The Dean Malenko YouTube/DailyMotion MixTape

So here’s a chart to show just how close this race really was. Obama/Clinton ain’t got nothing on this!

Those are some tight numbers, let me tell ya!

Okay, honestly, this isn’t anywhere near the actual number of votes. There was only SIX total votes. And guess what? THREE OF THOSE VOTES WERE MINE! My blog gets over a hundred hits a day with VERY little advertising. Look, I understand that these “D” picks (or “DD” if your name is Dusty Rhodes. ZING!) aren’t that great of picks. But I mean, seriously, Davey Boy Smith? Dynamite Kid? Dean Malenko? Legends, my friends. For those of you who may think I’m anti-ECW or something because I enjoy ’80s wrestling, the Dudley Boyz are right there. Delirious got his mask stapled to his head a couple months back. That guy is hardcore! And DDP? Who doesn’t like DDP? He likes to *bang* people – alot! Several times a day even! He’s great! Alright, so after all was said and done in the polls, Dean Malenko won with 2 votes. Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite Kid, DDP, Dusty Rhodes (who the #$%& voted for Dusty?!) all received one vote. Next time, VOTE! Next month is “E” month. We’re talking Eddie Guerrero, Edge and others – people you know and love!

Here’s part one…

And part two…

  • AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Joe Malenko vs. Dean Malenko (All-Japan TV 1989)

In our first match, Dean wrestles his older brother Joe during their tag team days in Japan. Dean hadn’t really done all that much in the states yet, even though he was already a ten-year pro by this point. I have to say first off that this match is not for everyone. It’s very mat-based as you might expect if you know anything of Joe Malenko and his work. Both guys trade knuckle-locks to get the pin to start, but neither guy can make that happen. Joe avoids a heel trip off of a kick that was caught by wisely jumping up to miss it. Duh! Why hasn’t anybody else thought of that before? Dean dragon whips him instead and goes after the ankle. Joe counters into a step-over toe hold, but Dean counters that into a bow-and-arrow. They then trade full-nelsons and Dean gets the better of the exchange by taking Joe down into a Code Red armbreaker submission on the mat. He makes the ropes for the break. Joe slaps on like an inverted crossface hold for a bit. Dean escapes a head scissors and goes into a half crab. He tries for the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF, but Joe won’t have any of that and counters into a small package for two. More mat stuff is traded between the two. Joe blocks a snap suplex into a fisherman suplex for two. Dean slips out of a slam and tries for a roll up, but Joe excellently counters that into a jackknife cover for two. They both go for crossbody blocks to put over how the brothers think alike, I guess. We get into a tombstone piledriver reversal sequence, which Dean finally gets for two. Dean tries a crossbody out of the corner, but Joe moves out of the way and rolls Dean up for 1-2-3. (15:43) Like I said above, this is definitely not a match for everyone. If you like mat wrestling, then I think you’ll appreciate this match because it is fantastic. ***½

  • Dean Malenko, Cactus Jack & Too Cold Scorpio vs. ECW TV Champion Eddy Guerrero, Rick & Scott Steiner (ECW Wrestlepalooza, ECW Arena, 8/5/1995)

