The Shawn Michaels Mixtape (Part Two)


  • Shawn Michaels vs. Edge – Street Fight (WWE Raw, 1/22/07)

We’re ultimately closing up the Rated RKO/DX feud here thanks to Triple H’s exploding quadricep muscles back at New Year’s Revolution. Much like the 2 Man Power Trip/Benoit & Jericho feud in 2001, this one becomes a triple-threat feud in an effort to find an opponent for John Cena at WrestleMania. John Cena became Shawn’s partner and won the tag titles the following week, but it’s not quite the same. It’s another ‘come-as-you-are’ street fight. Shawn Michaels has his forehead taped, Edge has his ribs taped like he’s DDP in 1997 and 1998. It starts much like the last street fight they had in 2005 where HBK rips off Edge’s vest and whips him like a dog with a belt. Shawn whacks Edge with a trash can, but then he pescados down into a trash can lid to the face! Commercials! When we return, there’s pairs of stairs and other plunder all over the ring. Shawn is bleeding courtesy of a face slam on those steps. Edge finds a ladder and SUPERPLEXES the ladder onto Shawn! He sells it like his arm is broken. Slow cover gets two. Edge makes a scaffold with the ladder using the stairs and wants to powerbomb Shawn, but Michaels punches him down. They both come up exchanging punches and chops. Michaels wins that exchange as he explodes off the ropes with the Flying Forearm. Shawn grabs a chain and wraps it around Edge’s face, which helps out tremendously with turnbuckle smashes. Why didn’t Piper and Valentine think of that? That’s a great 1983 finish. Edge is bleeding and gets slammed on the scaffold. Shawn heads up top, but gets stopped for maybe a superplex. Shawn counters and drops him sternum-first on the scaffold. Flying Elbow connects and the ref is getting all the plunder out of the ring to make room for something. Well, that kind of ruins it for me. Shawn “tunes up the band” and the crowd is ROCKIN’ IN THE IMPACT ZONE or whatever. Edge sidesteps Sweet Chin Music and tries to lift up Shawn for an impromptu Electric Chair Drop. That turns ugly as Shawn lands hard on the back of his head. Shawn counters the Spear with a Thesz Press that Edge made look like gold with his feet flying up in the air. Michaels Shawn KO’s Edge with a chair and then threatens him with a One-Man-Conchairto. As he doubles over to really get momentum with the swing, suddenly Randy Orton appears from behind in an AMAZING visual and RKOs the heck out of Shawn. Randy sulks in the corner with his black eye clinching his jaws while Edge crawls over and covers Shawn for the 1-2-3. (11:12 shown) Good brawl with tons of heat, but I would still recommend the 2005 street fight over this one. The Randy Orton interference just blew my mind. ***½

  • Non-title match: World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & John Cena vs. The Undertaker & Batista – (WWE No Way Out 2007)

Interesting idea here to put the driving WrestleMania feuds in a tag match to see what transpires. Michael Cole has about lost his voice before the match even starts, so JBL does most of the talking. No real strong advantage here for the first seven minutes or so. Every conceivable combination gets some time in the ring. It’s all masturbation though until Taker THROWS Shawn over the top rope to the floor. To make matters worse, Batista drops Shawn’s face on the steps. Back inside, Taker gets two. They keep Shawn cornered as best they can until he lands a big DDT on Batista. Hot tag to Cena, he hits Batista with the Throwback and the Flying Famouser for two. Taker saves, but Cena clotheslines him out. Protobomb sets up the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Batista. He wants the FU, but in comes Taker to boot Cena in the face. Shawn sends Taker back out to the floor and dives off the apron, but gets caught and driven into the ringpost. Meanwhile, Batista looks for the Demon Bomb, but Taker throws Shawn back into the ring, who clips Batista to shut down the whole operation. Now they get some heat off Batista working a front headlock. Batista starts bleeding from his left eye. Not sure how though. Weird moment as both Cena and Batista stagger in their opposite corners. They both get punched, but Cena basically NO-SELLS Taker’s soupbone right and applies the STFU on Batista. Taker saves the day with a boot to the face. Tag to Michaels, he hits the Flying Elbow. Batista ducks Sweet Chin Music and hits Shawn with a Black Hole Slam. Hot tag to Taker, he goes SOUPBONE CRAZY! Total domination here. He wants to chokeslam both guys, but gives Shawn to Batista for a Spinebuster, and settles for just a Chokeslam on Cena. Taker calls for the end, but then Batista pulls him in for a Spinebuster! BOOOO! Batista steps out of the ring and watches on from the floor. As Taker stands up, Shawn delivers SWEET CHIN MUSIC which knocks him for a loop, but the FU finishes him off. (22:11) This was fine, but it had untapped potential where you could have gotten crazier with the finishing sequence. In the middle of all that chaos, then have Batista hit the spinebuster on Taker out of nowhere. But hey, you wouldn’t want WrestleMania to look weak by comparison to your lead-in PPV. ***¼

  • WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels – (WWE WrestleMania 23)

Cena crashes through glass with a 2007 Ford Mustang for his entrance. A shirtless fan hops in the ring before we can get this thing started. Shawn gets the better of the opening staredown by slapping Cena across the face and chopping him down before giving him the crotch chop. Michaels again upstages Cena in a slugfest as Cena retreats to the corner. Cena gets caught in a headlock for a bit, but fights out and gives Shawn his receipt with a hard clothesline. To the floor we go, Michaels enziguri kicks Cena to the announce table and punishes him with an Asai Moonsault, bending Cena’s back with the impact. Back in, HBK dishes out some chops and then goes for the knee. He even posts the knee cap instead of the inside of the knee like you normally would see. Michaels stomps and torques the knee for a good five minutes, but then misses a corner charge and runs his face into the post to get busted open. That mounts Cena’s comeback as he hits clotheslines, shoulderblocks, and the Protobomb to set up the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Shawn slips out of the FU and tries Sweet Chin Music, but KO’s ref Chioda. FU gets countered to a DDT! Both men are down. Shawn now sees his own blood from his head in his hands and gets fired up. NOBODY MAKES SHAWN BLEED HIS OWN BLOOD! NOBODY! Back to the floor, Michaels tears off the top steps and gives Cena a nasty piledriver on the base! Cena even blades his scalp! Awesome. Back inside, ref Jack Doan runs down and counts 1-2-NO! Flying Forearm, Flying Elbow, and now Shawn “tunes up the band”. Cena shuts that down with a clothesline. We get a YAY-BOO slugfest. FU is countered to a sunset flip for two. Shawn chops him back and they run the ropes, but Shawn leapfrogs into the FU! Slow cover gets 1-2-NO! They go to the top rope where Cena wants a SUPER FU, but Michaels elbows him down. He leaps from the top for a flying bodypress, but Cena rolls through and hoists Michaels up on his shoulders for the FU! Oh, but Michaels lands on his feet! Cena ducks Sweet Chin Music and looks for the STFU, but Michaels does his best to fight him off and inside cradles Cena for 1-2-NO! Boy, that was beautiful. Cena gets the STFU anyway and Shawn makes the ropes. Ref Doan has to pull Cena off HBK, which is all the distraction Shawn needs to deliver SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Michaels crawls to cover for 1-2-NO! They stand up using each other to get to their feet. Michaels again avoids the FU, but Cena puts him right into the STFU for the tapout! (28:20) I remembered watching it live and hating it as most people seemed to at the time. The thing with Cena not really selling the knee after five minutes of work and continuing on as nothing ever happened bothered me more back then than it does now. I guess I’ve mellowed because what came after the knee work is when it really picked up. Maybe they thought it wasn’t working and changed plans. I don’t really know the whole story. I’m not Dave Meltzer. I do know that Shawn wasn’t happy with the way it turned out, which led to their even better match on Raw. Since the general consensus was that most of their incredible amount of PPV buys came from having the Donald on their show, they didn’t feel too bad about giving a rematch of the main event for free three weeks after this one. ****

  • Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy – (WWE Raw, 12/31/07)

From my hometown of Greensboro, NC. WOO! Kennedy has vowed to defeat Shawn Michaels in 2007. Seems like he’s a little late since they just started wrestling each other here in December. They had a pretty decent match at Armageddon, but I thought I would check this out instead. While wristlocks and armbars are the standard feeling out moves, they’re playing a little bit off the psychology used in the Armageddon match where Shawn really worked over Kennedy’s hand, which actually ended up helping Shawn beat Kennedy. JR says Kennedy’s hand is fine now, but this match will certainly test it. Anyways, Shawn changes his game plan and works over the knee. He even pulls down the knee pad and locks in a nasty half crab. Kennedy makes the ropes and spears Michaels out to the floor. That nearly gets Kennedy the countout victory, which plays into the idea that he wants to beat Michaels by the end of the year and this being his last opportunity. Michaels slides back in at nine as we take a commercial break. When we come back, Kennedy is stomping a mudhole and facewashing it dry. That gets two. Shawn looks for the Crossface, but Kennedy elbows him away to keep Michaels off his hand. He puts Shawn in the tree of woe and lifts him up for a back superplex, but he gets elbowed down. Staying adamant, Kennedy drills him with a superplex after all. Cover, 1-2-NO! Kennedy applies an abdominal stretch on the mat. Shawn fights back with the Flying Forearm and inverted atomic drops. Shawn is really selling the back here. He wants the Flying Elbow, but Kennedy moves and Oklahoma rolls Michaels for 1-2-NO! Nice VINTAGE nearfall sequence leads to the bridge and backslide from Michaels for 1-2-NO! WOO! Kennedy looks for the MIC CHECK. Shawn blocks it once, but not on the second try as he covers Shawn for the 1-2-3! (11:00 shown) Mission accomplished. Definitely the biggest pinfall of Kennedy’s career. Sorry TNA, but it’s true. Decent enough match here, but what happened to the knee work after the break? Shawn just can’t get these guys to sell! ***

  • Non-title match: WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Shawn Michaels – (WWE Raw, 2/11/08)

Next week’s Raw main event gets a mention as Vince McMahon will take on his so-called son Hornswoggle – inside a STEEL CAGE. Ahh, 2008. JR bills this as a preview to the Elimination Chamber coming up in SIX days. After they bump fists, HBK chops him in the chest and goes for the pin! Classy. Jeff gets a quick nearfall off a backslide as well. To the floor we go! Hardy lands on his feet when he misses a pescado, but then turns around and takes a slap to the face. Jeff retaliates with one of his own. Back in, Hardy slows things down a bit with a headlock. As Shawn fights out, he takes the Ray Stevens bump in the corner. Jeff follows him in and nails him from behind. He takes a shot at the Back Superplex, but Michaels falls on top for two. Back to the headlock. Shawn escapes and tries to toss Jeff to the floor, but he skins-the-cat back in only to be met with a nice clothesline. I think this is where his lip starts to bleed. That ought to teach you to not wear a lip ring during a match, but this is Jeff Hardy we’re talking about here. Hardy comes back with an inverted atomic drop using both knees and kicks Shawn out to the floor. Jeff follows him out and walks across the barricade only to jump into a powerslam! Commercials! When we return, the strategy is obvious: Shawn works the back. After a couple hard whips into the corner, Shawn locks in a bow-and-arrow for a bit. Backbreaker gets two. Michaels comes off the second rope and Jeff brings the boot up to block, but Shawn sees it coming and applies a brutal half crab. He struggles for a while, but ultimately makes the ropes. Hardy avoids the Flying Elbow and covers HBK for 1-2-NO! He hits the dropkick down in the corner and gets a nearfall. Whisper in the Wind gets 1-2-NO! Shawn spins the Twist of Fate around into a jawbreaker and connects with the Flying Forearm. The kip-up hurts his back though. He delivers the Flying Elbow and “tunes up the band”. Sweet Chin Music fails, but so does the Twist of Fate! Michaels trips up Hardy and applies that Inverted Figure-Four he was trying to get over back then. There hasn’t been a lot of work on the leg in this one, so Hardy makes the ropes. Jeff blocks another shot at Sweet Chin Music and lands the Twist of Fate! With Shawn in position, he delivers the SWANTON BOMB and covers for the 1-2-3! (16:58 shown) Big “underdog” win for Jeff. They had started to get serious with him after he scored a fluke pin on Triple H back at Armageddon, but his push would get put on hold due to a Wellness Policy Violation that caused him to miss WrestleMania 24. ***¾

  • Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair – (WWE WrestleMania 24)

Had to do this one. Flair’s robe is tremendous. I believe the WOO signs stretch out all over the arena. What an atmosphere for the man. As you reading already know, this is a “career threatening” match for Flair. If he loses, his time in WWE will be over. Hammerlock exchange to start. They head over to a corner where Flair tries to intimidate Shawn shouting, “Old Yeller, huh?”. Shawn returns fire with a slap, which busts open Flair’s lip. Shawn wants Flair’s BEST tonight. Flair wins a chopfest and delivers the Rolling Knee Drop. Michaels gets slammed off the top, while Flair FINALLY lands that flying bodypress he’s always to do. To be fair, babyface Flair actually did come off the top rope. Shawn kicks Flair out to the floor when he tries the Figure-Four. With Flair up against an announce table, Shawn delivers an Asai Moonsault and misses, hitting his mid-section on the edge of the table! OUCH. Back inside, Flair ravages Shawn with whips into the corner. Back suplex is followed by a butterfly suplex. Hourglass suplex gets two. Back to the floor, Shawn takes another crazy chance by hitting Flair with a moonsault press! He didn’t get all or even most of it though. They make it back inside at the count of nine. Another chop exchange leads to the Flying Forearm from Shawn. He mounts the comeback, hits the Flying Elbow, and “tunes up the band”. Reluctant to be the guy who ends Flair’s career, Shawn stops himself from kicking Flair and gets scooped up into the FIGURE-FOUR! WOOO! Shawn reverses out though. They try the headlock-headscissors sequence into a backslide, but Flair doesn’t seem to be able to help out with Shawn bridging up. Flair whips Shawn in the corner for the Ray Stevens bump. With Shawn staggering, he catches him with a nasty chopblock. Michaels counters the next attempt at the Figure-Four, but can’t stop the second shot. He tries to reverse, but Flair rolls with the momentum. Oh, but Shawn makes the ropes. Flair walks away to ‘style and profile’, but turns back around into SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Slow cover gets 1-2-NO! Michaels wants to nail him real good with Sweet Chin Music, but Flair won’t get up. Shawn goes over to help him up only to catch a low blow! Flair crawls on top for 1-2-NO! Shawn applies his Inverted Figure-Four. Flair quickly reaches the ropes and very easily pulls off the bottom turnbuckle pad. While Robinson is taking care of that, Flair pokes Shawn in the eye and rolls him up for 1-2-NO! Another chop battle culminates with another SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Now Shawn “tunes up the band”, tells Flair that he’s sorry and that he loves him, and puts him down with SWEET CHIN MUSIC. (20:25) It’s not a technical masterpiece, but what a strong and emotional story told here. I don’t think they capitalized enough on the two high-risk spots that Michaels tried though. Normally I wouldn’t think it would have been necessary in a Flair match, but it does give you the idea that the bumps he took looked brutal and they give Flair an advantage that he could potentially pull this off and keep his career alive. There couldn’t possibly be a better sendoff for him. Like any other wrestling fan, I just wish he had made better money and relationship decisions in his life so he could just sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor like someone like Roddy Piper has done, for example. ***½

  • Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho – (WWE Great American Bash 2008)

