The BJ Whitmer_CM Punk YouTube/DailyMotion MixTape

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’ve only seen maybe a half dozen BJ Whitmer matches and they were all from ROH, so that says a lot of what I thought of this guy for me to pick him as the first B-named wrestler for the mix tape.

Sadly, no DailyMotion matches for BJ Whitmer. :(

BJ Whitmer vs. Jon Moxley (HWA Adrenaline, Cincinnati OH, 3/3/07)

Here’s part one…

And part two…

Apparently, Whitmer still wrestles in the company where he first trained in back when HWA was a WWE developmental territory. Moxley is one of HWA’s bigger stars. He’s 21 years old (he’ll be 22 this Friday!) and already a 2-time HWA heavyweight champ. Whitmer, of course, having international success in ROH and NOAH definitely overshadows Moxley, who has had nothing more than a dark match in ROH and a couple HeAt squashes. Feeling-out process to start with a ton of armbars and hammerlock exchanges. Headlock sequence leads to stalemate, but then the heel Moxley goes low to get things going. Whitmer quickly hits a Harley Race high knee and clotheslines Moxley to the floor, but gets pulled out and backed into the apron. Moxley whips Whitmer into the guardrail, which gets two. Whitmer mounts a comeback, but gets caught off a crossbody and taken down with a Gunn Slinger into a backbreaker for 1-2-NO! Moxley works on the back a little bit and then hooks on a deathlock/headscissors submission. Cool! That leads to a cobra clutch. Whitmer wears down, but then he drives Moxley into the turnbuckle for the break. Whitmer chops back and hits a dropkick. Spinebuster gets two. Moxley elbows out of the EXPLODER and delivers a clothesline for 1-2-NO! Man, this crowd just doesn’t seem to care at all. Powerbomb gets two, then Moxley turns Whitmer over for a Walls of Jericho. Whitmer fights it and makes the ropes twice before the ref finally makes Moxley release the hold. Moxley heads up top, but Whitmer crotches him and delivers a superplex. Delayed cover gets 1-2-NO! Moxley reverses a whip and tries the MOXICITY (appeared to be a Black Hole Slam), but Whitmer spins out and hits the EXPLODER out of nowhere! As Whitmer goes to cover, some heel group called the Five Most Wanted hit the ring and attack Whitmer and the ref to continue a feud. No bell, but I’m guessing Whitmer wins by DQ. (11:00) Not bad at all, but what was with the dead crowd? **¼

And just for laughs…

Okay, as of the time of writing this column, there’s only one BJ Whitmer match on YouTube. Soooooo, I’ll kill knock out two birds with one stone and knock out some CM Punk YouTube/DailyMotion goodness.

The CM Punk YouTube/DailyMotion MixTape

Val Venis vs. CM Punk (Sunday Night Heat, Wilkes-Barre PA, aired 5/15/05)

OWWWW! Make sure you turn the sound WAYY down before you hit the play button! I cannot stress that enough. The sound is BAD, but the match is good. This was CM Punk’s final tryout match that earned him a WWE contract. Todd Grisham and Coach are on commentary, so don’t expect anything intelligent to come from those two. Grisham makes a terrible Punky Brewster joke. Back and forth feeling-out sequence to start. Venis applauds Punk and then turns his back on him, which leaves himself wide open for a chopblock. Punk is here to WIN! Punk hooks on a legbar, but Venis chops back. Punk knows he’s in trouble, so he slides out and posts Val’s leg to regain control. He stomps on the leg and mocks Val a little bit. Venis kicks Punk away and mounts a comeback with clotheslines and a backdrop. Val connects with ten-count short-arm clotheslines in the corner and follows up with a neckbreaker for 1-2-NO! Blue Thunder Driver gets 1-2-NO! Val attempts the fisherman suplex, but his knee gives out. PSYCHOLOGY~! Punk yanks back on the leg and then applies a half crab. VAL WILL NOT DIE! He makes the ropes. Venis ducks a clothesline and delivers a half-nelson slam to set up the MONEY SHOT! He sells the knee! Cover, 1-2-3. (6:40) Great for a Heat match. Maybe I’m just a little bias towards old school psychology, but I liked it alot. **¾

