WWF: Monday Night Raw (09.13.93)


Monday Night Raw
September 13, 1993
New York City
Manhattan Center

The current WWF champs were as follows:
World Champion: Yokozuna (6/13/1993)
Intercontinental Champion: Shawn Michaels (6/6/1993)
World Tag Team Champions: The Steiner Brothers (6/19/1993)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan.

  • Quebec Province Rules: WWF Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers vs. The Quebecers

The rules are simple: the tags titles can change hands on a DQ/countout, piledrivers are illegal, and coming off the top rope or throwing your opponent over the top rope will get you DQ’ed. So basically, it’s Bill Watts rules with the DQ/countout title stipulation thrown out. While this is the RAW debut of the Quebecers, they made their WWF TV debut back on the July 24 episode of Superstars. Rick powerslams both Quebecers to start and then tags in Scott for a butterfly slam to Pierre for two. Scott keeps Pierre grounded, but charges into a boot in the corner and a clothesline from the second rope. After Scott gets worked over, he rallies up a backdrop on Pierre. Jacques runs in and gets a punch to the gut. Tag to Rick, he threatens a piledriver, but THAT’S AGAINST THE RULES! Scott reminds Rick from the apron. Commercials! And we’re back. Pierre blocks a hiptoss and clotheslines Scott down, but then runs into an overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. The Steiners work on Pierre with a half crab for a really long time. Behind the ref’s back, Jacques tries to break up the hold and never quite can do it. I think they did that spot so that people could pay attention to Johnny Polo coming down, but I believe he missed his cue. Polo is wearing a Montreal Canadiens hockey jersey and carrying a hockey stick to show where his loyalties lie, if it wasn’t already obvious. Being the dumber Steiner, Rick almost comes off the top rope onto Pierre. Instead, he comes off the second ropes onto Pierre’s knees. They fight over a superplex and Pierre comes tumbling down. Jacques tries to break up the pin and drops an elbow on Pierre by mistake. The Quebecers take time to regroup as we take another break.

When we come back, the Quebecers run through their series of double-team moves on Scott. Jacques slams Pierre onto Scott, Pierre presses Jacques onto Scott, and then a double team hotshot finds Scott tied up in the ropes. He REALLY could have torn his bicep there – AGAIN. The onslaught continues, but the Quebecers can’t put Scott away. Scott catches Jacques telegraphing a backdrop and kicks him in the mush, but Pierre cuts off the tag. Jacques then backdrops Pierre onto Scott. Jacques runs into a boot in the corner and gets drilled with a DDT. The hot tag looks like it’s coming, but Pierre runs over and draws Rick into the ring. Meanwhile, Jacques throws Scott out to the floor. Oddly enough, no interference from Polo. Back inside, Jacques can’t turn over a Boston crab, so Pierre comes off the second rope with a legdrop to help him out. Pierre heads up again, but Rick runs over and slams him down and then nails Jacques. AGAIN, the Quebecers cut off the tag. Scott drills them with a double-clothesline. This time, he makes the HOT TAG TO RICK! Awesome. Slams and dropkicks are everywhere. Scott nails Pierre with the FRANKENSTEINER. He’s not the legal man, but the ref counts anyway. Cover, 1-2-NO! Jacques makes the save. Polo gets up on the apron with the hockey stick. Rick punches him down, but the hockey stick lands in the ring. Scott gets the stick away from Jacques, stabs him in the gut, and then hits him over the back for the DQ. (17:41 shown) With that decision under the ‘Quebec Province Rules’, we’ve got NEW WWF tag team champions! Great formula tag with the Quebecers getting their first chance at showing off their offense. I’m a fan of both the Quebecers and the Steiners, so I enjoyed all of this. It’s really an underrated match from those early days of Raw. ***½

  • Mr. Perfect vs. Tony DeVito

DeVito gets a little cute when he gets in a few jabs on Perfect. He walks out to pose for the people only to be chased back to the dressing room. Perfect brings him back into the ring with a handful of hair for a proper beatdown. Crowd says they want Shawn during this match and boos Perfect. Only in New York! Either they know that Shawn has been suspended by the WWF or they’re just wanting to cheer the heels. It is 1993, after all. News didn’t travel THAT fast. PERFECTPLEX to DeVito ends him at 2:49.

Let Us Take You Back to SummerSlam to visit a confrontation between Lex Luger and Ludvig Borga. Anytime, anywhere, any place. Borga sees Luger as the backbone of America and wants to break it.

  • Razor Ramon vs. The Executioner

Much like in the last match, Razor lets the Executioner get in a couple licks. Our esteemed commentators discuss an eventual showdown between Razor and IRS. Chokeslam, Fallaway Slam, abdominal stretch, and the Back Superplex takes care of the Executioner in 2:37. After the bell, the Executioner receives the RAZOR’S EDGE. Just for fun.

In this very ring, Vince McMahon introduces us to the NEW WWF tag team champions the Quebecers and Johnny Polo. They are an ecstatic bunch of guys. Jacques feels the Quebecers made history by becoming the first French Canadian team to win the WWF tag titles. When Vince mentions a rematch with the Steiners, the Quebecers huddle to discuss their plan. Polo says that if one of the Steiners can beat one of the Quebecers in a singles match, then they’ll give them a rematch for the WWF tag titles. Vince says Quebecer Pierre will battle one of the Steiners next week on Monday Night Raw!

  • Doink the Clown vs. Rich Myers

Vince is having trouble talking all night long. He can’t handle the “Silk Stalkings” advertisement. Awesome. Anyways, Doink destroys Rich Myers. Crush calls into the show. He’s back to 100% after the attack from Yokozuna and should be back soon. Heenan asks for Jack Lord’s autograph. When Savage gives him a verbal thumbs up, Crush hangs up. SNAP! Vince blames it on technical difficulties. Doink puts Myers away with the WHOOPIE CUSHION at 2:10.

When we return from a break, Bobby Heenan wants Doink to throw a pail of water on Vince and Randy, but Doink gets BOBBY HEENAN drenched instead! What a jerk. Bobby of course sells being drenched better than most wrestlers ever sell a punch, and eventually storms off angrily towards the dressing room.

After another break, Doink returns to ringside and finds a pail of something under the ring apron. He threatens Randy with it, but throws it on the fans instead. Oh, it’s just confetti. And from now on, Doink the Clown will be the most annoying character in the WWF. Matt Borne would soon be fired for his demons; never able to make a lasting return to national TV again.

NEXT WEEK: Bam Bam Bigelow, Mr. Perfect, and IRS will all be in action. Plus, a very special interview with Bret Hart. Quebecer Pierre meets Scott Steiner. If Scott wins, the Steiners get a WWF tag titles rematch. You don’t want to miss it.


1) Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty (7/19/93) ****

2) Mr. Perfect vs. Doink the Clown (5/24/93) ***3/4

3) Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair (Loser Leaves WWF – 1/25/93) ***1/2

4) Marty Jannetty vs. Doink the Clown (2/3 Falls – 6/21/93) ***1/2

5) The Steiners vs. The Quebecers (Quebec Province Rules – 9/13/93) ***1/2

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