The Iron Sheik Youtube/Dailymotion Mixtape

Over the past several years, the Iron Sheik has provided us with some of the most strangely comical promos and soundbytes of any wrestler before him – not to mention already having a near 30 year pro wrestling career. With this mixtape, I plan to showcase some of his best and funniest appearances and pepper in some of his most memorable matches which are actually few and far between. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this edition of the Iron Sheik Youtube/Dailymotion Mixtape!

Here’s one of Sheiky Baby’s most well-known rants against Brian Blair!

Another infamous shoot from RF Video.

WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/Arnold Skaaland) vs. The Iron Sheik (w/Ayatollah Freddie Blassie) – (Madison Square Garden – 12/26/83)

So Vince wanted Backlund to turn heel and drop the belt to the next big star, Hulk Hogan. Backlund refused, so Sheik got the honors (or dishonor) of being the transitional champion. All the same, Sheik is a former WWF champion. To give this match a little bit of intrigue, Sheik beat Backlund in the shoulder a week or so earlier on TV with one of his Persian clubs. And just like any evil foreigner would do, Sheik sucker punches Backlund from behind and goes after the hurt arm and shoulder of Backlund. They cut out a lot of the sitting time between armbars and when Sheik pulls Backlund’s arms back. You can hear Blassie barking orders from ringside. Backlund bridges out nicely, but can’t do the backslide because of his worked over shoulder. Excellent stuff by Backlund who was still at the top of his game. Backlund flips out of a suplex though and tries an O’Connor roll, but he can’t keep Sheik down. With Backlund writhing in pain, Sheik waits for Backlund to get up on his hands and knees so he can clamp on the CAMEL CLUTCH! And he does. Backlund refuses to submit, but his manager Arnold Skaaland throws in the towel for him anyway to cost Backlund the WWF title. (6:43 shown) Even though Sheik is the NEW WWF champion, Backlund never officially gave up to the Camel Clutch. MSG is none too happy, but the WWF had bigger plans that would vindicate the whole decision. **

Ultimate Warrior’s a gay male prostitute?

Macho Man’s too cheap to buy Elizabeth a hotdog?

Sheik and Blassie’s promo before the big Hogan match.

WWF World Champion The Iron Sheik (w/Ayatollah Freddie Blassie) vs. Hulk Hogan – (Madison Square Garden – 1/23/84)

Sorry if the audio sounds a little scratchy. Don’t know who would be pleased with ripping a DVD like that and then saying, “Yeah, good enough. Now upload it to Youtube!” Just turn the volume down a little bit. This is before Hogan was immortal when he was only incredible. This time, it’s Hogan who attacks from behind and even clotheslines Sheik with his own robe! Just pay attention to the difference between the crowd’s reactions to Backlund and Hogan here. They’re completely opposite to each other. The fans cannot shut up for one single second in this one. Hogan goes ballistic on the Sheik. Big Boot connects for two. Sheik avoids a corner charge and puts the boots to Hogan, but he can’t help but be distracted by the “USA” chants. Backbreaker gets two. Sheik does that trick where he kicks the mat to supposedly drop something down into the toe of his boot and kicks Hogan in the back. He grabs a Boston crab. Hogan powers out, but takes a Gutwrench Suplex for two. It’s CAMEL CLUTCH time! The crowd starts to get LOUDER as Hogan stands up to his feet! He backs Sheik hard into the corner. Now with Sheik laying flat on his back in the middle of the ring, Hogan runs off the ropes and hits the LEGDROP for the 1-2-3! (5:40) And history was made. Hulkamania is born and the Iron Sheik was a big part of it. You might could say Sheik was the doctor who slapped baby Hulk on the butt. Maybe? *½

From 4/29/89 World Championship Wrestling, The Iron Sheik tries to out-do Sting in a Persian Club Challenge!

The Iron Sheik vs. Sgt. Slaughter – Boot Camp Match – (Madison Square Garden – 6/16/84)

These two had been feuding ever since Slaughter turned babyface, which was a result of Sheik’s anti-American gimmick anyway, and now we have come to this finale. Blassie doesn’t hang out around after the bell and goes to the back because this is going to get crazy! Under ‘Boot Camp Match’ rules, only pinfalls can earn you a victory. Other than that, it’s anything goes. Slaughter beats Sheik with his riding crop to send the crowd into a frenzy. Slaughter puts his helmet back on and headbutts Sheik! Next thing you know, Sheik reverses a cross corner whip and Slaughter takes his best bump into the ringpost and down to the floor. Sheik follows him out and smashes a chair over his back. That gets a two-count down on the floor. Back in, Sheik whips Slaughter with I believe his own belt. I think he wore a leather belt around his wrestling tights just so he could have a weapon. Once Sheik starts choking him with it, Slaughter throws Sheik off him to send him through the ropes. Slaughter gets in a few shots to the ribs and tosses Sheik over the top rope to the floor. Slaughter delivers a backbreaker for two. In the ring, Sheik goes to the eyes and loads up his boot. Sheik begins to spit on Slaughter as he puts the boots to him. Slaughter’s busted open now. Slaughter flies into the ringpost again, but blocks a Gutwrench Suplex with a jab to the ribs to buy himself some time. Now Slaughter kicks the mat to load up HIS boot and proceeds to stomp Sheik in the head from the middle rope to bust him open! Nice. Slaughter fires away and puts Sheik down with the windmill punch. He telegraphs a possible Slaughter Cannon says Okerlund and pays for it with a boot to the ribs. Sheik gets that Gutwrench Suplex after all for 1-2-NO! Vertical suplex gets two. Now Sheik takes off his boot to crack Slaughter’s skull with, but Slaughter ducks the swing and levels Sheik with the Slaughter Cannon (standing lariat). To finish him off for good, Slaughter gets the loaded boot and WHACKS Sheik in the face for the 1-2-3. (16:00) It’s the perfect combination of the USA vs. Iran conflict. Excellent brawl, but at a methodical pace to what the kids are used to these days. ***½

Final Thoughts: You either find Sheik’s comments funny or you don’t. I find them pretty funny in small doses which is why I didn’t put like every Sheik video there is on here. If you’d like to see more of the Iron Sheik, check out Manican’s Youtube channel. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed a good mix of his appearances and the most well-known matches of his career!


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