The Hart Foundation YouTube/DailyMotion MixTape

Arguably one of the greatest tag teams of the ’80s. Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart and Jimmy Hart started from the bottom up and captured two WWF tag team championships in three years. Their battles with the Killer Bees, the Rougeau Brothers, the British Bulldogs and the Rockers are examples of tag team wrestling excellence. In 1997, the Hart Foundation became a stable and other members of the Hart family joined to compete against the best the WWF had to offer at the time as an anti-American group. By the end of 1997, Bret Hart was screwed out of the WWF title, Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart left the WWF, Brian Pillman passed away, and Owen Hart hung around in the mid-card – ending another successful run of the Hart Foundation.

  • Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Mario Mancini & SD Jones(WWF Championship Wrestling 4/20/85)

This is the debut of the Hart Foundation together. Jimmy Hart doesn’t have his megaphone with him. Uh oh! When SD Jones thinks he has Neidhart, he tags in Mancini who gets clobbered with a forearm. Bret tags in for a dropkick and delivers some heelish stomps and eyerakes. Neidhart comes in for the HART ATTACK for the win. (2:35) Great finisher, but it would take them some time to get used to working with each other. Clearly hindsight tells us this tag team was a good thing.

  • The Hart Foundation vs. The Killer Bees(WWF Prime Time Wrestling 2/24/86)

This was a part of a historically important episode of Prime Time Wrestling as Randy Savage captured the Intercontinental title from Tito Santana on the same show and same card as well. Slow start as the Bees work on Bret’s arm. After a few minutes of that and Bret tags out to Neidhart. He pulls down the straps because it’s time to get SERIOUS. By serious, I mean cheat. He draws Brunzell in so he and Bret can double-team Blair. Neidhart grabs a bearhug for a while. He whiffs on a dropkick and Brunzell gets the hot tag. Brunzell hits his Dropkick, but gets nailed by Bret from the apron to turn the tide back in the Harts favor. Brunzell receives the Demolition Decapitation, but Bret gets cocky instead of covering. Neidhart tosses him out for a slam on the floor from Bret. Back in, we get a false tag spot. Once Blair is drawn in, Bret whips Neidhart shoulder-first into Brunzell in the corner. Brunzell gets a desperation Dropkick on Bret. Neidhart cuts off the tag and puts Bret on top of Brunzell for two. This leads to another false tag spot, but this time Bret misses the double-team whip into the corner. Brunzell crawls through Neidhart’s legs and makes the HOT TAG TO BLAIR! He whips Neidhart into the ropes and knocks Bret down for his guardrail bump. It looks to be curtains for Neidhart as Blair hooks the SLEEPER. Neidhart holds on until Bret makes it back in to break up the hold. Double KO spot allows Bret to draw Brunzell in as he hits a flying elbow drop on Blair. Even though he’s not the legal man, he covers anyway and the ref counts three. (15:41) Lots of good heel work from the Harts. The heat segments seemed pretty uninspired though. **½

  • The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The Rougeau Brothers(WWF Prime Time Wrestling 10/9/86)

It’s funny – three years later, the Hart Foundation would be good guys and Jimmy Hart would manage the Rougeaus while they mock being American. Wrestling is a wacky world. Anvil and Raymond start the match. Raymond brings Anvil over to his corner and tags in Jacques for a clothesline. Bret tries to save and eats a double dropkick! ROCK AND ROLL! Bret tags and wants a test of strength. Instead of kicking Jacques in the gut, he takes the more noble approach and grabs a wristlock. Jacques rolls out of that and tags Raymond. Bret shoves off a headlock and tries to slam Raymond, but he flips out and dropkicks Bret out to the floor. Back in, Jacques and Anvil tag. Jacques cannot shoulderblock Anvil down. Anvil tries a shoulderblock and comes off the ropes, but Jacques leapfrogs and catches Anvil for a slam. Boston crab is applied, but Bret breaks it up with a kick. The Harts take over with the Demolition Decapitation. Bret dumps Jacques out for a slam on the concrete. Back in, Jacques tries a desperation crossbody out of the corner on Neidhart, but crashes and burns. False tag spot occurs and that allows Bret to whip Anvil into Jacques in the corner. That gets two. Jacques flubs the spot where Bret has him tied up in the ropes and he’s supposed to avoid a charge to allow Bret to crotch himself in the ropes. Instead, Bret brings Jacques over to the corner for a backbreaker and he misses a flying elbow drop. Hot tag to Raymond! He unloads on the Harts and whips Anvil into Bret. Raymond grabs a sleeper on Neidhart until Bret breaks it up. Jacques gives chase after Bret and then all of a sudden hops back up on the apron and sunset flips Neidhart out of nowhere for 1-2-3. (10:52) One of the rare occasions where the sunset flip actually surprises the recipient. Good match with a great finish. ***¼