See, most people would just do 2/3 falls Guerrero/Malenko match, but not this guy! Raven delivers Cactus Jack to Malenko & Scorpio to help out with the Steiners, because Cactus feels the Steiners were the most over, overrated and overpaid tag team of all-time. Plus, Eddy Guerrero is *not* a wrestler. He’s a trapeze artist midget who needs to be kicked back to where he came from. Ohhhhh! The Steiners are making their ECW Arena debuts, by the way. This was during the days when they weren’t wrestling in WCW, and they weren’t wrestling in the WWF, and they weren’t wrestling in Japan, so they decided to wrestle for ECW. Over the span of the next year, none of these six wrestlers would still be working for Heyman. Malenko starts off with Scott Steiner. Lots of amateur moves going on here, which is cool. Scott stops Dean coming off the ropes with a standing Steinerline and the crowd loves it. Press slam puts Malenko on the floor for a breather. Scott wants to suplex Malenko back in, but he takes a suplex out to the floor instead. Malenko follows up with a baseball slide to put Scott into the guardrail. Back in, Scott catches Malenko trying to flip out of the corner off a whip and looks to do a running snake eyes, but Malenko shoves him off and dropkicks him into the corner. Scott then reverses a cross-corner whip and gives Malenko a release belly-to-belly suplex. Guerrero and Scorpio tag in. Thunderous “Eddie” chants go up as a result. Guerrero flips out of a powerbomb, then flips over Scorpio’s back, and armdrags Scorpio all over the place. They quickly go to the floor where Guerrero destroys Scorpio with a pescado! Back in, Guerrero delivers the Brainbuster and tags in Rick. The crowd actually barks! Scorpio escapes out to the floor to work the crowd a little bit. Back in again, Scorpio goes low and grabs a headlock. They botch what appeared to have possibly been a victory roll from Scorpio, but you never know with that guy. The ECW Arena crowd fires up the old “YOU F’ED UP!” chant. Scorpio levels Rick with a superkick, but misses a flying crossbody. Rick heads up top and when Scorpio runs over to meet him, Rick brings him down to the mat with a bulldog! WHATCHU WANT! Rick takes a second to *high five* his brother, and only gets a two-count. Cactus tags in and brawls with Rick out to the floor where Cactus takes a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on the concrete! Rick gets back in the ring to meet Scorpio and gives him a powerslam. Eddie tags and tries a victory roll on Cactus, but he counters it for an electric chair drop and tags in Malenko. Guerrero slams Malenko and attempts the FROG SPLASH, but it’s way too soon for that and Guerrero completely misses. Malenko hits a back suplex for two. Double-underhook powerbomb gets two, then Guerrero counters a slam with a victory roll! Whoa! Malenko cuts off the tag and tags Cactus for a double-elbow. Cactus hits a legdrop for two. Backdrop gets two. Cactus ducks low off a whip and pays for it with a dropkick to the face, but still manages to ground Guerrero and keep him on his side of town by rubbing his face in the mat. Cactus draws the Steiners in so he and Malenko can bring Guerrero into their corner. While the ref is with the Steiners, Scorpio slams Guerrero on the outside to set up the Cactus elbow. We JIP and witness Scorpio as he DROPS THE BOMB (top-rope moonsault legdrop) on Guerrero, which *sounds* really dangerous. Cover, 1-2-NO! Scorpio follows up with a powerbomb for 1-2-NO! The Steiners BOTH break up the pin. Scorpio comes off the top, but he hits knees. Guerrero tries to fight off Scorpio to make a tag and finally breaks free with a hurracanrana! HOT TAG TO RICK! Steinerline to Scorpio! Steinerline to Malenko! Steinerline to Cactus! Rick gives Scorpio a Belly-to-Belly Superplex! Cover, 1-2-NO! Scott delivers a double-underhook slam to Cactus to calm him down. Now Guerrero tags back in and the Steiners help out with a DOOMSDAY DEVICE on Scorpio! With Cactus on the Steiners’ shoulders, he receives a missile dropkick! Now it’s Malenko’s turn. Joey Styles – “Don’t forget the Shooter!” Eddie gives him a flying headscissors, but its kind of botched. Eddie covers, but Scorpio manages to break up the pin. Guerrero goes for the kill with the Brainbuster, but Dean slips out and rolls up Guerrero for the 1-2-3. (17:02 shown) The full version went about 22 minutes. Such a hot, hot matchup with a fantastic finish. Twenty days later, Malenko and Guerrero would have their 2/3 falls match in what would be arguably Malenko’s most famous match. The aftermath made it all the more special, as it was capped off by both Malenko and Guerrero’s final goodbyes to the ECW Arena as they head over to WCW. ****

  • WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (WCW Nitro, Richmond VA, 6/17/96)

This is the night after the historic Great American Bash PPV where Dean Malenko met Rey Mysterio in his WCW debut match. Awesome match and I think anyone who is a fan should see it if you haven’t already. So now you get a rematch. Tony Schiavone is subbing for Eric Bischoff tonight since he was given a powerbomb by Kevin Nash from the stage through a table on the floor. It was a big moment at the time if only for WCW. Lot of mat work to start while Schiavone and Heenan go on and on about the Great American Bash. Mysterio hits a nice springboard moonsault press and then avoids a crossbody out of the corner for two. Malenko shuts him down with a clothesline once he tries to block a hiptoss. He works on Mysterio’s back. SICK elevated half-crab is applied. Malenko delivers a brainbuster for two, but then gets crotched up top. Mysterio avoids a diving Malenko, but gets caught for an electric chair drop. Malenko grabs an ab stretch into an Oklahoma roll for two. RIDICULOUS Powerbomb to Mysterio gets 1-2-NO! Fallaway slam gets another two. Malenko floats over into a camel clutch, then they go to the floor. Mysterio reverses a whip into the guardrail and then delivers a springboard head scissors from the inside out! Fantastic. Back in, Mysterio sunset flip powerbombs Malenko for 1-2-NO! Then he maneuvers around a crucifix into a victory roll for 1-2-NO! Mysterio gets another near-fall, but then Malenko blocks a wheelbarrow move into a reverse DDT for the 1-2-3. (8:42) Lots of great near-falls in this one. They tried not to do too much either and what we got was a very good match from these two, who would continue to have some good ones over the next six months. ***

  • Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit (w/Woman & Miss Elizabeth) (WCW Hog Wild, Sturgis SD, 8/11/96)

So apparently, Jimmy Hart was going to try and get Malenko a cruiserweight title rematch after he lost to Mysterio the night after Bash at the Beach if he took out Benoit in this match, who was the Dungeon of Doom’s sworn enemy at the time. The ref is Nick Patrick, by the way – right before he turns evil. Great back and forth match to start. Lots of grounding and pounding. They go from roughhousing to a nice bridge sequence into a pair of backslides. Malenko grabs a short-arm scissors, which Benoit powers out of and slams Malenko down. Great stuff. Snap suplex from Benoit gets two. Benoit hits the chinlock while Heenan makes fun of bikers. Malenko breaks free and they both try crossbody blocks. Malenko tries a flying double-ax handle, but Benoit BLOCKS and gives him another snap suplex. That leads to a SWANDIVE HEADBUTT for 1-2-NO! Benoit wants a tombstone, but Dean reverses into one of his own for 1-2-NO! Malenko continues to pull Benoit down for the pin, but he just can’t keep his shoulders on the mat for a three. He attempts the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF, but Benoit counters into a small package for two. They tumble out to the floor Flair-style where Benoit eats the ringpost. Back in, Benoit crotches Malenko up top and gives him a Superplex for 1-2-NO! Malenko counters out of a waistlock and turns it around on Benoit for a BEAUTIFUL German suplex for 1-2-NO! Benoit comes back with a short-arm clothesline. He tries another, but Malenko ducks and clotheslines Benoit down for two. Release Northern Lights suplex for two. Benoit gets a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two. See what I mean about back and forth? Bridging German suplex gets another two for Benoit. Ring announcer Dave Penzer says there’s five minutes left in the time limit. Benoit goes to work on the back now with an elevated full crab. Ouch. Benoit then knocks Malenko to the floor and follows him out with a pescado. This is where Heenan makes the “sea of heads” comment, referring to the crowd there in Sturgis. Back in, Benoit rolls Malenko up for 1-2-NO! Malenko gets a wheelbarrow rollup for 1-2-NO! They fight over a backslide and Malenko wins for 1-2-NO! They trade some more near-falls before Benoit hits a powerbomb for 1-2-NO! Only a minute left! Malenko stops Benoit up on top and hits a superplex, but Malenko has to crawl over to Benoit to cover for 1-2-NO! Another rollup gets two for Malenko. Malenko hits a bridging powerbomb for 1-2-NO! The 20-minute time limit has expired. (19:53 real time) Ref Nick Patrick says there must be a winner, so a five-minute overtime period has been put in effect. And the crowd is furious. Benoit REALLY goes to work on the back now with a back suplex and a nifty tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 1-2-NO! Benoit now applies the Texas Cloverleaf! That doesn’t finish him off, so Benoit releases the hold. Malenko comes back with an enziguri and then they bump heads. Benoit decides to go after the leg and twists on the ankle in a legbar, but Malenko just won’t give it up. The time limit expires again as Benoit kicks out of a small package. (25:43 real time) Another five-minute overtime period is called and I think we’re one step away from having a riot on our hands. Malenko sells the injured leg, but still manages to catch Benoit in mid-kick and dragon whip him over. Benoit delivers a DRAGON SUPLEX, but Malenko kicks out at two. He whiffs on a dropkick and then Malenko applies the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! When Benoit starts to crawl to the ropes, Malenko maneuvers around into an STF. So that’s who Samoa Joe got that from! Elizabeth distracts the ref while Woman puts her claws in Malenko’s eyes to break the hold. Meanwhile, Benoit sneaks a rollup and gets a 1-2-3! (28:10) Just a phenomenal match wasted on a biker crowd. I don’t think the pop after the finish was for Benoit as much as it was that the match was over. Regardless, WCW probably should not have booked a near 30-minute WRESTLING match in the first place for this type of crowd, but I’m glad they did. ****

  • WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko vs. Billy Kidman (WCW Nitro, Dayton OH, 12/2/96)

Malenko finally received a rematch for the cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio at Halloween Havoc and was successful in regaining the belt. He defeated Psychosis at the November PPV “World War 3” and now was gearing up to get into a match with the Ultimate (not yet Ultimo in the US) Dragon at Starrcade. This was before Kidman turned into a mindless Raven’s Flock member and just looked like the star of your local small indy promotion. Kidman surprises Malenko with a headscissors for two. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors puts Malenko on the floor. Kidman wants a pescado, but Malenko moves out of the way and gives Kidman a powerbomb (!!) on the outside. Meanwhile, Sonny Oono, the Japanese stereotype manager of Ultimate Dragon makes his way down to ringside with a camera. You know, to scout Malenko. Back in, Malenko delivers a brainbuster for two. Looks like they screw up a boot-to-the-face-out-of-the-corner spot and then they try it again. Kidman hits a missile dropkick, followed by a fisherman suplex for 1-2-NO! Malenko tries a powerbomb, but Kidman slips away and drops down for a backslide for 1-2-NO! They trade inside cradles for two. Kidman gets caught up top for a superplex, so Malenko heads up top and gets blinded by Oono’s camera flashing in his face. Kidman wants the SHOOTING STAR PRESS, but Malenko brings the knees up and applies the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF for the win. (5:50) Way too many noticeable screw-ups from Kidman here, but otherwise a decent glorified squash. *½

Malenko’s push up to the mid-card above the cruiserweight division would be put on hold for another six months. At the March PPV UnCeNSoReD, he would be added to the list of a wide range of superstars (Harley Race, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair) to hold the WCW US title after he defeated Eddie Guerrero in another excellent encounter. Jeff Jarrett would relief Malenko of the US belt in June, allowing Malenko to return to the cruiserweight division. However, Malenko did receive a title rematch in this next video you’re about to see. That is, if you hit play.

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig vs. Dean Malenko (WCW Nitro, Biloxi MS, 10/20/97)

This would be the Nitro before Halloween Havoc, which would include a horrible main event, yet a great undercard. I think I just described basically every WCW PPV during the nWo era. At the beginning of the program, (this match takes place at the start of the second hour) a bunch of nWo-ites were laid out – including Curt Hennig. That makes this match kind of a problem for Curt. Basic holds and counter holds to start, but its Malenko getting the best of Hennig to put him out on the floor for a breather. Back in, Malenko nails Hennig with a dropkick for two. We cut to a commercial break. After the break, Hennig delivers a vertical suplex, but he’s too winded to cover. Malenko wins a slugfest and executes a back suplex. Sunset flip gets two. A crossbody from Malenko gets him dumped out on the apron. He slams Hennig’s face into the top turnbuckle and delivers a flying crossbody for 1-2-NO! Malenko argues with the ref, giving Hennig enough time to blast him from behind. HENNIGPLEX? No! Malenko counters into a single leg takedown. Malenko dropkicks the knee and works it over the apron. He applies the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF and the crowd stands to their feet, but Hennig makes the ropes. They bump heads out of the corner, but Hennig goes after the leg, and hooks the HENNIGPLEX for the win. (7:16 shown) Not bad, but a little awkward at times. **

  • Dean Malenko vs. Fit Finley (WCW Nitro, Charlotte NC, 12/15/97)

The cruiserweight champ Eddie Guerrero joins Schiavone, Tenay and Zbyszko for guest color commentary for the second week in a row for Malenko’s matches – third week overall. Yeah, FOUR guys on commentary. Anyways, Dean Malenko is considered the new #1 contender to his belt, which explains why he’s here. These two squared off two weeks later at WCW’s biggest show ever: Starrcade ’97. Malenko gives Guerrero a DEATH STARE~! on his way to the ring, but that’s really the only kind of stare Dean does. Eddie acts like he’s going to jump him, but he sits back down. Fit Finley, by the way, has a dark mullet. Everything else is pretty much the same, except there’s no little people. He’s still tough and he will still HURT you. While Finley grabs a nerve hold, Eddie talks about how BORING it is driving up and down the road with Malenko. You know, because he’s the ice man. Malenko escapes with a back suplex and applies a rear chinlock. Finley hits a short-arm clothesline and elbows Malenko on the apron. He brings Malenko to the floor, but that just gets him sent into the guardrail. Back in, they botch a powerbomb, but Finley kicks him away and delivers a running fireman’s carry slam for two. Finley then whiffs on a dropkick and gets rolled up for 1-2-NO! Eddie gets anxious because Malenko isn’t losing and heads down to ringside. “Eddie sucks!” chants go up. Malenko hits the shin kick and calls for the Tiger Driver, but Eddie hops up on the apron to cause the distraction. Malenko nails him, but turns around into a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER for the 1-2-3. (6:04) Looks like Eddie gets his wish after all. Nice little match there. **¼

Part one…

And the exciting conclusion!

