WCCW: TV (11.20.82)


November 20, 1982
Dallas, TX
(taped on 11/9/82)

The NWA & WCCW champions were as follows:
NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair (9/17/1981)
NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Von Erich (9/5/1982)
NWA American Tag Team Champions: King Kong Bundy & “Wild” Bill Irwin (9/12/1982)
NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: David Von Erich (9/19/1982)

TONIGHT: Fritz Von Erich will reveal the proof he has on the bounty for his son, Kerry Von Erich returns, and the Freebirds will be in action!

Your hosts are Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi.

  • The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Killer Tim Brooks & Captain Frank Dusek

Brooks and Hayes tie-up to start. Hayes gets stuck in the wrong part of town, but escapes before any double-teaming can happen. Tag to Dusek, and he wants Gordy. WHY? Dusek gets dominated with a headlock. As they run the ropes, Dusek drops to the mat and Gordy drops beside him only to bully him out to the floor. Back in, Brooks gives Gordy a shot. They try and lure Gordy into their corner, but it winds up having the opposite effect as Brooks gets put in the Freebirds corner. They keep Brooks on their side of the ring with a headlock. Brooks punches away on Gordy and tags Dusek who grounds Gordy with a Cobra Clutch. He eventually powers out and tags Hayes. Now the Freebirds go to work on Dusek’s arm. Gordy hits Dusek with a bomb of a back suplex. Tag to Hayes, he levels Dusek with a back elbow. Now Hayes walks over to Killer Brooks. Not a good idea! Dusek nails Hayes from behind and tags in Brooks. They put a hurting on him, but Hayes manages to punch his way over to Gordy for the tag. He is a HOUSE OF FIRE on the heels. Blind tag to Hayes, Gordy hoists up Dusek onto his shoulders and Hayes lowers the boom on Dusek to knock him down to the mat. Hayes covers Dusek for the 1-2-3. (10:24) And the Dallas crowd falls deeper in love with the Freebirds. Saldi mentions how this is the first time we’ve seen the Freebirds finish off their opponent as a cohesive unit. Good job, Jay! **½

  • Handicap Match: The Great Kabuki (w/Gary Hart) vs. The Samoan & Salvadore Olivares

Nice to see Gary Hart back on WCCW. Kabuki has to fight off both guys at once with eye rakes, chops, and crescent kicks. Olivares and Samu never quite get it together. Kabuki puts away Olivares with the Leg Breaker that put Kerry Von Erich on the shelf. Samu gives Kabuki a few headbutts. He tries to come off the second rope and ends up flipping over onto the apron. LOL. Leg Breaker to Samu! It’s over. (2:03) After the bell, Gary Hart puts the boots to our jobber friends, and the crowd lets him know that ain’t cool. Then all of a sudden, King Kong Bundy comes out and challenges the Great Kabuki to see who the REAL dominant force is in H&H Limited. Gary Hart tries to keep them separated. Kabuki pulls out some nun-chucks, and Bundy finds a chair. Gary puts his suit over Kabuki’s face to calm him down, I suppose. Bundy winds up listening to ref Bronko Lubich and leaves the ring, but still finger pointing and yelling at Gary Hart. Awesome. *

Before the next match, Jay Saldi speaks with Kerry Von Erich. Who would Kerry rather face first: the Great Kabuki or the NWA world champion Ric Flair? That’s a no-brainer. It’s Ric Flair! Of course, Kerry knows he has a score to settle with Kabuki before he can get an NWA world title shot.

  • Kerry Von Erich vs. Destroyer #2

Kerry shows off his mat wrestling skills to start. Then they begin running the ropes. Dropkick and a knee drop on Destroyer to show that his knee is just fine. Mercer talks about Kerry’s knee being 100% so much, you’d think he wasn’t even injured or had any kind of surgery. Virtually no string of offense from the Destroyer. Kerry puts him out with the DISCUS PUNCH at 5:41.

  • Bugsy McGraw vs. Checkmate (w/Arman Hussein)

Checkmate is looking like Tiger Mask and Mr. Wrestling II had a baby right now. He’s known for having an impenetrable fetal position on the mat, which Bugsy can never quite figure out. Any time Bugsy escapes a chinlock or any kind of hold, Checkmate goes right down to the mat in the fetal position, which Mercer calls the Armadillo. Bugsy finally hits Checkmate with an atomic drop to where he can get a pinfall attempt, but Checkmate is near the ropes. Checkmate rolls out to the apron where Bugsy picks him up in a bearhug for what I believe ends up being a double-DQ for wrestling on the apron, says Mercer. (9:49) This just never got out of that Armadillo segment before it was over. **

Time for Fritz Von Erich to confront Gary Hart about the bounty on Kerry. Gary doesn’t want to get close to Fritz fearing he’s going to get his butt kicked, which is awesome. Fritz pulls him REAL close by the suit and reveals a Xerox copy of a check made out to Gary Hart for $12,500 from Ric(k) Flair. On the memo line, it says, “Services & Expenses”. Gary wants to know where Fritz got that. It turns out that KING KONG BUNDY gave him the copy of the check. Flair gave Bundy the check in Atlanta to give to Gary Hart. On the way back to Dallas, Bundy called Fritz and received $5000 for the proof. For what Gary has done, the NWA board of directors have decided to give Kerry a rematch for the NWA world title. Fritz promises that Kabuki and Gary Hart will get what is coming to them for what they have done. Because of the harm done to Kerry, Fritz says that Ric Flair will be put into a match that will undoubtedly cause him bodily harm as well – right here in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.

After the break, King Kong Bundy joins Mercer and Saldi. Instead of just telling the people that Bundy will explain why he did what he did for the Von Erichs next week, Mercer gets Bundy barking about the Great Kabuki.

NEXT WEEK: No matches were mentioned, but King Kong Bundy will reveal why he gave the evidence on Kerry’s bounty to Fritz Von Erich.


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