OVW Champion CM Punk vs. Ken Kennedy (OVW TV, Louisville KY, 5/17/06)

At this point, CM Punk had already won every title in OVW and was just killing time until he was called up to the big leagues. Kennedy, on the other hand, was getting back in wrestling shape after his torn muscle injury in the fall of ’05. This commentator sounds like Gorilla Monsoon Jr. Basic feeling out process to start. Punk wants the ANACONDA VICE early, but Kennedy blocks and takes Punk down for a wristlock. Punk escapes into a headscissors, which leads to the inevitable backslide attempt. Kennedy breaks free and lifts Punk on his shoulders, but Punk knees Kennedy away. Kennedy begs off into the corner and Punk goes for the Running Face Wash, but Kennedy cuts him off with a clothesline. Kennedy goes for the Running Face Wash of his own, but Punk moves out of the way and gets that Running Face Wash after all. That gets two. Kennedy runs into a Tarantula Choke and then gets nailed with a springboard crossbody. Uh oh, Punk’s arm is hurt! Kennedy knows it, but he runs into a dropkick for two. Kennedy maintains control by posting Punk shoulder-first as we go to commercial. When we come back, Punk’s left arm is LIFELESS and Kennedy is pounding away. That gets two. Punk chops back, but Kennedy drops him with an Armbreaker DDT for 1-2-NO! Kennedy works an armbar for a bit. He clotheslines Punk in the corner once, but they both collide off a second corner clothesline. Punk forearms Kennedy away and then hits the Kidman Clothesline. Running Corner Knee Strike and the Bulldog gets 1-2-NO! The whole time, Punk could only use his right arm. Kennedy explodes with an enziguri to the left arm, then delivers a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam for 1-2-NO! Kennedy wants a superplex, but Punk punches back and wants a sunset flip powerbomb. Kennedy falls on top and grabs the ropes for a cheap win for 1-2-NO! Ref saw nothing and Punk still got the shoulder up. Kennedy heads up top for the KENTON BOMB, but hits knee. ANACONDA VICE! Kennedy taps. (14:54 shown) Punk probably shouldn’t have used the anaconda vice as the finish. It couldn’t possibly be effective enough to make somebody tap out if one of his arms was worked on as long as it was. Enjoyable old-school style match. ***¼

CM Punk vs. Justin Credible (ECW on Sci-Fi, NYC, 8/1/06)

After little over a month of trying to get the new ECW established, they bring in a new star who would go on to carry the whole brand on his shoulders after 99% of the original ECW stars were released from WWE. This is his ECW TV debut. Huge “CM Punk” chants to start from the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd. Punk grounds Credible with a headlock. Credible backs Punk into the corner, but then charges into a Tarantula Choke. Punk springboards into a powerslam for two. Credible buries some forearms into the back. In other words, some jobber offense. Punk then flips out of a suplex and kicks away at Credible, but then ducks low off a whip and takes a suplex-suplex-bridge suplex combo for 1-2-NO! Rolling half crab is applied, but Punk POWERS out. He kicks Credible back and connects with a springboard clothesline for 1-2-NO! Punk whips Credible into the corner for a Running Knee Strike, followed by a Bulldog. The Uranage slam sets up the ANACONDA VICE and Credible is all like, “ring the bell, plz”. (4:13) Solid debut and you couldn’t have picked a much better crowd. Of course, I’m sure that was done on purpose. **

CM Punk vs. Kevin Thorne (w/Ariel) (ECW on Sci-Fi, Long Island NY, 11/21/06)

I just picked this more than any other reason because I really liked the Kevin Thorne character. Thorne hammers Punk down to start. Punk fights back with kicks and attempts the running knee strike in the corner, but Thorne counters with a hotshot for more clubbering. Backbreaker gets two. Punk kicks out a chinlock, but Thorne hooks on a Boston crab. Here comes Kelly Kelly to cheer on Punk! Punk then rolls through and throws Thorne off of him. Heel trip into the ANACONDA VICE for the submission. (2:24) Thorne knocks Punk out of the ring so he and Ariel can have Kelly Kelly alone, but Punk still makes the save. They hug, while Kelly’s crazy jealous boyfriend Mike Knox watches on. This was the first real angle for Punk in ECW since he had only been competing in squash matches for the past four months trying to get “over”. *

