PWG: Uncanny X-Mas

PWG: Uncanny X-Mas
December 18, 2004
Hollywood, CA

Yeah I know I said I was going to do the first All Star Weekend: Night Two show next, but I picked this show up back on Mother’s Day. Oh! I also took advantage of’ s ‘May Insane Deals’ deal on the 31st and bought five PWG shows from early 2004, which I will probably start on next to avoid going too far forward before I go backwards – if that makes any sense at all.

Your hosts are Disco Machine and Excalibur.

Santa Klaus is here to be our ring announcer! Oh boy! Actually, it’s Dino Winwood.

  • Human Tornado & Ronin vs. Excalibur & Top Gun Talwar

If the Tornado/Ronin team come out on the winning end in this match, the Ballard Brothers will be reinstated in PWG. It’s funny because Disco Machine and Excalibur fail to mention this on commentary until the end of the match. Ronin and Excalibur start the match. Both guys duck each others blows until Excalibur rolls out to the floor and cowardly tags in Talwar. Tornado comes in as well. Talwar mocks Tornado by imitating a pro wrestling gorilla, which is apparently his opinion of the Human Tornado is. Talwar rolls out of a wristlock into one of his own and bites down on Tornado’s thumb long enough to spin him around into a hammerlock! Tornado goes out to the floor and wipes Talwar’s spit on some fans at ringside. In order to avert Talwar’s attention to something other than this match, he reaches under the ring for a sack of Talwar’s weakness: food from the Chipotle Grill. Nice. He leads Talwar around the ring and throws the sack of food out to the floor for Talwar to go fetch. Excalibur gets pissed and runs over to smack Talwar in the back of the head. Tornado seizes the moment by doing a flip dive out onto his opponents! Funny spot where Talwar gets whipped out the door to the parking lot outside. With the 20-count apparently being admonished, Excalibur runs out to find his partner. He’s so confused! Excalibur heads back to the ring and we see Talwar coming up behind Tornado from the other side of the building inside the ring with a clothesline! Excalibur tags in and gets a suplex for two. He follows up with a running knee in the corner to set up a camel clutch. Ronin gets drawn in and the heels switch. Talwar pulls out his resistance band from nowhere and chokes on Tornado while doing some exercises at the same time. He gets two on Tornado with a running bulldog out of the corner. Excalibur tags in for a walk-around back suplex for two. Ronin slaps him back into his corner for a tag out to Talwar. Tornado catches Talwar with a boot in the corner, but Talwar shoves off the tornado DDT. Sliding shoulder tackle from Talwar gets two. Excalibur is back in and grabs a kick out of the corner. He tries to kick Tornado in the balls, but his cock is still running strong as he NO-SELLS the kick and hits the Tornado DDT! HOT TAG TO RONIN! He counters a swinging DDT from Talwar into a nifty swinging neckbreaker. Tornado heads up top, but Excalibur runs in and shoves Ronin into Tornado to crotch him up in the corner. Excalibur brings Tornado out of the corner with a German suplex! Now Ronin brings Excalibur out of the corner into a DVD! Talwar runs in and delivers the CHIPOTLE CRUNCH on Ronin! That gets two. Tornado unloads on Talwar in the corner, but Talwar reverses a whip and clotheslines him in the corner. He goes for the DANGAH ZONE, but Tornado slips out and nails the TND for the win. (11:50) A case where the comedy was stronger than the actual wrestling, but I believe that was the point. The Ballards will be back in 2005. **½

Commissioner Paul T tells us that if Tony Stradlin doesn’t win this next match, he will no longer be a part of PWG because he has yet to win a match and tonight he must prove himself worthy. Tonight he has a MYSTERY OPPONENT~! who is none other than…”The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

