)
Randy Savage and Rick Rude look to screw with the Ultimate Warrior. Should be fun!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #20 – (3/11/1989, Hershey, PA)
My favorite SNME episode!
WrestleMania V – (4/2/1989, Atlantic City, NJ)
The Mega Powers become a combustible combination!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #21 – (5/27/1989, Des Moines, IA)
Hogan/Bossman in a STEEL CAGE!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #22 – (7/29/1989, Worcester, MA)
Z’s on the side of your head become fashionable!
SummerSlam – (8/28/1989, East Rutherford, NJ)
Lots of good matches!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #23 – (10/14/1989, Cincinnati, OH)
Apparently Hulkamania has no effect on people with lazy eyes! Somebody call Robert Gibson, STAT!
Survivor Series – (11/23/1989, Rosemont, IL)
Cheezy team names are cool!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #24 – (11/25/1989, Topeka, KS)
The Brainbusters take on the Rockers in their last match ever!
Madison Square Garden – (12/28/1989, NYC)
Roddy Piper defends his honor in a STEEL CAGE against Rick Rude!
Royal Rumble – (1/21/1990, Orlando, FL)
Hogan and Warrior show us what they can do in the ring!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #25 – (1/27/1990, Chattanooga, TN)
Can Hogan and Warrior co-exist to battle Mr. Perfect and The Genius?
The Main Event #3 – (2/3/1990, Detroit, MI)
Boxers in wrestling? That’s preposterous!
WrestleMania VI – (4/1/1990, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, and Steve Allen!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #26 – (4/28/1990, Austin, TX)
Hogan/Perfect, Harts/Rockers!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #27 – (7/28/1990, Omaha, NE)
Perfect/Santana, Demolition/Rockers!
SummerSlam – (8/27/1990, Philadelphia, PA)
Hogan’s back for revenge!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #28 – (10/13/1990, Toledo, OH)
LOD vs. Demolition! Finally!
Survivor Series – (11/22/1990, Hartford, CT)
What the EFF is in that EGG?
The Main Event #4 – (11/23/1990, Fort Wayne, IN)
Warrior/DiBiase, plus Strike Force EXPLODES!
Madison Square Garden – (12/28/1990, NYC)
Even though Mr. Perfect just won back the IC title, he meets Roddy Piper who still has yet to capture a championship in the WWF!
Royal Rumble – (1/19/1991, Miami, FL)
Randy Savage just will not leave the Ultimate Warrior alone!
The Main Event #5 – (2/1/1991, Macon, GA)
Earthquake wraps up his biggest money-making feud ever!
WrestleMania VII – (3/24/1991, Los Angeles, CA)
Superstars and Stripes Forever, BAYBEE!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #29 – (4/27/1991, Omaha, NE)
From a show of hands, who wants see Warrior vs. Taker?
SummerSlam – (8/26/1991, New York City)
Bret Hart achieves his dream, while Virgil fights back against the man!
Survivor Series – (11/28/1991, Detroit, MI)
Ric Flair makes his WWF wrestling PPV debut! WOO!
This Tuesday in Texas – (12/3/1991, San Antonio, TX)
I don’t know why everyone hates this show. It’s good!
Royal Rumble – (1/19/1992, Albany, NY)
Best Rumble match ever?
Saturday Night’s Main Event #30 – (2/8/1992, Lubbock, TX)
Savage/Roberts one last time!
WrestleMania VIII – (4/5/1992, Indianapolis, IN)
Flair gives a whole new meaning to be called the “dirtiest” player in the game!
SummerSlam – (8/31/1992, London, England)
A PPV without Hulk? How could it possibly succeed?!
Saturday Night’s Main Event #31 – (11/14/1992, Terra Haute, IN)
Survivor Series – (11/25/1992, Richfield, OH)
Bret vs. Shawn for the first time on PPV!
Top 20 SNME Matches!
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