ROH Glory by Honor 7!

I’ve been a wrestling fan as far as I can have memories (which is like three years old and I’m 22 – my memory wasn’t erased at 16 or anything – MEN IN BLACK~!) and I’ve been to WWF Survivor Series 2001, TV tapings, Nitro, and enough Saturday night indy feds in North Carolina to make me hate indy feds in North Carolina and I have never been in such a great wrestling atmosphere. The best wrestling experience of my life was Glory by Honor 7. The crowd was incredibly hot and into everything that happened, which also included a great card. Plus, you add in the prestige and history of being in the old ECW arena for a wrestling show and you’ve got enough to make for an amazing evening. The people there were so open and you felt apart of the show and I liked that. It seems hard to find that these days in wrestling.

– Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King: Good opener. I had never seen Kenny King before. He’s like 2005 Shelton Benjamin with a dash of charisma. Lynn still looks good in the ring and the Philly crowd made sure to give him a warm welcome. I think they owed him that since I had heard he wasn’t too impressed with the ROH crowd. Lynn wins with the Cradle Piledriver. ** 1/2

– NWA World Champion Brent Albright vs. Adam Pearce:
Apparently Albright suffered a bicep injury the night before in Boston at the PPV taping. You couldn’t tell if Albright was limited or anything. He works well with Pearce and tried putting him away several times with the Half Nelson Suplex. They took a crazy bump from the superplex position and wound up falling on the concrete. The Philly crowd seemed to get behind Albright the longer the match went, but Pearce made Albright tap with a Fujiwara armbar because of the injured arm. New NWA world champion. *** 1/4

– FIP World Champion Go Shiozaki vs. Kevin Steen: Lots of good stuff in this one. Don’t really seem to remember the finish though for some reason. Nigel came out afterwards and DDT’d Steen on the ROH world tag belt. He then gave a speech about Steen having to settle for winning the tag belts since he can’t beat Nigel for the belt and finished by saying Generico can’t either.  *** 1/2

– GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima: Danielson received alot of heat from some Philly fans who kept trying to start derogatory at him, which fueled him to get more intense. Good wrestling clinic as I expected as Nakajima worked alot on Danielson’s knee. Danielson springboarded out on Nakajima out into the front row and that was cool. Nakajima fought off the Cattle Mutilation as long as he could until Danielson finally hooked it on him after a Tiger Suplex. Awesome match. ****

INTERMISSION TIME! I got the ROH: No Limits shirt.

– Erick Stevens vs. “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus:
This was Stevens just killing Rhett Titus. Titus is the Joey Ryan character done on the East coast.  Stevens gets his nose busted and bleeds everywhere early in, but Stevens gets the win with the Doctorbomb. Afterwards, Larry Sweeney came out and offered Stevens a contract in his Sweet n Sour Incorporated stable. Stevens refuses and gets beaten down by Sweeney’s boys. That brings out Roderick Strong and the Vulture Squad for an impromptu six-man tag. **

– Roderick Strong, Jigsaw & Ruckus vs. Chris Hero, Eddie Edwards & Shane Hagadorn:
Great formula tag with Strong getting the molten hot tag and hitting everybody with variations of backbreakers. I love this man. Hero loads up his elbow pad and looks to finish off Strong with the Roaring Elbow, but Strong ducks and delivers a Half-Nelson backbreaker. Hero ends up blasting Strong anyway with the Roaring Elbow for the 1-2-3. *** 3/4

– Kensuke Sasaki vs. Claudio Castagnoli: Sasaki’s the GHC heavyweight champ, but the title is not on the line here. Claudio’s okay, but he’s not who I would have wanted to see face Sasaki. Because of that, this turned into a glorified squash for Sasaki. He pins Claudio after the Northern Lights Bomb. ** 3/4

– ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. El Generico:
Knowing that Generico is too gimmicky to be ROH world champion and knowing the history of ROH world champions, I didn’t really believe he had a shot at winning. I thought it was amazing how crazy the Philly crowd was into Generico. They did a great job of making Generico look legit in this one. During the match, my friend flicks off Nigel and he stares back at my friend and returns the favor. Pretty funny considering how much he hates Nigel. They teased the BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, but of course never pulled it off. Steen runs in while the ref is repairing the turnbuckle pad that Nigel pulled off and superkicks an ROH title belt back in his face for revenge not only earlier in the night, but because Generico’s his fellow tag partner. The crowd went insane as Generico nearly pulled off the win thanks to that assist from Steen. Nigel ends up winning with a flipover jackknife cover. Excellent match from these two as Nigel’s reign continues to not disappoint. **** 1/4

– Austin Aries & The Briscoes vs. Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black & Delirious vs. Necro Butcher in Steel Cage Warfare: Plenty of blood and lots of brawling in this one. Necro Butcher could come in during any of the three minute intervals and go insane on anybody, which is exactly what happens. After Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black have Austin Aries to themselves, Necro comes in and takes over on everybody. He receives like five back-and-forth chairshots and then gets creamed with a Brainbuster from Aries to eliminate Necro. Jay Briscoe goes through a table on the floor thanks to Delirious after climbing up the cage from the floor. Jimmy Jacobs pulls out the stake and jabs Jay Briscoe in the forehead to bust him open. Mark ends up taking a running powerbomb through a barbed wire table from Tyler Black for a major highspot of the match. That takes him out of the match for a while. Delirious gets the stake and wants stab Jay, but Daizee Haze runs down to stop him. He gets stuck deciding whether to listen to Daizee or Jimmy Jacobs, so he stabs Daizee in the forehead to get rid of her. He still falls back into the corner as he becomes filled with regret. The Briscoes put Delirious away with the Doomsday Device. Once we’re down to just the Briscoes vs. Black & Jacobs as the final four men, the crowd gets behind the Briscoes and yells for them to MAN UP! which is the 2008 equavilent of HULK UP! Jay and Mark quickly clothesline the crap out of AOTF and finish them off with simultaneous J-Driller/Cuthroat Driver for the stereo 1-2-3. Pretty neat match that was rather fun live with everybody loving the blue chair (had to be there), but I’d be interested to see how it looks on the DVD. ****

Final Thoughts: Excellent card that was really amazing live. When this comes out on DVD, you should definitely pick it up. I know I will. Easy thumbs up for Glory by Honor 7!

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