CM Punk, Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke, Matt Striker & Marcus Cor VonTables Match (WWE One Night Stand, Jacksonville FL, 6/3/07)

This would be the end of the New Breed/ECW Originals feud. It starts off like a regular 6-man tag to start. Dreamer and Sandman can’t seem to be able to handle the New Breed, so Punk gets a tag. Striker takes the Running Knee Strike in the corner, plus the Bulldog. Punk and Dreamer follow up with a Demolition Decapitation and then do the “TOMMY, GET THE TABLES!!!” Cor Von stops the table-getting, so Punk gives him a suicide dive and then comes back in to save Sandman with a Springboard Clothesline to Burke. Now everybody winds up on the floor. Sandman and Dreamer look to double-suplex Striker through a table, but Cor Von and Burke make the save. Back in the ring, Punk receives the Outer Limitz Elbow Drop while Striker keeps Dreamer and Sandman at bay. Burke orders Striker to set the table up in the corner. The ECW Originals save Punk, but Sandman gets dumped from the top rope to the floor in a nasty bump. Striker runs into a Dreamer sitout Spinebuster, Burke nails Dreamer with an STO, Punk delivers an enziguri to Burke, and Cor Von gives Punk an Alpha Bomb. ARE YOU NOT…ENTERTAINED? Cor Von sets CM Punk on the table and heads up top, but Sandman canes him down. Striker heads up, but Punk stops him and sets up for a superplex. Dreamer delivers a Piledriver (that’s extreme!) and places Burke on the table for a SUPERPLEX SANDWICH! Call it a night, boys. (7:18) Some cool spots, but nothing too amazing. **

CM Punk vs. Johnny Nitro Vacant ECW World Championship Match (WWE Vengeance, Houston TX, 6/24/07)

For reference’s sake, the belt was vacated once Bobby Lashley was drafted to Raw. This was supposed to be Benoit vs. Punk, but of course Benoit didn’t attend the PPV for personal reasons. Five months later, I still don’t believe we know all the details, but nevertheless here we are. Crowd chants “we want Benoit” and it kind of makes me sad. Nitro gets cocky with Punk, so Punk kicks him all around the ring leading to a Curt Hennig oversell. Nitro thinks he’s suckered Punk out to the floor, but Punk stays one step ahead and trips Nitro up back in the ring for a slingshot splash! Nitro reverses a whip in the corner to set up a springboard enziguri for only a one-count. A series of forearms gets a two. Punk elbows out of a modified cobra clutch, but Nitro clotheslines him down for two. While Nitro cranks on an overhead wristlock, the crowd continues to yell “we want Benoit.” Backbreaker/Armbreaker combo follows for 1-2-NO! Back to the cobra clutch. Punk comes back with an enziguri and then wins a slugfest. Dropkick gets two. Nitro blocks the running knee strike in the corner with a back elbow and tries for the cheap Ric Flair corner pin for 1-2-NO! Ref Scott Armstrong catches Johnny’s feet on the ropes. Punk surprises Nitro with a clothesline for 1-2-NO! GO TO SLEEP? No! Nitro elbows out and tries a sunset flip, but Punk falls down on top for 1-2-NO! Springboard clothesline from Punk misses. He tries for a second one, but Nitro knees him in the face and brings him back in the ring with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker for 1-2-3! (8:02) Sick finish. These two showed some real promise in this match. **½

ECW World Champion John Morrison vs. CM Punk (WWE Great American Bash, San Jose CA, 7/22/07)

