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DGUSA: Freedom Fight (01.2010)

Dragon Gate USA: Freedom Fight
January 22, 2010
Philadelphia, PA
The Arena
(Taped on 11/28/09)

In order to crown the first-ever Open the Freedom Gate champion, there will be four qualifying matches – one will be a six-way match, one will be a fatal four way match, and also two singles matches. The winners of these four matches will be included in a four-way elimination match in the main event of this show and the last man standing will be crowned the Open the Freedom Gate champion. USA! USA! USA!

Your hosts are Lenny Leonard and CHIKARA-san. Read the rest of this entry

The BJ Whitmer_CM Punk YouTube/DailyMotion MixTape

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’ve only seen maybe a half dozen BJ Whitmer matches and they were all from ROH, so that says a lot of what I thought of this guy for me to pick him as the first B-named wrestler for the mix tape. Read the rest of this entry

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