Early Bischoff Era (1993-1996)



Superbrawl III – (2/21/1993, Asheville, NC)
Sting/Vader in a VICIOUS strap match! Plus, Chris Benoit!
Saturday Night – (4/17/1993, Atlanta, GA)
Mrs. Foley’s baby boy gets his first world title shot!
Worldwide – (5/15/1993, Montgomery, AL)
Flair for the Gold! Plus, Rick Rude looks to regain the title he never lost!
Slamboree: A Legend’s Reunion – (5/23/1993, Atlanta, GA)
Paul Roma as a Horsemen? What? Really?
Clash of the Champions XXIII – (6/16/1993, Norfolk, VA)
Ric Flair makes his return to the ring – again!
Beach Blast – (7/18/1993, Biloxi, MS)
The boat goes *click click click*, Mr. Davey Boy sir!
Worldwide – (8/14/1993)
Ricky Steamboat <3’s Paula chants!
Clash of the Champions XXIV – (8/18/1993, Daytona Beach, FL)
Vader vs. Davey Boy Smith, part deux!
Fall Brawl – (9/19/1993, Houston, TX)
Thank God for Ricky Steamboat and Steven Regal.
Halloween Havoc – (10/24/1993, New Orleans, LA)
Whoomp, here it is.
Clash of the Champions XXV – (11/10/1993, St. Petersburg, FL)
The end of the Hollywood Blondes.
Battlebowl – (11/20/1993, Pensacola, FL)
This one is made for shenanigans!
Starrcade – (12/27/1993, Charlotte, NC)
Ric Flair: “If I retire, who’s going to be around to say ‘woo’?”
Clash of the Champions XXVI – (1/27/1994, Baton Rouge, LA)
Vader looks for revenge on the Nature Boy!
Superbrawl IV – (2/20/1994, Albany, GA)
Flair/Vader II! This time in a cage!
Saturday Night – (2/26/1994, Atlanta, GA)
Spring Stampede – (4/17/1994, Rosemont, IL)
Flair/Steamboat! Vader/Boss! Rude/Sting! Nasties/Cactus & Payne! It’s all here!
Slamboree: A Legend’s Reunion – (5/22/1994, Philadelphia, PA)
Terry Funk returns to WCW PPV!
Saturday Night – (6/4/1994, Atlanta, GA)
Hulk Hogan is on his way to WCW! Everybody run for your lives!
Clash of the Champions XXVII – (6/23/1994, Charleston, SC)
Sting/Flair to unify the world titles! Plus, Hulk Hogan appears!
Bash at the Beach – (7/17/1994, Orlando, FL)
Hogan moves in for good and brings some friends with him too!
Saturday Night – (7/30/1994, Atlanta, GA)
Clash of the Champions XXVIII – (8/24/1994, Cedar Rapids, IA)
But what if the masked man really was Shane Stant?
Fall Brawl – (9/18/1994, Roanoke, VA)
Hogan and Flair have a chat. Plus, Dusty returns to WARGAMES!
Halloween Havoc – (10/23/1994, Detroit, MI)
Hulk Hogan looks to get rid of Ric Flair so he can make room for his friends!
Pro – (11/12/1994, Atlanta, GA)
Triple H battles BG James while Stars ‘n Stripes take on Harlem Heat, SUCKA!
Clash of the Champions XXIX – (11/16/1994, Jacksonville, FL)
Hulkamania battles the Three Faces and a half ton of Fear!
Starrcade – (12/27/1994, Nashville, TN)
This has a triple chance of sucking!
Clash of the Champions XXX – (1/25/1995, Las Vegas, NV)
Randy Savage gives out cardiac defibrillation!
Superbrawl V – (2/19/1995, Baltimore, MD)
It’s Vader Time, brother.
UnCeNSoReD – (3/19/1995, Tupelo, MS)
The show title implies that its cutting edge, but it’s not.
Slamboree: A Legend’s Reunion – (5/21/1995, St. Petersburg, FL)
Ric Flair goes to great lengths to fire up Randy Savage. And no, he’s not wearing a dress.
Great American Bash – (6/18/1995, Dayton, OH)
This was just alright – making it the best WCW PPV so far this year!
Bash at the Beach – (7/16/1995, Huntington Beach, CA)
Wrestling AND Baywatch at the same time! It’s all you need!
NJPW/WCW Collision in Korea – (8/4/1995, Pyongyang, North Korea)
Only in North Korea could you mix diplomacy with wrestling.
Clash of the Champions XXXI – (8/6/1995, Daytona Beach, FL)
Hulk declares war on some crazy people who attack him in caves!
Monday Nitro – (9/4/1995, Mall of America)
The debut episode of Nitro showcases surprise returns and PASTAMANIA!
Monday Nitro – (9/11/1995, Miami, FL)
As the Dungeon of Doom trips over themselves, Hogan’s team argues with one another.
Fall Brawl – (9/17/1995, Asheville, NC)
What’s the one thing Wargames has been missing all this time? ARMY FATIGUES!
