WCCW: Saturday Night Wrestling (10.24.83)

WCCW Saturday Night Wrestling
October 24, 1983
Fort Worth, TX

The NWA & WCCW champions were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race (6/10/1983)
NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Jimmy Garvin (7/25/1983)
NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (8/12/1983)
WCCW Television Champion: Chris Adams (7/11/1983)

Your host is Marc Lowrance.

  • Michael Hayes vs. Mike Reed

Hayes is certainly having his problems with ref David Manning as of late. Hayes gets pissed that Manning rang the bell while he was still strutting about. Hayes pushes him around, so Manning retaliates and punches Hayes back into a small package from Reed for the win in 22 seconds. Of course, the crowd hates Hayes and loves the whole she-bang.

In the ring, Kerry Von Erich presents to his little brother Mike his lucky ring jacket made by their mother. Well, guess what happens next! Michael Hayes confronts Mike and RIPS UP THE RING JACKET! So Mike tackles Hayes and starts beating the crap out of him. Being the more experienced wrestler, Hayes turns the tables on Mike and throws him through the ropes to the floor. Kerry comes back out to help his little brother and beat on Michael Hayes. Meanwhile, Mike disposes of Buddy Roberts until finally Roberts pulls out Hayes and they head for higher ground.

After some commercials, all the Freebirds are in the ring with Marc Lowrance. Hayes calls Kerry an egg-sucking dog and gutless for always attacking him from behind – just like a Texan. He wants David Manning suspended too. Hayes vows that before he dies, he will run Kerry Von Erich out of Texas. HOLY CRAP. Terry says he hates three kinds of people: Arabs, big black Africans, and Russians. For some reason, Gordy goes off on a tangent daring the Russians to come and try to kick his butt. Also, Buddy Roberts doesn’t like commies either. Thanks, Buddy.

Now the NWA American Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Garvin, Precious, and Sunshine enter the ring for an interview. His recovery is going great and makes the challenge to Chris Adams for a TV title shot PLUS $5000.

  • Buddy Roberts & Terry Gordy vs. Johnny Mantell & Kerry Von Erich

Kerry wants them Freebirds BAD. First Gordy, then Roberts who is completely bald thanks to that “Freebird Hair Removal Cream”. In comes Mantel, who works on Buddy’s arm. Kerry tags in and punches Gordy around. Back to Mantell, the Freebirds work him over and Kerry comes inside to help. While the ref who is not David Manning is old as dirt, he doesn’t even seem to be trying to get Kerry out of the ring as he just has his way with Gordy and Roberts. Eventually, Mantell just returns to the apron while Kerry continues to annihilate these two Freebirds. Back to Mantell, he counters a suplex on Gordy and tags Kerry for real. Even still, it’s like the crowd has been WAITING for Kerry to get into the ring for a long time, yet it’s only been maybe a minute. Mantell comes back in after a tag and levels Gordy with a crossbody block for two. While Kerry is beating up Roberts, Gordy gives Mantell the ORIENTAL SPIKE and pins him for the win. (10:28) This must have been one of Kerry’s pilled-up days because he was WAY off. Nothing made sense as he was 100% offense and didn’t allow any kind of heat for the Freebirds. Just real strange match. *½

When we come back happening somewhere else from where that last match took place, Michael Hayes challenges Kerry Von Erich to an anything goes ‘loser can’t wrestle in Texas’ match where the loser can’t wrestle in Texas for one full year. Kerry accepts the challenge and of course leads to a quick little fight.

