NWA: Big Time Wrestling (September 1976)


NWA: Big Time Wrestling
September 1976
Detroit, MI

Your host is Lord Layton. This episode takes place inside an arena. Can’t say for sure if it’s Cobo Hall or perhaps even somewhere in Cleveland, but it’s no TV studio.

  • “Pretty Boy” Gary Fulton vs. Mike Wayne

Gary Fulton is better known under his real name Charlie Fulton in the Mid-Atlantic area and the WWF. Lord Layton has high hopes for Fulton. Mike Wayne is just a ham and egger as far as I know. Wayne manages a toehold on Fulton to start. On commentary, some guy named Lou Klein tells us how to become wrestlers. They are looking for guys who are over 200 pounds, women who can fight, and midgets! If you fit any of those categories and want to become a wrestler, give him a call. Total chinlock affair here. Wayne FINALLY fights up, but runs into a knee. Fulton gives him a slam and a legdrop for the win at 6:10. Even though Lord Layton puts him over as great, crowd boos Fulton. The ring announcer talks to Fulton about his body. Fulton reminds me so much of Erlich Bachman from Silicon Valley.

  • Dominic DeNucci vs. Killer Karl Krupp

You’ve probably at least heard of Dominic DeNucci who worked mostly in the WWWF. Krupp is another old timer doing the Nazi gimmick. They work off a DeNucci headlock for practically the whole match. About five minutes in, Krupp escapes and applies the CLAWHOLD. Oh my. DeNucci punches out every now and then, but there’s another three minutes of work. While still having the claw hold applied, Krupp hits DeNucci with a foreign object and gets DQ’ed at 7:46. The crowd was totally behind DeNucci, but this was just two old men sitting in holds the whole time. Afterwards, DeNucci will take a rematch with Krupp anytime. I bet you would.

  • NWA U.S. Championship: Pampero Firpo (c) vs. Steve Donney

Here is another old time wild man named Pampero Firpo from Argentina. He’s now a four-time U.S. champ in Detroit and won his most recent championship over the Sheik back in July. According to the records, he traded the U.S. title with Bobo Brazil three times in 1972. Anyways, he puts down this ham and egger with El Garfio (claw hold) in 1:38. He puts out challenges to the Detroit heels: Don Kent, George “The Animal” Steele, Killer Karl Krupp, and the Sheik.

A shortened episode this week. We’ll be back with more from Detroit as next time we’ll be revisiting 1978. Stan Stasiak, Dory Funk Jr., the Sheik (of course), Mark Lewin, Don Kent, and the Fabulous Kangaroos will all be in action.

Until next time, so long for now.


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