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart)(WWF Superstars 11/29/86)

This is non-title. Vince’s reaction to Slick breaking his arm in three places is much more hilarious than Slick breaking his arm because he fell and tripped over a dog. Shades of Grey referee Danny Davis is in charge of this match. Dynamite shows up Bret with an armdrag and tags in Davey Boy. They run the ropes as Davey catches Bret with a monkey flip. This crowd is SO hot for the Bulldogs, it’s ridiculous. Anvil tags in for a shoulderblock battle. Davey Boy suckers Anvil in for a drop toehold. Dynamite tags and delivers a headlock/headscissors takedown on the Harts. Awesome. Bret catches Davey Boy with a knee from the apron right in front of ref Danny Davis. Bret tags in for a backdrop for two. Demolition Decapitation connects and that gets another two-count. Davey Boy flips out of a slam and answers back with a slam of his own before tagging in Dynamite. Good gosh the roof has been blown off and Davey Boy was only in trouble for like a minute tops. Double Noggin Knocker to the Harts. Dynamite buries a knee in Bret and delivers the Snap Suplex. He hits the double-arm clothesline, but Jimmy Hart is on the apron. Anvil wallops Dynamite and throws out Davey Boy Smith. That leaves Dynamite all alone for the HART ATTACK! Bret covers for 1-2-3. (4:15) Great back and forth action with tons of heat. **¾

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart)(WWF Superstars 2/7/87)

With Dynamite Kid legitimately injured leading into this match, it doesn’t end up being the classic title change from a wrestling point of view, but what came as a result catapulted them to whole new level of heel tag teams. Dynamite took a megaphone shot from behind to put him out for the match. Ref Danny Davis “checks” on Dynamite while the Hart Foundation attempt to double-team Davey Boy Smith, but he manages to handle them both for a while. Bret falls out to the floor as DBS delivers the RUNNING POWERSLAM to Neidhart. That should be all. Instead of Davis counting though, he heads back out to the floor to “check” on Dynamite Kid. DBS pulls Davis into the ring by his hair, but Bret makes the save. The Harts finally have DBS at their mercy as they deliver a Double-DDT. HART ATTACK to Davey Boy! Neidhart covers for 1-2-3. (2:57) We’ve got NEW WWF world tag team champions. As a result of this controversial title change, Danny Davis is the only one really punished. He was suspended from being a WWF referee for life plus ten years.

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The Islanders(WWF Superstars 2/21/87)

Two weeks into their title reign, and the Harts introduce Danny Davis as the newest member of the Hart Foundation. This is also before the Islanders turn heel and become managed by Bobby Heenan. Bret and Tama start the match. He double leapfrogs over Bret and catches him with a throat thrust. Haku tags and hiptosses Tama on top of Bret in a pretty cool double-team spot. Neidhart nails Tama coming off the ropes to turn the tide as we cut away to see what Hillbilly Jim has to say about the Hogan/Andre match. He was supposed to pick a winner, but never got around to it. Like he was going to say Andre anyway. Anyways, he’s got midgets and King Kong Bundy to worry about. Bret chokes Tama with the tag rope. Double DDT by the Harts leads to more cheap double-teaming in the corner. Tama wisely leaps over Bret and gets a tag to Haku. He goes crazy on the Harts and tags Tama for the FLYING HEADBUTT. Whoops. Danny Davis is already helping out by tripping Tama up in midair – causing Tama to fall short of of his target. Bret rolls out and Anvil covers for 1-2-3. (4:34) Another decent TV match. I just put this on here to show the debut of Danny Davis the wrestler. *½

  • Strike Force & Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs. The Hart Foundation & Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart)Cage Match (Boston Garden 3/5/88)

