Worldwide (08.14.93)

WCW Worldwide
August 14, 1993

The current WCW & NWA Champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Big Van Vader (3/17/1993)
NWA World Champion: Ric Flair (7/18/1993)
WCW U.S. Champion: vacant (5/15/1993)
WCW/NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Hollywood Blondes (3/2/1993)
WCW World Television Champion: Paul Orndorff (3/2/1993)

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura.

  • The Nasty Boys vs. Larry Santo & Scott Stud

Knobbs ~ “THE NASTY BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!” Well, they can’t make it any worse, right? *sigh* Before we get into the squash, I must make mention that Scott Studd is the future American Male, one-eyed Flock member and ECW alumnus better known as Scotty Riggs. He looks like a Tom Zenk twin here. To be even more specific, he looks like Tom Zenk the jobber from the summer of 1990 right about now. Sags delivers the Pumphandle Slam to Santo. Schiavone makes a faux pas by calling Sags, “Sobbs”. Jesse gets a kick out of that. Knobbs get whipped into the corner for a splash on Santo and Sags hits the Flying Elbow Drop for the win. (3:02) The Nasties would be champs within a months time and the Hollywood Blondes would be split up by November. Try and explain the logic behind THAT one.

It’s time for the WCW Magazine with Gordon Solie. He runs down the Clash card that would air that following Wednesday night.

  • Vader vs. Davey Boy Smith for the WCW world title with the DQ rule waived
  • Sting vs. The Colossal Kong – apparently, Solie didn’t get the memo.
  • The Hollywood Blondes vs. Arn Anderson & Paul Roma for the WCW/NWA world tag titles
  • A ‘Flair for the Gold’ segment with Fifi
  • Plus, you could possibly win a Z-28 Camaro just by merely watching the Clash of the Champions!
  • Erik Watts vs. Frankie Lancaster
Not only is it hard to believe that Erik Watts is still on the WCW roster now that his daddy is no longer in control of the company, but now they want to turn him heel. Sorry, he’s just doesn’t have that kind of heat. During a tag match with the Blondes on last week’s show, Watts supposedly shoved his partner Lancaster’s leg off the bottom rope “by accident” to cause his team to lose. Absolutely nothing happens in a match filled with headlocks and armbars all based on whether or not one guy will cheapshot the other – at least in Ventura’s mind. The cheapshot finally comes when Watts doesn’t duck under the leapfrog and Lancaster gets nailed in the balls. Somewhere in the world Dr. Death is cringing as we speak. Watts applies the STF for the win and walks away with a smug look on his face. (9:10) This whole cocky side of Watts doesn’t really take off and pretty soon he’s back to jobbing to the stars.
Now we get a Special Report with Eric Bischoff. He takes us back to a previous episode of Saturday Night where Harley Race calls Flair a gutless human being for not putting the NWA world title on the line at the Clash. Flair walks out and gets pushed around by Race until Flair punches him in the mouth. Well, the Colossal Kongs standing behind Harley hold him back as Flair walks away. WOO! Later on in the show, Flair asks Sting that despite their past, he wants to team up and take on the Kongs. While Sting thinks it over, Race and the Kongs chase Flair into the ring. With Sting in the dressing room and since it takes the Kongs ten seconds just to get up on the apron, he runs out and stands by Flair. Flair just got his answer and now next week on Saturday Night, Ric Flair will take on Sting for the NWA world title. Sweet!

  • Harlem Heat vs. Dave Hart & Mike Thor
Apparently from the commentary, this is either the Heat’s first WCW televised match or one of their first. Booker T is named Kole, while Stevie Ray is named Kane. Kole hits a spinning axe kick on Thor. The finish comes when Kane lifts Hart up in a powerbomb position and Kole comes down from the top with an elbow drop. Wikipedia calls it the HEAT BOMB! Spooky! (2:03 Not bad, but Harlem Heat was kind of like Doom where they got better with time. Nobody can handle the Heat, SUCKA!

Gordon Solie – again! He’s here to talk more about the upcoming Clash.

  • Rick Rude & The Equalizer vs. Dustin Rhodes and a Mystery Partner
  • Paul Orndorff vs. Ricky Steamboat for the WCW TV title
  • Johnny B. Badd vs. Maxx Payne – Johnny’s mask or the “Norma Jean” guitar must go
  • Lord Steven Regal vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Jesse meets with the Nasty Boys. Next week, they will be taking on Benoit and Eaton. The Nasties have come for the gold and they’ll take Mickey and Minnie to Nastyville if they have to when they come to Disney MGM! Yes, the Nasties will even beat up Disney mascots.

  • WCW World Television Champion Paul Orndorff vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell

The “Paula” chants get Orndorff all distracted, so Bagwell takes advantage and gets a few quick nearfalls on him. Orndorff works the crowd down on the floor and stalls as much as possible until he almost gets counted out. Because he knows no one really wants to see a ten minute long Bagwell match. Orndorff falls back to escape a sleeper hold and softens up Bagwell with elbows to set up the PILEDRIVER. Bagwell backdrops out of that and starts his comeback. He runs into an elbow in the corner and Orndorff wins with the Ric Flair corner pin. (7:11) Steamboat runs out in street clothes to yell at Orndorff for cheating and then starts a “Paula” chant. They want Orndorff in the ring, but he’s not dumb enough to take on two guys at once. So Bagwell leaves and Steamboat pulls off the shirt because he is SERIOUS. Orndorff pitches a fit as we go to commercial. ½*

They replay the announcement of Sting joining forces with Ric Flair from Saturday Night as we come to a close.

YOUTUBE IT: I might upload the Harlem Heat squash, but that’s about it from this week.

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