  • Triple H, X-Pac, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Tori & Eddie Guerrero) vs. The Rock, Cactus Jack, Rikishi & Tool Cool (WWF Raw is War, Dallas TX, 2/7/00)

So after two more years of WCW’s BS, Malenko and friends finally make their way to the WWF to form a stable better known as the Radicalz. They were given main event slots right from the get-go by dealing with DX and making nice with Foley when they first came into the company, but then they turned on Foley making them instant heels who just so happen are beloved for their wrestling abilities. Guerrero dislocated his elbow during his first WWF match with the Outlaws a week before on Smackdown, which is why he’s not in on this one. First of all, this WWF crowd is so into what they are watching. Big ten-man brawl to start. Rock and H fight up the aisle way, including Hunter taking a suplex on the ramp. Meanwhile in the ring, Grandmaster Sexay tries to get the match going with X-Pac. He misses a flying knee drop, however, and Perry Saturn tags in. He runs into a powerslam as Scotty 2 Hotty gets a tag. They give Saturn a Too Cool elbow drop. S2H hits the Bulldog to set up the WORM! W—O—R—M! It connects! Malenko knees S2H from the apron, but then he turns around into a release double hook suplex. Malenko tags and tries a suplex, but S2H counters and gives Malenko a reverse suplex! Rikishi tags and NO-SELLS Malenko’s corner clothesline, so he drills him with a clothesline of his own. Malenko tries a sunset flip, but that’s stupid. Rikishi teases a butt drop, but Malenko gets out of the way and tags Benoit. He runs right into a Samoan Drop, but then delivers a German Suplex! Rikishi then reverses a corner whip and catches Benoit for a belly-to-belly suplex. Benoit reverts to the corner and gets splashed, as Cactus tags. He assaults Benoit down into the corner and then goes after HHH. He punches H onto the announce table, but Saturn and X-Pac make the save. Back in, H tags and kicks Cactus down in the corner. X-Pac tags in and takes a swinging neckbreaker. HOT TAG TO ROCK! He lays the Smackdown on X-Pac! Spinebuster to Malenko! Spinebuster to Benoit! ROCK BOTTOM to X-Pac! Cover, 1-2-NO! Triple H makes the save. PEDIGREE to Rock? No! Rikishi saves him with a superkick! He did it for the Rock. He did it for the people. Saturn hits Rock with a superkick to put him down anyway. X-Pac sets up for the Bronco Buster, but Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. GMS tags in and hits the HIP HOP DROP (guillotine leg drop WITH the shades on). Instead of covering the man, GMS moonwalks and gets tripped up by Eddie Guerrero. Haha. GMS looks at Eddie, then turns around into an X-Pac spin kick. HHH tags and hits the Harley Race high knee. *A-hole* chant goes up. Saturn and Benoit tag and do the DOUBLE SNOT BLOW off a double back elbow. I love it. Benoit hits a back suplex for two. HHH tags back in and tells the faces to “SUCK IT!” to draw them in so DX and the Radicalz can quintriple-team GMS in the corner. GMS gets fed to the Radicals for a bit until he counters a double-backdrop into a double-DDT on Benoit and Malenko. HOT TAG TO CACTUS! Oh, wait, sorry ref Earl Hebner didn’t see the tag. I think H and the Radicalz missed their cue to come in though. Another ten-man brawl erupts, but all that matters is H hitting the PEDIGREE on GMS to set up a Benoit Swandive Headbutt. Benoit, who is the legal man, covers for 1-2-3. (10:13) After the match, all of DX and the Radicalz do a number on the face team. That is, until Kane and Paul Bearer return (from being gone a week or two?) to chokeslam the heels…and you know there’ll be HELL TO PAY! If there was ever an underappreciated Raw classic, this is it. ****¼

Final Thoughts: There is a great bunch of matches here. While most people tend to think of Malenko has merely a mat wrestler, I think you can clearly see from this respective look that he can adapt to the heavyweights and have a great match just as much as he can the cruiserweights. Definitely check out the four-star matches if nothing else.


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