In order to win, an entire team must escape the cage. This is probably the closest you’ll see the WWF getting to a Wargames concept. All six men start the match – Honky/Tito, Bret/Martel, and Neidhart/Savage. Savage stops HTM from a cage climb while on the other side of the ring, Martel pulls Bret back down to the ring. Tito keeps Anvil from crawling out the door and slides out of the cage door to make it 3-on-2. Anvil jumps out onto Santana to even the sides. Bret and HTM control in the ring for a while. Martel reverses a whip into the cage and sends Bret face-first into the steel. Bret still manages to stop Martel from escaping. Martel and Savage send Bret and HTM into each other and then they try to climb out. Martel gets away from Bret, but Honky Tonk pulls Savage back into the cage. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, that leaves Savage all alone with Bret and Honky. They have their way with him. Bret ~ “Piece of cake!” Bret walks out the cage door while HTM continues to dominate. He tries to walk too, but Savage grabs him by the tights and sends him into the cage. HTM tries to get out quickly, but Savage pulls him back in by his hair and kicks him up in the corner of the cage until HTM falls and crotches himself – allowing Savage to climb over the cage wall and reach the floor to win the match. (8:20) As interesting as this looks, it was wayyy too short and why no blood? Other than that, it was fine with me. **½

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions The Brainbusters (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. The Hart Foundation(WWF SummerSlam 1989)

From my SummerSlam review. The reason this is non-title is because this match was signed prior to the Busters winning the belts, so Bobby Heenan used his brain and got his boys out of a title defense. In case you fail to realize, this is a tag-team DREAM match. Bret starts off working the arm of Tully until he wisely and SLOWLY backs into his corner to tag in Arn. Now if you notice, Tully grabs Bret’s foot to try and cut off the tag. Bret breaks loose, but stays and fights instead of tagging out to Anvil. Bret delivers one of Arn’s specialties, the hammerlock slam, on him and tags in Neidhart. The only way Neidhart can measure up to the Busters is if Arn and Tully sell everything he does like it has ten times more impact than if it were coming from basically anyone else. It makes sense and it works in this match. The Hart Foundation continue to work on Arn’s left arm. Tully tags Arn as he stands on the bottom rope, but the ref doesn’t allow that as a legal tag and Arn gets put back in the Harts corner. Arn counters Bret with a leg scissors, but then Bret kips up and Arn decides it’s time to tag out. Tully runs into the Harts corner as Anvil gets a tag. They go back to what worked with Tully before, and that’s twisting on the arm. Tully tries to tag Arn with his foot, but that won’t work either. The false tags are going in favor of the FACES here, which is totally against formula. Anvil NO-SELLS Tully’s chops and then Tully does his shoulder-first bump in the corner. Tully comes out of a hammerlock quite nicely into an overhead wristlock for Bret to do the bridge spot. Bret tries to power out of it as Arn comes in to help Tully, but then Bret flips out and gives both champs armdrags. The crowd goes INSANE for this stuff. Bret ends up chasing Tully around and gets clobbered by Arn from behind to turn the tide. Arn heads up for a pump splash, but we all know how that ends. Pier-six brawl erupts, but the Harts get the best of that. Back in, Bret stomps Tully in the “lower abdominal area” and tags in Neidhart. Tully tries to come back by leaping out of the corner, but Neidhart catches him in a bearhug. Anvil fires away in the corner. The Harts attempt the double-team whip into the corner, but Arn saves Tully at the last second. Arn gets a tag as Bret looks on completely disappointed in his corner. Tully tags in and sits on Neidhart with a reverse chinlock. Anvil stands up out of it and tries to piggy-back Tully into the Harts corner, but Arn gets the GENIUS blind tag and pops Neidhart in the face. Arn DRILLS Neidhart with his shoulder as he comes off the ropes for 1-2-NO! Anvil presses Arn off of him out of the cover and sends him to the other side of the ring. Arn & Anvil work in a double-KO spot, but Arn still is able to cut off the tag to Bret. Arn comes off the ropes, but then Bret catches him in the back with a knee! SHADES OF GRAY! HOT TAG TO BRET! Bret goes SLAM CRAZY on the heels! Bret hits the elbow off the middle rope on Tully and then follows up with a suplex for 1-2-NO! He breaks the pin and squares off with Arn as Neidhart pounds on Tully in a corner. Arn reverses a cross-corner whip, but Tully does not and takes a clothesline from Bret. Anvil goes to the floor with Arn while in the ring, Bret delivers an inverted atomic drop. Anvil posts Arn and then delivers the Slingshot Shoulderblock from the apron into Tully. Anvil slams Bret on Tully for the finish, but Heenan is on the apron with the ref. Neidhart tries to get Heenan off the apron while Arn comes off the middle rope and drops a double-sledge on Bret to knock him out! Arn’s not legal, so in order to get the pinfall, Tully rolls out as Arn covers up his head using both his arms AND Bret’s arms so the ref will think it’s Tully making the cover since they both have the same colored tights! That gets the three-count! (15:58) Fantastic non-formula match with two of the greatest teams ever. ****½

