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The Shawn Michaels Mixtape (Part One)


Since I’m trying to keep this mainly about Shawn’s singles run, you’ll find the Rockers era completely left out. There’s a handful of tags, but most of them just accentuate a feud he might be involved in at the time. Even if I did leave in the Rockers era, I can’t think of any hidden gems that I haven’t already recapped from their time in the WWF, for sure. I’m sure there’s an AWA match with Buddy Rose and Doug Somers I haven’t seen like the one from WrestleRock, but I’ve done the three main ones – the bloodbath, a cage match, and the title switch. I’ve recapped all three of Shawn’s DVD sets, which took care of a lot of his matches, so what you’ll see here is what’s left. Read the rest of this entry

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