Clash of the Champions #30 (01.95)

WCW Clash of the Champions 30
January 25, 1995
Las Vegas, NV
Caesar’s Palace

The current WCW Champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Hulk Hogan (7/17/1994)
WCW U.S. Champion: Vader (12/27/1994)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat (1/15/1995)
WCW World Television Champion: Arn Anderson (1/8/1995)

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan.

  • WCW World Television Champion Arn Anderson (w/Col. Robert Parker & Meng) vs. Johnny B. Badd

Arn can’t get anything going on Badd to start. He tries to punch Badd down, he ends up taking a Knee Lift. He goes to the top rope and takes a dropkick that puts him on the floor. Well, that last one was expected. I mean, it’s Arn Anderson we’re talking about climbing the ropes. Badd flies out for a plancha on AA and Parker. Back in, he hits a flying double ax handle for two. Arn escapes an armbar, but gets leveled with an enziguri for two. Arn misses an enziguri of his own and gets rolled up for two. When Badd tries to flip over Arn out of the corner, he gets caught and dropped throat-first on the top rope to finally turn the tide. Badd punches out of a chinlock, but runs into an elbow in the corner. Arn looks like he wants a figure-four and gets kicked off into the turnbuckle. Badd comes back with clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. The KISS THAT DON’T MISS puts Arn on the floor. He’s out cold, so Col. Parker being the great manager that he is, pours a pitcher of water on his face. Badd gives chase after Parker and doesn’t realize Arn is back in the ring (thanks to Meng) and waiting to drop him with a DDT. Bam. There it is. 1-2-3. Champ retains. (7:38) Fun little match. **½

Alex Wright music video! Just check out those awful dance moves!

  • Alex Wright vs. Bobby Eaton

This is during the Bobby Eaton enhancement talent days. Eaton buries a knee in Wright to break away from an armbar. Wright back flips over Eaton and goes right back to the armbar. Eaton begs off, but then avoids a charge sending Wright flying into the ropes. Wright elbows out and hits a weird suplex. Oops, he looks like he hurt his neck on that one. He hits his comeback moves and goes for the MISSILE DROPKICK and connects. Cover, 1-2-NO! Wright catches Bobby with a crossbody out of the corner, but then gets nailed with a Swinging Neckbreaker to set up the ALABAMA JAM! Cover, 1-2-NO! Wright surprises Eaton again with a crossbody out of the corner and this time it gets the win. (7:30) Good effort from Wright. **

Gene Okerlund meets with Vader. Where’s Harley Race? Don’t worry about it! He’s got ringside tickets!

  • WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) vs. Stars N Stripes

Harlem Heat make their entrance…and then so does Ric Flair and two ladies! This would be his first arena appearance since Halloween Havoc. He sits down at ringside as well, but not with Vader. Anyways, the Stars N Stripes are here to regain the belts. Bagwell and Booker start the match. Booker cold cocks Bagwell and that starts a chain reaction that puts him on the floor after a dropkick. Double dropkick to Stevie Ray. Back in, Booker takes a double hiptoss as Patriot covers for two. Stevie Ray gets worked over with an arm wrench until Bagwell tags in and plays face-in-peril. Not for too long though – he gets a Jack Brisco rollup on Booker and makes the tag to Patriot. They can’t suplex each other, so Patriot gives him a hug into a belly-to-belly suplex. Bagwell’s attempt at a monkey flip out of the corner fails when Stevie Ray helps out. Booker hits the side kick and the running elbow smash for two. Bagwell fights out of a chinlock into a double-KO to set up the HOT TAG TO PATRIOT! It breaks down into a pier-six brawl. With Sherri on the apron, Bagwell reverses a whip and sends Booker into her to knock her down. Bagwell rolls him up, but Stevie Ray Mafia Kicks Bagwell in the face and Booker gets the three-count. (9:20) Nothing special, but it kept my attention. **

