WCCW: TV (04.23.83)


April 23, 1983
Dallas, TX
(taped on 4/15/83)

The NWA & WCCW champions were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (9/17/1981)
NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (12/25/1982)
NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Von Erich (3/4/1983)
NWA American Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/26/1982)
NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: David Von Erich (4/4/1983)

Your host is Bill Mercer.

We are introduced to “Gentleman” Chris Adams for the first time. He’s wrestled all over the world and now he’s come to Texas to get his hands on the Mongol. He really hopes we like him, too!

  • Chris Adams vs. Roberto Renesto

This is the World Class TV debut of Chris Adams. Needless to say, he will be making a *huge* impact around here. Adams works an armbar until Renesto starts raking his face. Adams surprises Renesto with a crossbody out of the corner, but only gets two. NASTY enziguri kick staggers Renesto for the SUPERKICK to give Adams the win. (5:40) Good debut for Adams.

  • King Kong Bundy (w/Skandor Akbar & The Mongol) vs. Sal Olivares

We saw the big debut of one character, but now we see the exit for another character. Bundy has already starting working a little bit on Mid-South TV, but he will soon be leaving World Class to work there full-time now. In other words, this is the last time we’ll see him wrestle on World Class TV. Speaking of leaving, Marc Lowrance announces that even though Bundy recently lost a “loser leaves town” match to Tola Yatsu, he still has to fulfill this commitment. Really? It’s a squash match. Bundy beats on this poor sap until the ref uses better judgment and calls for the bell. (4:11) It doesn’t look like Bundy is going to stop, so Chavo Guerrero runs out and scares him away. Chavo then does what has probably never been seen before even in World Class: a pescado to take out Bundy. It didn’t really hurt him that much, but it did piss him off. Afterwards, Chavo cuts an excitable babyface promo explaining why you pin a guy when you have him beat.

  • Kamala (w/Friday, Skandor Akbar & The Mongol) vs. Bill Rathke (w/Arman Hussein)

Akbar calls Rathke a “plant” from Hussein’s inferior organization. This is the World Class TV debut of Kamala. His face paint is quite horrifying. Anybody know who is playing Kim Chee at this point? Kamala chops down Rathke and hits him with a pair of splashes to the back for the win. (1:53) Simple enough. ¼*

Bill Mercer sits down with Kevin Von Erich for an interview. They discuss how Kevin wants to get his hands on Terry Gordy. Then the conversation changes over to Ric Flair as Kevin reflects on how close he was to becoming the NWA world champion. Sounds like Kevin was a victim of the Dusty finish.

  • NWA American Heavyweight Champion Kevin Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy

They work over each other’s knees for the first 5-7 minutes. Gordy drops Kevin’s throat onto the top rope and hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Suplex garners the same result. Kevin elbows out of a bearhug and grabs the CLAWHOLD. Gordy rakes the eyes and tries to drop Kevin on the top rope again, but Kevin slips away and returns the favor. You got to love Gordy’s great big bump here. With Gordy in trouble, Michael Hayes heads down to ringside in his black cowboy hat, shades, and jean everything else. As Kevin picks up Gordy for a slam near the ropes, Hayes reaches in and tries to trip up Kevin. It doesn’t work out too well. A few moments later and they try it again. Kevin gets tripped up, but rolls through and on top of Gordy for the 1-2-3. (11:16) The finish doesn’t really work because Kevin wouldn’t have had any kind of momentum to physically make that happen, but whatever. I’ll forgive them. Pretty decent up until the finish. **½

Bill Mercer talks with the frustrated Freebirds after the break. Hayes threatens to hurt the Von Erichs the next time they meet. Gordy has a steel chair in his hand. You KNOW they mean business.

NEXT WEEK: David Von Erich and Iceman King Parsons take on Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts!

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