WCCW: Saturday Night Wrestling (10.17.83)

WCCW Saturday Night Wrestling
October 17, 1983
Fort Worth, TX

The NWA & WCCW champions were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (6/10/1983)
NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Jimmy Garvin (7/25/1983)
NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (8/12/1983)
WCCW Television Champion: Chris Adams (7/11/1983)

Your host is Marc Lowrance.

  • NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Fabulous Freebirds vs. David, Kerry, & Kevin Von Erich

Mike Von Erich gets introduced to the crowd. He would make his wrestling debut against Skandor Akbar on Thanksgiving night in Reunion Arena. The Von Erichs control the pace to start. Not even Gordy can handle them. Kerry telegraphs a backdrop to become the face in peril though. Roberts is wearing that loaded headgear and uses that to his advantage at times. Eventually, Kerry trips up Roberts and drags him over to Kevin for the hot tag. The Von Erichs give Roberts a TRIPLE DROPKICK (!!), but Gordy pulls Roberts out to the floor to prevent a pinfall. Back inside, Kevin works a body scissors on the mat. Roberts headbutts Kevin to escape and tags in Gordy who lowers the boom on Kevin. David and Kerry keep coming inside the ring which causes more triple-teaming by the Freebirds. The girls are literally SHRIEKING in horror in the audience. Kevin fights out of a neck clamp into a double-KO, which sets up another hot tag to Kerry! The match just ends up breaking down into a big brawl. Both teams try and keep one guy on the floor so they have an advantage. This continues on until Gordy sneaks the ORIENTAL SPIKE on Kerry from the apron. As he goes unconscious, Hayes jumps on Kerry for the 1-2-3 to retain the championship. (12:50) It’s the Von Erichs v. Freebirds! Even if it doesn’t blow you away workrate-wise, they had excellent chemistry and could always put on an exciting match together. ***¼

  • David Von Erich, Iceman King Parsons, & Chris Adams vs. Michael Hayes, The Mongol, and Kamala (w/Gen. Skandor Akbar & Friday)

Obviously not from the same card, but certainly the same episode. While kids today remember Kamala as the lovable Uganda native in the WWF, here he is still treated like a ruthless and uncontrollable savage. The Mongol gimmick reminds me of Hack Meyers in ECW. Oh, Friday is essentially Kim Chee. The story here is Kamala has a hard time understanding tag team wrestling. Despite being a savage, he provides little help for his partners. We see this first hand once Hayes tags Kamala, who takes that as a slap, so he wants to retaliate. Skandor Akbar quickly lets Kamala know not to hit his own partners. After working over Parsons, Hayes and Kamala have more trouble communicating what a tag is. Mongol is tagged and pounds on Parsons, but Kamala keeps on coming inside the ring. Eventually, David Von Erich comes over to trade blows with Kamala. Once Kamala starts to lose that battle, he dumps David on the floor. Mongol and Hayes try and keep Parsons in their corner, but Kamala lets him get back over to Adams for a tag. Kamala continues to not understand how to cut the ring in half. Even when he has Adams down, he knocks him over into the wrong corner for a tag. David staggers Kamala with a running knee and applies the CLAW. Kamala almost goes out to the Claw. To prevent losing and escape the grip, he climbs over the top rope to the apron and drops to the floor. He tries to leave feeling like he had had enough, but Hayes and Mongol get him to come back. Lots of Kamala stalling here. He finally pounds David down and tags Hayes. Suplex and an elbow drop gets two on David. Chinlock leads to a double-KO. HOT TAG TO ADAMS! Sleeper by Adams on the Mongol, but Hayes breaks it up. He SUPERKICKS Mongol down and while Hayes interrupts the count, Adams SUPERKICKS Hayes away and jumps back on Mongol for the three-count. (14:17) Afterwards, Akbar gets up in the face of Michael Hayes and gets shoved down. Kamala doesn’t like anybody touching Akbar, so he scares Hayes out of the ring. Well that was a wild one. Considering the Kamala character, all the shenanigans makes sense. However, it made this a chore to watch and just plain chaotic at times. **¼

  • Jose Lothario vs. Michael Hayes – 2/3 Falls

This was supposed to be American Heavyweight champ Jimmy Garvin facing Lothario, but he comes out on crutches claiming David Von Erich fractured his foot and says his main man Hayes will take his place. Looks like Garvin joins Lowrance on commentary. He doesn’t shut up for one minute during this whole match putting down David Von Erich for attacking him and claiming Chris Adams is a phony Englishman from Biloxi, Mississippi. Wristlocks and headlocks to start. Garvin wants a TV title shot against Chris Adams along with the $5000 if he can beat him. Meanwhile, Hayes escapes an armbar and goes outside to stall. Back in, he pearl harbors Lothario, but it’s back to the armbar. Eventually, Hayes fights out and grabs an armbar of his own. Lothario punches out and hits a nice backbreaker, but misses an Edouard Carpentier forward roll and Hayes covers Lothario to win the first fall at 11:23. When we return, Hayes punches on the bad arm until Lothario pops him using his good arm. Hayes goes low on Lothario and chokes him in the ropes. Once ref David Manning pushes Hayes back, Garvin stands up and jabs Lothario in the throat with his crutch to give Hayes the win in two straight falls. (14:18) Manning confronts Hayes about some unfair play there, but of course Hayes and Garvin deny anything happened. Total armbar fest with Lothario who was past his prime and Hayes who isn’t exactly Chris Benoit in the ring. *½

We go backstage where Marc Lowrance is interviewing the Freebirds. Gordy doesn’t care which Von Erich he puts the Oriental Spike on. As for Skandor Akbar’s $10000 challenge if you can slam Kamala, Gordy is down for that anytime. Because of what happened in the finish against Jose Lothario, Hayes gets a rematch with him in the Sportatorium. Hayes thinks this is because nobody believes they beat anybody they wrestle. That’s all for now, folks.


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