Monday Nitro – (9/18/1995, Johnson City, TN)
Randy Savage and Lex Luger get into a CONFRONTATION~!
Monday Nitro – (9/25/1995, Florence, SC)
The Dungeon of Doom finally bring their A-game to Nitro!
Monday Nitro – (10/2/1995, Denver, CO)
Three main events! Plus, Hogan loses his stache!
Monday Nitro – (10/9/1995, Rosemont, IL)
You can’t drive monster trucks into a building! Wait…
Monday Nitro – (10/16/1995, Albany, NY)
Will Sting disregard all reason and team up with Ric Flair? You bet he will.
Monday Nitro – (10/23/1995, Huntsville, AL)
Halloween Havoc – (10/29/1995, Detroit, MI)
So many swerves, you might begin to think you have chronic vertigo!
Monday Nitro – (10/30/1995, Dayton, OH)
The Dungeon of Doom dominates Nitro!
Monday Nitro – (11/6/1995, Jacksonville, FL)
So is the Giant the WCW World Champion or not?
Monday Nitro – (11/13/1995, Jacksonville, FL)
Savage looks to bring Meng’s head to Hulk on a silver platter! Weird!
[Pro] – (11/18/1995, Orlando, FL)
New Japan invades your Saturday morning!
Monday Nitro – (11/20/1995, Macon, GA)
Hogan vs. Sting for the first time EVER! Take that, post-Survivor Series Raw!
World War 3 – (11/26/1995, Norfolk, VA)
Sixty men! Three rings! One winner! Well, as long as you’re a top draw.
Monday Nitro – (11/27/1995, Salem, VA)
Free PPV rematches! Hope you didn’t waste your money!
Monday Nitro – (12/4/1995, Phoenix, AZ)
Luger receives a world title shot after beating Randy Savage at WW3!
Monday Nitro – (12/11/1995, Charlotte, NC)
The Horsemen get cheered, Hogan gets booed. Welcome to Charlotte.
Monday Nitro – (12/18/1995, Augusta, GA)
Hogan gets really cranky when he’s not the center of everything.
Monday Nitro – (12/25/1995, Augusta, GA)
Savage vs. Flair! What a Christmas present!
Starrcade – (12/27/1995, Nashville, TN)
Flair wins the gold again! Plus, New Japan battles WCW for…the World Cup of Wrestling?
Monday Nitro – (1/1/1996, Atlanta, GA)
Hulk Hogan returns to the ring! Naturally, he’s getting a title shot.
Monday Nitro – (1/8/1996, Charleston, SC)
The Mega Powers reunite to take on the Horsemen! Oh boy.
Monday Nitro – (1/15/1996, Miami, FL)
What a conveniently loaded card to beat Raw in the ratings!
Monday Nitro – (1/22/1996, Las Vegas, NV)
Title changes galore!
Clash of the Champions XXXII – (1/23/1996, Las Vegas, NV)
Secret weapon overload!
Monday Nitro – (1/29/1996, Canton, OH)
Hogan jobs to a high-heel shoe!
Monday Nitro – (2/5/1996, Lakeland, FL)
The Road Warriors get their tag titles shot. See how it turns out!
Superbrawl VI – (2/11/1996, St. Petersburg, FL)
One good cage match, one bad cage match.
Monday Nitro – (2/12/1996, Tampa, FL)
Arn Anderson wins!
Monday Nitro – (2/19/1996, Salisbury, MD)
Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty Booty Man!
Monday Nitro – (2/26/1996, Knoxville, TN)
Where’s the instructions to these handcuffs?!
Monday Nitro – (3/11/1996, Winston-Salem, NC)
This would have been so much cooler had the lumberjacks carried CHAINSAWS!
Monday Nitro – (3/18/1996, Chattanooga, TN)
The Alliance to End Hulkamania add two more monsters to the crew!
UnCeNSoReD – (3/24/1996, Tupelo, MS)
Only in WCW could a PPV start out so good and end so poorly.
Monday Nitro – (3/25/1996, Huntsville, AL)
The Giant teases a face turn?
Monday Nitro – (4/1/1996, Cleveland, OH)
Now that the high heel shoe business is DONE, they start throwing coffee?!
Monday Nitro – (4/15/1996, Charleston, WV)
Hey Lex, look out for that coffee! Whoops.
Monday Nitro – (4/22/1996, Albany, GA)
Giant reaches his boiling point with Ric Flair!
Monday Nitro – (4/29/1996, Albany, GA)
That mean, nasty, wart-infested Giant finds a champion who *will* job clean for him.
Monday Nitro – (5/6/1996, Daytona Beach, FL)
You can’t really blame Luger for not wanting to wrestle the Giant. He’s a big guy.
Monday Nitro – (5/13/1996, Nashville, TN)
Lex Luger shows up for his title shot! FINALLY!
Slamboree – (5/19/1996, Baton Rouge, LA)
More midcarders than a Charlotte unemployment line.
Monday Nitro – (5/20/1996, Monroe, LA)
What can be sweeter than 90 minutes of Nitro? Wait, don’t answer that.
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