  • The Hart Foundation vs. The Rockers(WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 4/28/90)

From my SNME #26 review. Both teams want tag title shots, so it only makes sense they would be facing each other. Back and forth stuff to start with Bret nearly pinning Shawn after rolling through a flying crossbody. The Rockers deliver a double-team Russian legsweep, but then kip up into a double-clothesline from Neidhart! Neidhart tags in and shoulderblocks the Rockers all over the ring. He tries a slam on Shawn, but Shawn slips away and catches him with a dropkick for two. Shawn tries a crossbody, but Neidhart catches him for a slam. Shawn comes off the ropes for Bret to stick in that knee off the apron. Neidhart follows up with a SICK backdrop and then tags in Bret. He whips Shawn from corner to corner and tags in Neidhart for a double-whip shoulder-ram in the corner for 1-2-NO! Shawn tries to come back with a sunset flip on Bret for two as Demolition makes their way down to ringside. Bret hits a backbreaker and spots the champs, so Shawn dropkicks Bret out in front of them. Back in, Bret continues to control Shawn. Bret tries an elbow drop from the middle rope, but he misses to set up the HOT TAG TO JANNETTY! Jannetty hits a powerslam and then delivers a Jack Brisco rollup out of the corner for 1-2-NO! He ducks low off a whip though and Bret catches him with a swinging neckbreaker. Neidhart tags for a slingshot splash, but Jannetty rolls out of the way and tags in Shawn. Anvil puts a stop to Shawn’s momentum with a shoulderblock, which Shawn sells like he just got hit by a school bus going 90 mph downhill for 1-2-NO! Shawn surprises Neidhart with a back elbow for two, but then gets caught by Neidhart coming out of the corner. Michaels powers Neidhart down for 1-2-NO! Anvil presses Michaels out to the floor in front of Demolition. They toss him back in, but Jannetty doesn’t like that one bit and starts fighting with Smash. Now Ax gets in the ring and we’ve got a six-man brawl going down now as the ref throws the match out. (9:17) Great match that should have had a finish. ***½

  • WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation(WWF SummerSlam 1990)

From my SummerSlam review. This is during that Demolition period when you didn’t know which two members of the group you’d be facing. Crush/Smash? Ax/Crush? Smash/Ax? But no matter what, you’re essentially facing the same two because their styles are basically the same. They’re three guys that pound you down and give you the Demolition Decapitation. Tonight though, it’s Smash and Crush because Ax is having health problems and the team is being phased out by this point anyway because now they have the actual Legion of Doom they’ve been trying to cop y all this time. Onto the match. Smash tries to pull Bret into his corner, but Neidhart runs in and puts a stop to it. The Harts work on Smash’s arm with armbars and overhead wristlocks. Smash finally escapes Bret with a slam and tags in Crush. He slams Bret and catches him off a crossbody for another slam. Crush runs into a boot in the corner though and gets rolled up for two. Hot tag to Neidhart, but he gets kicked in the back as he comes off the ropes by Crush. He gets smashed a bit by the Demos, but then runs Crush down with a clothesline and tags Bret. He stays one step ahead of everything the Demos do and gets a near-fall off a Russian legsweep on Smash. Backbreaker/vertical elbow drop gets 1-2-NO! Crush breaks it up with a legdrop. Bret gets dragged over to the Demos corner for the DEMOLITION DECAPITATION and that gets 1-2-3. (6:09 Demos – 1 Harts – 0) The Demos maintain control and keep Bret in their corner. Smash hits a back suplex and then tags in Crush for a neck wrench. He tries to elbow out, so Crush tags Smash who smashes Bret’s face into the turnbuckle. Bret hits a desperation clothesline as he comes off the ropes. He starts to crawl for the tag, but the Demos try and drag him to their corner. Ref Earl Hebner says no way and stops that from happening, which allows Bret to reach Neidhart for the tag. He slams the Demos and rams himself shoulder-first in the corner. Crush gets dumped, and a HART ATTACK on Smash connects! Bret covers for 1-2-NO! Crush grabs the ref and Hebner doesn’t like that at all and calls for the bell. (10:06 Demos – 1 Harts – 1) Crush sends Bret to the floor to distract everybody. Meanwhile, Ax runs down and hides underneath the ring apron. Bret sunset flips back in on Smash for 1-2-NO! Neidhart shoulderblocks Smash and slams Bret on top of him for 1-2-NO! Smash rolls out and switches with Ax. There’s NO reason the ref and Bret would not have seen that happen. Ax is FRESH and starts pounding on Bret. Why Earl Hebner can’t tell the difference in Ax and Smash, I’ll never know and that kind of ruins the match for me. Crush tags in for the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for 1-2-NO! Neidhart comes in to brawl with Crush while Ax and Smash beat on Bret down on the floor. Smash switches with Ax and heads back into the ring to give Bret a hotshot. Just as I say that, the crowd stands up and goes crazy because the LEGION OF DOOM is coming down to ringside. They pull Ax out from under the ring and screw up another DEMOLITION DECAPITATION from happening, as Hawk knocks Smash off the top rope. Smash runs after them, leaving Crush all alone for a slingshot shoulderblock by Neidhart into a Bret Hart schoolboy for 1-2-3. (14:24 Harts – 2 Demos – 1) Now we’ve got new tag champs! Not as great as everyone seems to think with the ridiculous switching. I’m sure it was cool when you were a kid, but it’s just not as easy to suspend disbelief to that extreme anymore. Good match, but not one of their best. ***¼

