WCCW: TV (11.27.82)


November 27, 1982
Dallas, TX
(taped on 11/16/82)

The NWA & WCCW champions were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (9/17/1981)
NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Von Erich (9/5/1982)
NWA American Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds (11/26/1982)
NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: David Von Erich (9/19/1982)

Your hosts are Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi.

  • Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril vs. Checkmate & “Wild” Bill Irwin (w/Arman Hussein)

For some reason, Checkmate looks like Tiger Mask tonight. On the other hand, Bugsy is wearing a WWII aviator’s helmet, so who knows what’s going on. Saldi mentions that Irwin is a former American tag team champion, but I didn’t think the Freebirds won the tag titles until Thanksgiving. Either way, he doesn’t have a belt with him. Bugsy goes through his Curly Howard routine with Irwin to start. Now he wants Checkmate. When he gets the tag, Bugsy turtle shells himself on the mat to screw with Checkmate. Tag to Madril, he quickly becomes *your* face in peril. Checkmate keeps Madril grounded with wrestling, while Irwin brawls with Madril. Once Madril rolls to the floor, Bugsy stands by his partner to keep the bad men away. Back inside, Madril wins a slugfest with Irwin and makes the hot tag to Bugsy. The match breaks down as Checkmate and Madril come inside the ring. Irwin looks done for here, but he comes off the rope and catches Madril with a knee. Big slam and a Brody knee drop misses. Like an idiot, Madril locks in a figure-four in the WRONG corner. Checkmate leaps over the top rope and stomps Madril in the throat, which is enough to put him away as Irwin gets the pin. (11:58) After the bell, King Kong Bundy appears in his street clothes and joins Irwin to try and do a number on Madril, but Bugsy doesn’t let that happen. **½

  • NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion David Von Erich vs. Destroyer II

Mercer and Saldi use this time to remind everyone that Kerry Von Erich returns TONIGHT. David wears down the masked man with headlocks and armbars. Over in the corner, he bounces off the ropes and knee drops Destroyer II a couple times to score the pinfall in 4:09.

  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. The Great Kabuki & Magic Dragon (w/Arman Hussein)

There’s a man in a gorilla suit in the ring before this thing gets started. We’ll have to wait and see if it turns out to be Hacksaw Jim Duggan or not. Crowd is LOVING these Freebirds. They are awful tentative with Magic Dragon to start as he tries with some kicks. Neither Hayes nor Gordy can keep him in a hold for very long. In comes Kabuki, he just starts trading blows with Hayes. Tag to Gordy, Kabuki unloads on him as well as Gordy sells real big for the head chops. Once the Freebirds get Kabuki back over to their corner, they manage to take back control. Kabuki escapes a chinlock by clawing on Gordy’s gut. Dragon flies in with a double ax handle and then puts on the ORIENTAL NERVE HOLD~! Eventually, Gordy tries to fight back with a random piledriver, but Dragon shoves him back into the corner. Dragon does that back flip off the top and before he can do the second one off the mat, Gordy runs him over with a dropkick! Elbow drop off the ropes from Gordy ends Dragon. (9:20) Despite all that work from the Japanese, Gordy still had WAY more left in him, I suppose. **

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife....is this still funny?

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife….is that still funny?

BUNDY BARES ALL: Bill Mercer meets King Kong Bundy down at a dock (??) to speak about the Kerry Von Erich bounty. Bundy says that his former boss Gary Hart told him to go to Atlanta because Ric Flair has something there to give to him. When he got to Atlanta, Flair handed him a check for the hit on Kerry Von Erich for $12,500. Bundy says he took a copy of the check before he gave it to Gary Hart, so now he has the proof that there was in fact an exchange of funds. After he told Fritz Von Erich that he had the much needed proof of the hit, all Fritz would pay was $5000. Since Bundy was on strike, he took the money anyway. As for Gary Hart, Bundy is stuck in a contract with him that Bundy can’t terminate, but the contract is one that Gary Hart can terminate. Bundy says he called his Atlantic City lawyer Saul Goldberg. Could he BE anymore Jewish? Gary Hart will not be getting anymore of his money now. By the way, Bundy is chomping on a chicken leg periodically throughout this segment, which is awesome. Bundy threatens Great Kabuki as well and wants a match anytime and anyplace. From now on, Bundy confirms that he only takes matches when he wants, as he is completely absolved of H&H Limited. Bill Mercer tried to get Ric Flair’s reaction to the confession, but he was unavailable for comment.

  • Kerry Von Erich vs. Killer Tim Brooks

As I mentioned earlier, this is Kerry’s return after Great Kabuki collected on the bounty and took out Kerry’s knee. It should be mentioned that Killer Tim Brooks is another staple of Texas wrestling. This one gets going before the introductions are over. Brooks tries to keep Kerry grounded with headlocks and such. Brooks eventually throws Kerry to the floor to test the knee. Back inside, Brooks blocks a splash with his knees, but then Kerry does the same to Brooks. With Brooks doubled over, Kerry sunset flips him for the 1-2-3 at 4:00.

After the break, Kerry Von Erich meets Mercer and Saldi over at the table. Kerry says he should be ready to face Ric Flair for the NWA world title within a month. A month, you say? Christmas, perhaps? Hmm.

NEXT WEEK: The Great Kabuki challenges David Von Erich for the Texas Heavyweight title.

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