Worldwide (09.26.92)

WCW Worldwide
September 26, 1992
Gainesville, GA
Georgia Mountains Center

The current WCW & NWA Champs were as follows:
WCW World Champion: Ron Simmons (8/2/1992)
NWA World Champion: Masa Chono (8/12/1992)
WCW U.S. Champion: Rick Rude (11/19/1991)
WCW/NWA World Tag Team Champions: Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham (9/21/1992)
WCW World Television Champion: Scott Steiner (9/29/1992)

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura.

“Cowboy” Bill Watts changes the “off the top rope” rule to just knee drops to the throat and head. RETARDED!

  • Van Hammer vs. Kenny Kendall

One year later and Van Hammer still isn’t showing any real improvement. He puts Kendall away with the HAMMER ROCKS (slingshot suplex). (1:33)

It’s time for the WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff. He mentions that Ron Simmons will taking on Barbarian for the title at Halloween Havoc. Cactus cuts a good promo as Barbarian’s mouthpiece saying that Simmons is great, but he appears meek and mild next to the Barbarian.

Tony Schiavone meets up with Steve Austin for an interview. It’s interesting because he calls himself the wrestler of the ’90s and how he will take wrestling to heights it has never been. It’s like he’s back from the future!

  • The Barbarian (w/Cactus Jack) vs. Danny Deese

This won’t take long. Barbarian annihilates this guy with finishes him off with the FLYING HEADBUTT. (1:28)

Tony Schiavone meets with Erik Watts & Dustin Rhodes. Dustin has goals! He wants the US title. What a title hog! Apparently, another goal is that he wants to hook up with Erik because he can’t seem to keep his hands off of him. Watts is training and he can’t wait to be a real wrestler just like daddy.

  • Shane Douglas vs. Scotty Flamingo

ECW! ECW! ECW! This is during Douglas’ first real singles push before he started teaming up with Ricky Steamboat. Flamingo controls to start and gets a nearfall off a swinging neckbreaker. He applies a chinlock and then tries another swinging neckbreaker out of it, but Shane blocks it by hooking the ropes. Douglas mounts a comeback and hits the BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX for the 1-2-3. (3:15) Glorified squash. ½*

Ooo! Another edition of WCW Magazine! He reminds us of a rematch from the finals of the NWA title tournament coming up at Halloween Havoc between current champion Chono and Rude. They show a montage of the finals.

Let’s go over to Jim Ross in the Halloween Havoc control center. He goes over the three main events (Simmons/Barbarian, Chono/Rude, Sting/Roberts) and then brings up the tag titles match. Doc & Gordy have had tremendous success in June and July by winning both the WCW and NWA tag belts and will have to meet the Steiners at Halloween Havoc. Simmons cuts a promo saying that his foot is bigger than the Barbarian’s foot. I think? Next up, Rude is pissed that some Japanese guy will be the favorite in Philly. But that’s okay, because everyone in America is jealous of him. Roberts and Sting receive a little talking time. They both make a big deal about spinning a wheel. BIG WHOOP!

  • WCW/NWA World Tag Team Champions “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs. Rick & Scott Steiner – nontitle match

What a treat this is. Scott and Gordy kick things off. Scott goes for the Tiger Driver early, but Doc breaks that up to cause STEREO BACKDROPS from the Steiners. That sends the heels out so Rick can run around and bark like a dog. Back in, Rick and Doc tag. Rick slugs away, but Doc pushes him back into the farside corner and then delivers a pair of three-point stance. He goes for another one, but Rick counters with a Steinerline to put Doc back on the floor! We come back from a commercial break with Scott getting dumped to be double-teamed by the heels. Back in, Doc STOMPS away and then tags in Gordy for a charging double-shoulderblock for two. Gordy hammers Scott down to the mat and then gives him a suplex for 1-2-NO! Doc tags back in and Scott attempts a sunset flip. Rick helps out with a right hand from the apron for 1-2-NO! Doc stays on top of Scott with three elbow drops for 1-2-NO! Gordy tags back in and levels Scott with a clothesline for 1-2-NO! Doc comes back in and applies a SICK half crab on Scott. I mean, his leg looks like its bent back into a right angle! We get a false tag spot out of that. Then, Gordy does an illegal switch with Doc and applies the STF, but the ref makes him get out of the ring because he didn’t see a tag. Doesn’t matter much because Gordy tags in right after that. Scott avoids a corner charge and manages to get the HOT TAG TO RICK! He goes RIGHT HAND CRAZY! Powerslam on Gordy gets 1-2-NO! Rick cuts off Doc and measures Gordy, but he takes too long and Doc cuts HIM off with a shove. Scott prevents Rick from receiving a double backdrop fights off Doc while Rick gives Gordy a German suplex with a bridge for 1-2-3! (9:57 shown) This was booked very different from their previous matches with the Steiners being taken to the limit and sometimes getting beat like what happened at Clash 19, but this was more your traditional formula tag match and that’s good to see sometimes. ***¼

This is our last edition of WCW Magazine for the show. Bischoff talks about the Steiners having to go through the team of Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton if they want to get a tag team titles shot. He shows clips of the Steiners confronting Anderson and Eaton.

Before we go, Tony Schiavone welcomes the WCW World Champ Ron Simmons for a quick word. Simmons admits that the top rope rule being dropped makes Barbarian a little scarier because he can do that flying headbutt, but he’s going to do whatever it takes to beat that guy!

Final Thoughts: Nothing all that interesting aside from the tag match. No angle advancement or anything – just interviews. Of course, Halloween Havoc ’92 wasn’t the most interesting or most anticipated show of the year by any means, so it is what it is.

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