NWA: Big Time Wrestling (Fall 1975)


NWA: Big Time Wrestling
Fall 1975
Detroit, MI

Your host is Chuck Allen.

  • The Sheik vs. Don Red Cloud

Allen says Don Red Cloud is BFFs with Chief Jay Strongbow. We see the U.S. champ Mark Lewin at ringside. Allen keeps saying that Strongbow is there as well, but we never see him. I’m wondering if he’s not somehow confusing Lewin with Strongbow. Weird. Anyways, Sheik submits Don Red Cloud to the CAMEL CLUTCH in like 30 seconds. Lewin threatens Sheik with the ring bell to make him release the hold. They tease a fight between Lewin and the Sheik. Chairs are thrown, but nothing ever happens.

  • Mark Lewin vs. Malcolm Monroe

As mentioned above, Mark Lewin is the U.S. champion. Allen tells us Lewin’s sleeperhold can put you out in THREE seconds. Monroe gets a few licks in on Lewin, but Lewin pounds him back and slaps on the SLEEPERHOLD in 2:12.

Chuck Allen interviews Mark Lewin afterwards. Lewin talks about how tough it is being the U.S. champ. He just got back from Orlando where he faced Andre the Giant. His two biggest threats though are Don Kent and the Sheik, but BRING EM ON because he thrives on competition.

  • The Sheik vs. Bobby Blaine

You don’t see too many people wear tacky sweaters to the ring, but Bobby Blaine is *that* guy. Sheik bites him on the eye, uses something he pulls from his boot, and submits Blaine with the CAMEL CLUTCH in :57.

  • Don Kent vs. Mike Thomas

One half of the tag-team the MOD Squad says Allen, Thomas controls with headlocks and shoulderblocks to start. Thomas is actually Mike Farhat – the nephew of the Sheik. The crowd gives Kent a hard time about pulling hair. Allen tells you not to bring signs that say “Bulldog” to the show to piss off Kent. DON’T YOU DARE DO IT~! Kent takes over with a chinlock, but Thomas fights out and hiptosses Kent out of a corner. Kent forearms Thomas, but Thomas fires back tenfold angering Kent. He eventually has enough of this ham and egger and catches him with a knee the breadbasket coming off the ropes. Kent slams him down hard and delivers a running elbow drop for the three-count. (9:28) Not a bad little match for Kent to show up a rookie. *

Chuck Allen interviews Don Kent after the match. GIVE HIM SOME COMPETITION~! He claims he has never attacked a man from behind (BOOO!) like Karl Von Brauner. He starts going down a xenophobic path and Allen cuts him off.

  • The Sheik vs. Tom Reeseman

Reeseman wants to jump Sheik when he kneels down on his prayer cloth, but the ref keeps Reeseman away as much as he can. Allen thinks Sheik has been hypnotized as is the custom in Arab countries. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but whatevs. Sheik corners Reeseman and jabs a nail from his boot into Reeseman’s mouth and nose. HE’S A WILDMAN. Reeseman makes a punchy comeback, but it doesn’t phase the Sheik because of his hypnotic state. Sheik hammers Reeseman down and applies the CAMEL CLUTCH for the win in 1:28.

In lieu of an interview, Sheik eats Chuck Allen’s pocket square and tie afterwards. Chuck is trying not to laugh.

  • NWA U.S. Championship: Mark Lewin (c) vs. Kurt Von Hess

Von Hess hammers Lewin out of the ring, but then Lewin pulls his nuts straight into the ringpost. Back inside though, Von Hess smashes Lewin’s face on the ringpost connector a few times. Lots of stomping and punching and choking from Von Hess. He eventually applies the CLAWHOLD. Allen says the hold isn’t legal though, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. He kicks Von Hess to the floor to break the hold. Von Hess grabs the CLAWHOLD again through the ropes, but Lewin runs Von Hess’ hand into the ringpost to get the break. Well that was interesting. Lewin smashes Von Hess’ hand on a ringside table and hits it with a chair. Back in, Lewin keeps stomping the hand until the ref raises Lewin’s arm in victory. (6:23) Pretty awesome finish. Don Kent comes out and runs down Lewin on the headset for what he did. When Lewin gets out of the ring, Kent confronts him and bashes him with a chair. Lewin is BLEEDING. The Islanders (Afa and Sika) and Chief Jay Strongbow come down to help out their pal and run off Kent. *½

  • Shark Cage Match: Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Bulldog Don Kent

Yes – it is a literal shark cage. It’s basically the same cage you would put a manager in and hang from the coliseum. Anyways, the shark cage is put in the center of the ring and the only way to win is to be the first to escape the cage. They struggle as much as you can in a 5-6 foot area. Meanwhile, we see Mark Lewin is backstage being held back by his People’s Army from going to the ring and killing Don Kent. He’s so badly injured, they have a giant “X” on the screen blocking him from our view. IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? In the ring though, Kent chokes down Strongbow to start a chopping comeback as best he can. Kent goes back to choking though. Mark Lewin eventually gets away from his pals and heads to the ring with his forehead wrapped up. He chokes Kent with a piece of rope and holds him against the cage wall allowing Strongbow to break free and escape the cage. (9:25) After the bell, Lewin gets him some of Kent as my video comes to a close. You can’t possibly rate this sort of match. It’s an interesting spectacle, but a ridiculous concept and nothing you would ever rewatch.

Next time we visit Detroit, we will see more of the Sheik beating up Indians and Bobo Brazil as we’ll go back to 1972!

Until next time though, so long for now.

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