  • Bret Hart, Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith vs. Steve Austin, Dude Love & The Undertaker Flag Match (WWF Raw is War 7/21/97)

Shawn Michaels was supposed to be part of the US team, but was beaten down in the back prior to the match. Bret declares that before this show can go any further, the Hart Foundation must lead the crowd in the Canadian national anthem. Well, they are in Nova Scotia. No pinfalls in this one – the only way to win is to capture your own country’s flag. Steve Austin and Dude Love come out together to go 3-on-2 with the Harts. Dude Love gets dumped as Austin and Bret get it on. Both Austin and Owen go for their respective flags and both men prevent the other from retrieving it. Commercial break! We come back to see the Undertaker has joined the US team. Owen telergraphs a backdrop on Dude and gets kicked in the mouth. Dude Love goes for the flag, but Owen puts a stop to it. Undertaker gets a tag and business has just picked up. He dominates Owen with a Chokeslam and goes for the “instinctive” cover, but that’s no good here. Austin takes over with a clothesline followed by a suplex. The usual babyfaces at least in America (if there even was such a thing as a babyface in 1997) take advantage of being hated in Canada by cheating on a chinlock. Austin puts his feet on the ropes while UT distracts the ref and Foley helps out with a little added leverage. Dude Love tags and takes over on Owen. Owen spins out of a swinging neckbreaker and hits a cool DDT, but Austin runs in to cut off the tag. Owen blocks a superplex on Austin, but Austin brings Owen over to his corner to tag in Taker as we go to another commercial break. After the break, Owen escapes Foley’s sleeper with a back suplex. He catches Dude Love with a Spinning Heel Kick, but the tag gets cut off again! Austin tags and ducks the enziguri to apply the Sharpshooter, but Owen kicks him off. Owen tries to leap over Austin and make the tag to Bret and DOES so, even though he takes a Spinebuster all the same. Austin turns around into a clothesline and the crowd explodes. Bret wants the ringpost Figure-Four, but Dude Love runs him down with a clothesline. Austin makes the tag to UT and he’s cooking on the Hart Foundation. Chokeslam to Davey Boy leads to a TOMBSTONE attempt. Bret nails him from behind to break it up. They get into a fisticuffs, which sets up a double-KO spot. UT sits up and goes for the flag, but Owen slows him down. Now Bret and Undertaker race for their flags. Brian Pillman comes in out of nowhere and stops UT from grabbing the flag – making it easy for Bret to capture the Canadian flag for the win. (12:45 shown) Certainly a lot of emotion exuding from the crowd. The Hart Foundation in 1997 were just awesome. If you’ve seen any decent amount of footage of them or especially if you were a fan back then, you would have to put these guys near the top of your favorite factions list. Also, it was a cool thing to see the American team take advantage of being hated merely because they were Americans and then use that sole reason to draw even more heel heat from the crowd. Pretty cool stuff. I want to seriously see more Raws from 1997. ***

Final Thoughts: I think we’ve covered a lot of great Hart Foundation moments here. While not everything is four stars due to time constraints or whatever reason, there’s nothing bad here. I honestly don’t recall ever seeing a bad Hart Foundation match. My promise to you though is that anything you choose to watch on this mixtape will be worth your time.


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