I originally wanted to recap their Judgment Day encounter that I’ve heard good things about, but couldn’t find it on either streaming sites and had to settle for PPV match #2 in their 2008 feud. Jericho gets the better of a slugfest and knees Shawn hard in the ribs. Shawn chops back and applies his Inverted Figure-Four. Jericho makes the ropes and reverses a corner whip on Shawn to send him out to the apron for the Springboard Dropkick. Back inside, Jericho delivers a back suplex and pulls back on Shawn’s arms with his knee driven into his shoulder blades. ASK HIM! Michaels fights out, but eats a step-up enziguri. Jericho flies down into an atomic drop, which cues Shawn’s comeback. He only gets in the Flying Forearm before Jericho counters the inverted atomic drop and locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO. Shawn makes the ropes and tries to surprise Jericho with Sweet Chin Music, but Jericho grabs the foot and elbows him in the face. Jericho’s running bulldog is blocked with a clothesline. Michaels down a shot at a superplex and hits the Flying Elbow. As Shawn starts “tuning up the band”, Lance Cade runs down only to be met with a kick through the ropes. Jericho tries to sneak in the Codebreaker, but Shawn grabs the ropes to block. Jackknife cover gets 1-2-NO! They trade elbows and chops. Jericho charges Shawn and takes a hiptoss over the top rope onto Lance Cade! Bad night for that guy. As Jericho and Cade stagger up to their feet, Michaels flies off the top with the moonsault plancha! He just kind of falls in between them though. Jericho elbows Shawn in the face as they try to get back inside the ring. Shawn is bleeding bad now. Noticing Michaels is severely injured, Jericho starts measuring that eye with right hands. The ref keeps asking Shawn if he wants to stop the match, but MICHAELS WILL NOT DIE! Lance Cade even gets in a shot from the floor. Jericho lifts up Shawn to maybe put him away, but then Michaels pulls him down into the Crossface! Jericho manages to escape and yanks Shawn down onto the second rope. Brutal. He pounds away on Shawn while the ref tries to push him back so he can check on Shawn’s condition. Michaels keeps saying no, so Jericho keeps on punching and kicking until he’s no longer defending himself, giving Jericho the win by TKO. (18:20) Well, this match might explain why Shawn’s eye is crooked. I think they did too much of the “I know you better than you know yourself”-type match, that it fell flat. Until Jericho busted him open, no one ever had any real advantage. I will say though that the finish sure makes Jericho look like a heartless SOB. If that was the goal here, they achieved that in spades. ***¼

  • World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels – Ladder Match (WWE No Mercy 2008)

It’s interesting that it’s a match that really favors neither man. I can’t help but mention that Jericho walks under the ladder in the aisle way. Remind you of anything? Shawn tries Sweet Chin Music real early, but can’t connect. To the floor we go, Jericho whips Michaels into a ladder only for Shawn to climb up and dive on top of him. Michaels gets ran into the ringpost, but Jericho gets tripped up running with a ladder. Jericho punishes Michaels with the Walls of Jericho and heads inside the ring with a ladder. With the ladder in between the ropes, Shawn leaps onto the ladder so it see-saws up into Jericho’s mouth to bust him open. Nasty! Michaels makes the first climb for the title, but Jericho pulls him down looking for a powerbomb. Shawn counters to a sunset flip, which is then countered into a catapult onto the ladder. Michaels shoots up the ladder and touches the belt only for Jericho to turn over the ladder. Now is when Jericho gets brutal. He jabs Michaels with the ladder and then drops it hard on his back. He leans a ladder in a corner and looks for the running bulldog, but Michaels shoves him off into the ladder. With his legs stuck in the ladder, Shawn violently turns the ladder over wrenching Jericho’s knee. He damages Jericho’s knee using the ladder and hooks on the Figure-Four. When Jericho escapes, he kicks a ladder into HBK’s face. Jericho starts the insanity by essentially getting more and more violent working on Shawn’s face – culminating in slamming the ladder shut on his face. Jericho goes after the championship, but Michaels tips over the ladder. Jericho lands on his feet though and then kicks Shawn in the face. Over to the corner, Jericho places a ladder on the top turnbuckle. He wants to run Shawn’s face into the ladder, but Michaels shoves him off onto the top of the ladder, causing Jericho to fall on the floor. Michaels slams the ladder down onto Jericho and then readies the Smackdown announce table for something big. He lays Jericho on the table and heads up top, but Jericho meets him there. He wants to back suplex Shawn through the table, but Michaels shifts his weight and lands on top on the way down!