Let’s see if they top themselves after their match at Vengeance. For those of you who don’t remember four months ago, Nitro was just getting into his new Doors frontman character. Fun little feeling-out process to start. Punk pays homage to Tully Blanchard with a slingshot suplex for two. Basement dropkick gets another two. Punk delivers a monkey flip out of the corner sending Morrison onto his face. Morrison rolls out, but brings Punk out and trips him HARD on the steel steps. Back in, cover gets two. Punk blocks a roundhouse kick and tries for the GTS, but Morrison elbows out and face slams Punk to the mat for two. Morrison tries to uncle Punk with a body scissors/chinlock. Punk escapes with elbows, but Morrison delivers a wheelbarrow facebuster. Punk shoves Morrison away to avoid a superplex and hits a flying crossbody. Both men are down. After five minutes? Punk comes back all fired up with kicks and a flapjack. Straight kick to the chest gets 1-2-NO! Punk gets a roll up off the ropes for 1-2-WAIT, Morrison pulls the tights and grabs the ropes for 1-2-NO! Ref Scott Armstrong sees what’s happening. Punk rolls Morrison up again for two, then nails the Enziguri for another two. Running Knee Strike in the corner occurs, but Morrison shoves off the Bulldog and decides to walk out with his belt. Punk is all like “NAH UH!” and brings Morrison back in the ring. Morrison sees Punk coming at him with a springboard, so he kicks Punk in the knee for 1-2-3. (7:50) Not as good as their Vengeance match. Morrison didn’t really get to showcase a lot of his move set here as he did before. Of course, neither did Punk. **

ECW World Champion John Morrison vs. CM Punk (WWE SummerSlam, East Rutherford NJ, 8/26/07)

So Punk defeated Morrison to get a second title shot on PPV. That is, If you don’t count the Vengeance match where the title was totally up for grabs. They trade some stiff chinlocks to kick things off. Big spinning slam by Punk, and a springboard dropkick puts Morrison on the apron. Punk tries a suplex, but Morrison counters with a reverse neckbreaker to the apron. Ouch! Back in, cover gets two. Morrison pounds the CRAP out of Punk and gets two. He cranks on Punk’s neck and a roundhouse kick gets another two. Back to the chinlock. Punk elbows out and a Jack Brisco rollup gets 1-2-NO! Morrison wants a catapult, but Punk catches himself in the corner and hits a crossbody for 1-2-NO! Punk avoids a corner charge and connects with the Running Knee Strike. Morrison puts the brakes on the Bulldog and tries a back suplex, but Punk flips out and hits the Enziguri! Cover, 1-2-NO! Snap powerslam gets two. Pepsi Twist is countered with the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for 1-2-NO! Punk gets the Pepsi Twist anyway and delivers a top-rope Moonsault for 1-2-NO! Well that was cool. He pulls out stuff he hasn’t used against Morrison yet, which is smart considering how much they’ve wrestled over the several months. Morrison gets crotched and takes a springboard clothesline . Small package from Punk gets 1-2-NO! Roundhouse kick connects and Punk sets up for the hurracanrana, but Morrison hooks the ropes and the cheap corner pin gets 1-2-3. (7:09) You know it’s sad when you can watch a longer, better match on free TV than when you pay $40 for the same, shorter match. It just started getting good too. **¼

ECW World Champion CM Punk vs. The Miz (WWE Cyber Sunday, Washington DC, 10/28/07)

People could choose on for CM Punk to face Big Daddy V, The Miz or John Morrison, and they pick that annoying goofball Miz. Of course I haven’t watched him since last year, so maybe he’s changed. *Crosses fingers* Could be worse with Viscera though. Tazz tells me that Punk hates this guy because he didn’t pay his dues to be in the WWE and all that. They trade exciting headlocks to start. Miz gets in a couple forearms, so Punk chops him back and kicks Miz off a snapmare. Welcome to the biz, Miz. Punk attempts a slingshot suplex, but Miz is giving him nothing. Tully Blanchard probably just threw his popcorn bowl across the room. If he’s watching. Miz comes back with a legdrop and heads up top , but Punk is there to stop that. Miz fights off a superplex and trips Punk back on his noggin. That gets two. Looks like Miz connects with a running knee in the corner for another two. Punk flips Miz away off a headlock of sorts and then Miz totally screws up a springboard crossbody by not being ready. At all. That gets two for Punk. Now is Miz in control? He drapes Punk across the middle rope, runs over Punk, and drops down for a neck snap so he can go and taunt the crowd. Cover, 1-2-NO! Miz chinlock leads to a suplex. He goes up to the top again, but Punk is there once again. This time, he armdrags him off the top. Punk follows up with repeated kicks, the Running Knee Strike in the corner, and the Bulldog. Punk hits the Springboard Clothesline for 1-2-NO! Screw it, GO TO SL-no! Miz slips out and rolls up Punk, but Punk rolls through that for 1-2-NO! Miz wants his REALITY CHECK, but Punk avoids that and hits the GO TO SLEEP for the win. (8:52) Messy as can be, but Punk tried his best. *½