  • WCCW Television Champion Chris Adams vs. Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious & Sunshine)

This is for the belt AND $5000. Let’s not forget that Jimmy Garvin is in fact the NWA American heavyweight champ. Even when a match doesn’t pertain to the Von Erichs, THEY STILL GET MENTIONED. Marc Lowrance acts like the Von Erichs are doing us all a favor by not ‘putting their names in the hat’ to be challengers for the TV belt because it is defended on a weekly basis because they are demanded in other areas of the country. I realize it’s their dad’s territory, but this is like Triple H 2003/nWo 1998 bad. Enough already! Adams slams Garvin and sits down on a rear chinlock. That goes on for a while. Looks like Sunshine helps Garvin reach the ropes for a break. After a backdrop in the center of the ring, Adams reapplies the rear chinlock. Garvin stands up and snapmares Adams off his back to escape. Garvin punishes Adams with turnbuckle smashes and grabs a chinlock. Adams rallies back with a suplex for two, but then Garvin catches Adams off a crossbody block and drops him throat-first on the top rope for a nearfall. Garvin holds Adams while Sunshine swings her purse from the apron, but Adams ducks and Garvin gets nailed. While that ordinarily would be enough to pin the heel, Adams gets shoved off into the ropes where Precious trips him up into a DDT for the win and the title. (8:10) So Garvin is a double champion, but would now have to defend the TV title on a weekly basis. That lasts all of a week as Johnny Mantell dethrones him. If I had to guess, I would say Adams had something to do with that. **

Marc Lowrance is standing by with the Freebirds. COUNTRY WHIPPIN’ MATCH with the Von Erichs. They can’t wait. Next, Jimmy Garvin and his ladies walk over. No one can rain on his parade because he is a happy man.

And that’s all for now, folks.


  • Kerry Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes – Cage Match (11/24/83, Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX)

Besides being a crazy cage match, the loser cannot wrestle in Texas for one year. I believe DVDVR considers this one of the best ever WCCW matches. We JIP with both guys trading blows up in the corner. Kerry wants the CLAW, but Hayes blocks and runs Kerry into the cage a couple times. Hayes unwraps an ACE bandage from his leg and starts choking Kerry to cause SHRIEKS from the girls and maybe some underdeveloped male teenagers in the audience. Kerry blocks a turnbuckle smash and returns the favor on Hayes before choking him with the bandage. Hayes eats the cage and gets punched in the forehead to draw blood. Kerry telegraphs a backdrop and takes a kick in the chest as Hayes takes control. He locks in a sleeper and Kerry’s arm drops once, twice, BUT NOT THREE TIMES! Von Erich grabs his own sleeper hold, but Hayes runs him off into the cage for the break. Running bulldog and a strutting elbow drop stuns Kerry. Running fist drop gets two. Suplex scores another nearfall. Now he hits a piledriver for another two-count as Kerry gets his foot on the bottom rope. Mercer recounts where this entire feud between the Von Erichs and Freebirds began on Christmas day 1982 in Reunion Arena when Kerry met Ric Flair in a cage match and Michael Hayes was special referee. Kerry counters a suplex as Terry Gordy appears out on the floor. Fritz Von Erich is at ringside as well. Meanwhile, Buddy Roberts climbs up the cage and tosses some taped knuckles to Hayes. Kerry ducks both swings and fires back with a DISCUS PUNCH. The taped knuckles go flying. Apparently, Fritz slammed Gordy on the concrete while all this is happening. In the ring, Kerry nails Hayes using the taped knux. Now Buddy Roberts is trying to climb inside the cage to help Hayes when he trips and crotches himself on the cage wall. It doesn’t even look like anybody was shaking the cage either. Kerry lays on top of Hayes for the 1-2-3. (7:36 shown) Gordy nails Fritz to get inside the cage. Kerry winds up and punches Gordy back towards the door. In a moment of revenge for Christmas day 1982 when Gordy slammed the cage door in Kerry’s face, Fritz slams the door back in Gordy’s face as the Freebirds looks completely destroyed. Well, you knew Kerry was going to win. But hey, it’s still great booking in the best and most famous World Class feud of all time. For now, you would think the Von Erichs had vanquished the Freebirds, but that of course was not to be. ***½

Okay NOW, that’s all for now, folks.

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