  • Sting vs. AvalancheSpecial Referee: The Guardian Angel

WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel made the Guardian Angel the special referee because that man is all about law, order, and justice. Sting avoids the girth of Avalanche to start and dropkicks him out at Heenan’s feet. Back in, Avalanche falls on top of Sting when he tries a slam. YOU DUMMY! Sting gets squashed with Avalanche’s bulk for a while. Avalanche hits his slam for two. After Sting charges into Avalanche and knocks him over, they do the spot where Sting falls off the ropes and head first into Avalanche’s theme park. FOUR Stinger Splashes follow, and now Sting gets the body slam. SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Avalanche is shaking his head that he gives up and slapping the mat to show he’s submitting, but the Guardian Angel won’t call for the bell or anything. He just keeps acting like he’s checking on Avalanche. Eventually, ref Nick Patrick runs down and rings the bell against the Guardian Angel’s orders. (5:19) Now you’ve got yourself two angry big men. Sting and Angel go nose-to-nose. Sting nails Angel, so Angel clotheslines him down and continues the beating until Stars N Stripes and Alex Wright make the save. *½

Gene Okerlund meets with Avalanche and the Guardian Angel. Okerlund’s all like WTF, m8?! Angel cusses all over TV and cries foul play on the part of that dag blame referee because he says Avalanche never gave up. He rips off the Guardian Angel t-shirt and claims that he’s changing his name back to Big Bubba Rogers. WHOA!

  • Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The Butcher & Kevin Sullivan

As you can clearly see, Savage has been brought in to take Sting’s place with the Hulkster because that’s money. Hogan starts off with Butcher. He hits all his signature moves like the ten-count corner punch and the corner clothesline. Savage tags in and goes nuts on everybody. Butcher is just getting dominated! Out of nowhere, he gets the SLEEPER on Hogan. Butcher puts Hulk to sleep, so Butcher and Sullivan see this as a cause for a celebration instead of pinning Hogan and leaving the winners. Instead, Randy Savage revives Hulk with a FLYING ELBOW DROP! Now while you would think this would signify a heel turn on Savage’s part, he actually just gave him some sort of cardiac defibrillation. Even from a physiological standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense. The sleeper hold is supposed to cut the blood flow off to the brain. It has nothing to do with the heart whatsoever. Anyways, Hogan is back up and running wild on Butcher. Savage tags in and gets shoved off into a knee from Sullivan to become the face in peril. Savage takes a crazy backdrop to the floor so he can taste the guardrail and the post. With Hogan protesting to the ref all the time, it allows Sullivan to continue running Savage into hard objects. One good thing you can say is Savage takes a good beating in this match and that ups the rating for me a bit. Butcher and Sullivan have Savage up in the Tree of Woe for a good swift kicking. Butcher looks a little lost in there though when Savage starts leaping for a tag. Savage escapes the SLEEPER with a jawbreaker and makes the HOT TAG TO HOGAN! Big Boot to Butcher sets up the FLYING ELBOW DROP from Savage. Hogan gets rid of Sullivan and LEGDROPS Butcher for the win. (12:10) Like I said before, the wild beating Savage took from Kevin Sullivan kicked this up a notch. Every thing else was just terrible. **¼

After the celebration, Vader hops into the ring and goes nose-to-nose with Hulk. Vader NO-SELLS Hogan’s punches and gives him a POWERBOMB! YES! Oh no, nevermind. Hogan pops right back up and punches Vader out the ring. ARGH. Whyyyyyyyyy would you have Hogan no-sell the powerbomb BEFORE the PPV? Does WCW not like making money? Hogan, Savage and Jimmy Hart go back to celebrating with no word from Ric Flair. Okay, what was the point of him even making an appearance?

Final Thoughts: The undercard seems to be trying, but the main event scene is just way too retarded for me to recommend this to anyone ever. Add this one to your list of worst Clashes of all-time, as there was no redeeming qualities about this show whatsoever. Thumbs way down for Clash 30.


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