Back inside, Shawn stands on the top turnbuckle holding up a ten-footer much like he did at WrestleMania 10. Jericho hits him with a dropkick and looks for a superplex with the ladder in between them. Shawn refuses and kicks Jericho down along with the ladder. With Jericho in position, Michaels comes off the top for the Flying Elbow. The elbow hits, but it looked like his back hit the ladder. Dumb! Sweet Chin Music is blocked by a ladder to the face! Jericho lays a ladder on top of Shawn and hits him with a Lionsault. Just as dumb! Jericho looks to finish by pinning Michaels down with the taller ladder. As he reaches the top, Shawn manages to tip the ladder over and send Jericho flying towards the entry way, possibly blowing out his knee. Shawn makes the climb and reaches the title, but Jericho rushes back inside to turn the ladder over again! They both start to climb now. Jericho gets punched in the face and his head slammed off the top of the ladder, causing him to just hang there. Michaels could win, but here comes Lance Cade to run more interference. That brings Michaels off the ladder to hit him with SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Michaels hurries back up the ladder as he and Jericho both have a hand on the world title. The belt is loose and both guys have a tight squeeze on their end playing a dramatic game of tug-of-war. Shawn pulls Jericho forward only to eat a headbutt and falls to the mat, allowing Jericho to retrieve the belt with no problems. (22:20) They weren’t as concerned about reaching the title as they were destroying the other person with the ladder. Knowing Shawn’s style of ladder matches, Jericho exploited that to his advantage looking out for some of the spots he expected to see. Just an awesome match and end to their great feud. ****½

  • D-Generation X vs. The Legacy – Hell in a Cell (WWE Hell in a Cell 2009)

Legacy had proved to be a thorn in the side of DX for the past couple months. This is where the feud ultimately must end. They wisely jump DX during their entrance. Cody and Shawn hang around ringside while DiBiase and Triple H fight through the crowd. Cody whacks Michaels in the knee with a logging chain used to lock the HIAC door. Rhodes goes over and helps out DiBiase with Triple H as they DDT him on the ramp to leave him laying. With HHH down and out, Legacy locks themselves inside the cell with Shawn Michaels for the match to officially start. The High-Low on Michaels gets two. They just ravage Shawn’s knee here. Eventually, Triple H comes down and tries ever so hard to get inside and help his buddy. Once he causes some separation, a one-legged Shawn Michaels lands SWEET CHIN MUSIC on DiBiase for 1-2-NO! Triple H grabs a chair and tries to break the chain. That’s no good. There’s a very logical solution to breaking the chain though, but he doesn’t want to leave Shawn. If you have a sledgehammer under the ring, you probably have one of these backstage too. Triple H leaves and heads to the back to retrieve that logical solution. Shawn is still just being destroyed here. They look to finish as Cody holds a chair against Shawn’s face and DiBiase dropkicks the chair. Ouch, Cody caught some of that chair in the mush as well. For some reason, they don’t even go for the pin. Out comes Triple H with BOLT CUTTERS. Ah, yes! What a genius! He explodes on these two jabronis. Facebusters and spinebusters. Another ref comes out with another chain to lock the cell door, but Triple H takes away the chain and padlock. He’s wanting some REVENGE~! DiBiase takes a chain-wrapped punch and eats a PEDIGREE on the floor before being dragged outside the cell. Triple H then locks the door and gives Rhodes a Spinebuster. He puts Cody’s head in a chair as Shawn drops the Flying Elbow. Well, that’s just CRUEL. Out comes the trusty sledgehammer. DX simultaneously nails Rhodes with the sledgehammer and SWEET CHIN MUSIC. Is there any greater death? Shawn covers for the academic win. (18:03) More like 25 minutes for the whole thing. This was kind of interesting because Triple H was able to actually draw sympathy for having to watch his friend get beaten up. It’s not exactly like taking a beating, but sympathy is still sympathy. Shawn made the beatdown look good with some well-placed hopeful moments. Even though everything after the bolt cutters was your typical DX raping, this was still pretty fun to watch. ***

  • WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Jeri-Show vs. D-Generation X – TLC Match (WWE TLC 2009)

JERI-SHOW! One of the most unlikely likeable tag teams of all time. HHH and Show pair off while Shawn battles Jericho. Out on the floor, Show whips Triple H into the barricade, but misses a charge and winds up in the front row. They brawl up the aisle way while Jericho and Shawn fight over a suplex through a table. Back inside, Shawn hits the Flying Forearm, but the Flying Elbow hits knees! Jericho brings a chair with him to save Show. Out of nowhere, Shawn comes out through the curtain wielding a chair of his own! How did he get over there so fast? He jabs Jeri-Show with the chair, but takes a headbutt from Show. DX stops a chase at the titles and gives a ladder a suplex onto Jericho. After Show stops DX from climbing the ladder, Jericho baseball slides a ladder into Shawn to send him out, leaving HHH alone with Jeri-Show. They lean a ladder in the corner and essentially put HHH in a LADDER TREE OF WOE. In comes Shawn to try and save, but Show whips him into his buddy. Triple H whips Jericho into the ladder, which sends him flying out to the floor. Helmsley comes back on Show with the Facebuster and slams him in the face with the ladder. While Jericho is walking around ringside, HHH chucks the ladder at him. Chokeslam to Triple H is countered to a DDT. Here comes Shawn with the Flying Elbow. He “tunes up the band”, but Jericho stops Sweet Chin Music with the CODEBREAKER. Triple H hits him with the AA Spinebuster, but Show wipes him out with the spear. That leaves Show alone with the tag belts. HHH tries to bring him down with a chairshot to the back, but Show NO-SELLS and gets down to PUNCH THE CHAIR INTO TRIPLE H’S FACE. DX ends up turning the ladder over on Show. HHH delivers the PEDIGREE that sends him bouncing out to the floor. Shawn heads up the ladder, but Jericho turns it over, sending Shawn flying down on top of Show. HHH has some trouble getting down off the ladder, but finally takes him down with a powerbomb. Show brings down HHH with a CHOKESLAM. DX gets sandwiched in between the ladder. Jericho hits the ladder with a chair while Show slams the ladder shut on them. There’s a broken ladder. Show takes DX outside and throws Shawn into HHH to put them both through a table. Since the ladder is broken in two pieces, Jericho walks across the ring on Big Show’s shoulders trying to reach the belts. That’s just brilliant. However, it also leaves them in a very compromising position. SWEET CHIN MUSIC to Big Show causes Jericho to fall out over the top rope onto the table below in a nasty fall. DX clotheslines Big Show out of the ring with half the ladder, leaving nobody around to stop them. HHH holds up the broken piece of the ladder    while Shawn climbs and we’ve got NEW tag team champs. (22:32) Unless he comes back (and I don’t think he will), this was Shawn’s final championship. Fun match with some great bumps. Loved the innovative finish. Anytime Big Show punches things, I’m all about it. ***¼

Well, you and I both have got our Shawn Michaels fix for a while. That’s TWENTY more matches in the books. Hope you all have enjoyed this edition of the PDRwrestling Mixtape. Join us next time as we hit up the letter “T” for some more quality matches. Terry Funk? Tully Blanchard? Triple H? It’s all up to you!

Until next time, so long for now.


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