ECW World Champion CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz (WWE Survivor Series, Miami FL, 11/18/07)

So Miz and Morrison are the Smackdown tag team champions from ECW? Sounds complicated, so I’ll just watch and not ask questions. You know, I don’t usually like Killswitch Engage, but I actually like CM Punk’s theme song “This Fire Burns”. Just pointing that out. Miz and Morrison go after Punk to start to show their *unity*. In a nice series of spots, Morrison runs into a Jack Brisco rollup from Punk, rolls through and catapults Punk into the corner. He catches himself and tries a crossbody, but Morrison ducks and Punk lands on a staggered Miz, who had taken a hard kick to the teeth not too long before. CM Punk dumps the champs and hits them both with a suicide dive! WHATS MY NAAAAME! “CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk.” Punk tosses Morrison back in for the springboard clothesline, but Miz grabs his foot before that can happen to kick-start more double-teaming. They take turns punching away on Punk, but then Miz shoves Morrison out of the ring to hail a springboard enziguri to have Punk all by himself. Back suplex only gets him a one-count, so he hooks on a camel clutch. Morrison tries to stop that, so Miz cuts him off. He turns around into an enziguri from Punk, then receives a slingshot basement dropkick from Morrison that puts him out on the floor. Morrison delivers the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for 1-2-NO! He hooks both legs for another nearfall. Cobra Clutch is applied! Punk kicks him away, but Morrison thumbs him in the eyes and dumps him out. Punk attempts to skin-the-cat, but Miz is there to yank him down HARD onto the floor. Miz eats a knee on the apron and takes a suplex back in for two, then Miz hits a modified Stroke out of nowhere for two. He follows up with that running corner clothesline for another two. Morrison gets a boot up in the corner off a charge and then delivers a Split-Legged Corkscrew Moonsault (!!) for 1-2-NO! Punk makes the save and chops Morrison into the corner for a hurracanrana into a Miz powerbomb. Cover for Miz gets 1-2-NO! Another save from Punk with a double-boot kick to the head, which gets two. Punk fires back on Miz, hits the Running Knee Strike in the corner, followed by the Bulldog. Cover, 1-2-NO! Punk teases a PEPSI PLUNGE (possibly a dig at H?) and changes over into a double underhook backbreaker (possibly a nod to Y2J?) for 1-2-NO! Morrison saves and tries to get the cheap win using the tights, but only gets two. Punk kicks on Morrison and goes for the GTS, but Morrison elbows out and lands on the apron. Miz charges, Punk moves, and then Miz staggers back into the GO2SLEEP for 1-2-3. (7:59) Nice little popcorn match to start the show. Nothing blew me away, but I was…entertained. Miz is the weakest link, obviously, but it’s matches like this where he doesn’t have to do all the work that will make him better. I’m sorry, CM Punk looked great and shined like the brand-carrier that he is supposed to be. He’s the champ. ***

Final Thoughts: Wow, NONE of Punk’s ECW matches went ten minutes. If you didn’t notice, WWE tends to book Punk the same way in basically every match I recapped here. The only match that was really all that different was the triple threat from Survivor Series. Makes sense since there’s, ya know, a third person in the match. Check that one out at least, and the Kennedy match too for a good time. Maybe I’ll check out Punk’s ECW title win on a part two someday. I’ve heard it was pretty good. No promises though. By the way YouTube/Dailymotion people, we need some BJ Whitmer, so that I can either be impressed or find out what everybody says about him is true: that’s he’s one-dimensional who is really not that great. He does sport that bad ’80s beard, so he already has that going against him.


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  1. Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?

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