  • Christopher Daniels vs. Tony Stradlin

Colt Cabana joins Disco and Excalibur for commentary for the rest of the show. Cabana says Stradlin looks like a mix between Billy Kidman and Scott Baio, which is not a bad thing because Chachi gets the ladies! Its no wonder Stradlin worked for WWE developmental at one point. They’re real reluctant to lock-up in the early going. They trade headlocks and from there Stradlin works an armbar. Daniels breaks loose and hits a front suplex into a gutbuster for two. Stradlin tries a comeback with a sunset flip, but Daniels avoids and drops an elbow across the abs. Daniels blocks a hiptoss into an ab stretch. Just as you might expect, Stradlin escapes with a hiptoss, but takes a spear for his troubles. Gutbuster from Daniels gets two. Daniels telegraphs a back drop, so Stradlin jumps off Daniels back with a variation of the Rocker Dropper. Stradlin drapes Daniels across the top rope and proceeds to cannonball himself onto Daniels! He’s getting desperate! That gets two. Daniels avoids a corner charge and hits an enziguri for two. Blue Thunder driver gets two. Daniels catches Stradlin in the corner with a boot, but takes a spin kick to send him down on the mat. Stradlin covers for two. Daniels comes back with the Uranage to set up the BME, but Stradlin moves and Daniels is on his feet. Stradlin connects with a roaring elbow for 1-2-NO! Daniels catches Stradlin with a Flatliner and calls for the ANGELS WINGS, but Stradlin counters into a variation of a rollup for 1-2-3! (15:48) Stradlin doesn’t seem right for this fed, honestly. Daniels carried the match and did it well, but Stradlin is just really bland. **¾

  • Austin Aries vs. Chris Hero

I believe this is Austin Aries’ PWG debut. When Santa Klaus asks Aries what he wants for Christmas, he tells Santa he doesn’t believe in Christmas! Hero says Christmas is awesome and now we’re under way. Disco and Excalibur mention that this is the first-ever meeting between these two. Cabana’s not so sure. He says he thinks he saw them hook up at a party once. Cravates are exchanged, which just happen to be Hero’s specialty. Hero tries to embarrass Aries once he teases a knucklelock because of his very tall stature. Aries instead kicks Hero in the gut and works a headlock. Hero escapes and they run off the ropes until Hero blasts Aries with a dropkick that puts him on the floor. Hero wants to fly, but Aries moves and Hero handsprings away from Aries. He did a flip, Adam! Aries takes a seat in the front row and Hero gives chase. Back in, Aries runs into a backdrop. Hero applies a variation Indian deathlock and then reverts to the cravate. He continues to work the leg, but Aries eventually kicks Hero away for a clothesline. Off a corner whip, Aries elevates out to the apron and back in with an elbow. He hits the running corner dropkick for two. Hero chops back and flips over a running knee and dropkicks Aries in that very *same* knee. An enziguri from Aries stops any further offense from Hero. Aries follows up a jumping elbow drop for two. Gutbuster/STO slam gets two. When Aries can’t get the submission from a cobra clutch, he turns it into a backbreaker across his bad knee. PSYCHOLOGY~! Hero slips out of the Brainbuster attempt, but Aries still manages to grab the Fish Hook of Doom! Hero breaks free and sends Aries sailing by spinning him around by his feet! Whatever the heck you call that. Hero mounts a comeback and hits the Hero Sidekick. He puts Aries on the floor with a series of elbows and follows him out with a tope on Aries and many chairs. Back in, Hero goes back to working the knee. Aries comes back with a back suplex and a Brainbuster connects for 1-2-NO! Aries reapplies the Fish Hook of Doom, but Hero makes the ropes. Hero will not stand for a powerbomb and gives Aries a spinebuster instead. Running senton from Hero gets 1-2-NO! Hero hooks the HANGMAN’S CLUTCH! Aries slips away and hits the 450 SPLASH! His bad knee hits the canvas pretty hard though and causes him to make a slow cover. He still gets two, but that’s not three. Hero hits a couple of back suplexes and follows through with a shin breaker to set up the RIVERA CLOVERLEAF! Aries taps! (20:57) That’s funny because Austin Aries pins Samoa Joe to end his 21-month long reign as the ROH world champion in eight days. Great match with some fun psychology. I haven’t seen a lot of Hero and I was very impressed here. ***½

  • Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Aerial Express

Steen’s a heel and Generico’s a face, so the team is one of those wacky combinations and not the team we know them as today in PWG or ROH. The Aerial Express is Scorpio Sky and Quicksilver, by the way. Lots of nice counter holds between Generico and Scorpio to start. OLE! Quicksilver tags in for more of the same. Steen tags in and instead of dropping a double-ax handle like a good guy would, he flips Generico the bird and jumps down to apply a headlock. Quicksilver hits a great looking spinning hurracanrana on Steen, followed by a spinning leg lariat. Tag to Generico, he hits a standing moonsault for two. Quicksilver cuts off an Ole Kick and snaps off a back suplex for two. Scorpio tags in for a HUGE double-back drop. Suplex by Scorpio gets two. The Aerial Express apply a Boston crab/camel clutch submission combo on Generico, which just sounds painful. That ends with Quicksilver delivering a dropkick to Generico’s face. The Aerial Express telegraph a second double-back drop. Generico kicks them back and Scorpio gets tripped up by Steen. He tags himself into the match and shoves Generico away. Steen proceeds to elbow the crap out of the Aerial Express. Quicksilver takes a Go Home Driver for two. Steen hits a gutbuster on Scorpio for another two. Steen blocks a wheelbarrow attempt by Quicksilver, so Scorpio jumps off Quicksilver for a Shining Wizard. Cover, 1-2-NO! Generico saves and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Quicksilver. Scorpio gets caught in a Tiger Suplex ’85 attempt. Steen comes by with an enziguri kick and accidentally nails Generico. Whoops! Steen and Generico hit the floor and Scorpio with a sweet flip dive out to the floor. Quicksilver wants to try that, but Steen cuts him off with a running clothesline! Cover, 1-2-NO! Steen hits a backbreaker on Quicksilver as Generico comes off the ropes onto him with a split-legged moonsault. That gets two. BRAINBUSTTAAAAAAAAAAAH? Nope. Quicksilver shoves him down for a Frog Splash from Scorpio. Steen gets rid of Scorpio with a missile dropkick and Quicksilver gets rid of Steen with a jumping tornado DDT! Generico hits a Tiger Suplex ’85 on Quicksilver! Generico gets the Ole Kick on Scorpio. Meanwhile, Quicksilver charges at Steen in the corner and climbs up the turnbuckle to kick Steen right in the head. Generico and Quicksilver stagger back into one another. Generico wins an elbow smash battle, but Quicksilver hits him with a spinebuster. Cover, 1-2-NO! Quicksilver heads up top, but he’s caught for the BRAINBUSTTAAAAAAAAAAAH! Really botched though. Scorpio’s back in and gives Generico a release German suplex. Steen tries the PACKAGE PILEDRIVER, but Scorpio counters and backslides Steen for 1-2-3! (14:44) Great action from these four. This show keeps getting better and better. After the match, Santa Klaus says Steen has been bad this year, so all he gets one blow on his slide whistle toy. Generico has been a good luchadore all year long, so he gets a button-down shirt made up of Tijuana silk. He’s so thankful! Generico feels sorry for Steen and convinces Santa to give Steen a shirt too. They put on the shirt and just when you think everything is good, Steen gives Generico a PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! He yanks off Santa’s wig and heads to the back. Well, that was fun. ***¾

  • PWG Champion Super Dragon vs. Jonny Storm

This would be Super Dragon’s first PWG title defense since he won the belt from Kazarian at Free Admission (Just Kidding) the previous month. Don’t get me wrong – I like Jonny Storm – but why does he need to be Dragon’s first challenger? He competed in the Tango & Cash Invitational tag tournament in January, but that’s it here in PWG. Back and forth counters between these two to start. Next we have a tie-up so tight that they roll on the mat and down to the floor. Back in, there’s lots of holds and counter holds. Dragon kicks away an STF and hits a snap suplex for two. They exchange surfboards. Storm manages to escape and rolls on top of Dragon for some pseudo-homoerotic action. He delivers several knee drops right down on Dragon’s chest. Dragon one-ups Storm with a double-stomp! Storm comes back with a hurracanrana out of the corner and the Fantastic Four. Okay, to explain what that is, the Fantastic Four is when Storm hits you with his foot three times and then drops your face across his knee. From there, Storm follows Dragon to the floor with a Thunderstorm Splash! Back in the ring, Dragon manages to catch Storm off a moonsault press and hits a tombstone driver for 1-2-NO! Dragon delivers the Curb Stomp! That gets two. How about another Curb Stomp, Dragon? Yeah? Alright, thanks! Dragon follows that with a bow and arrow. Storm elbows out and then reverses a Super Blue Thunder Driver by falling on top of Dragon for two. Storm tries a flying hurracanrana to Dragon off the apron! It turned out bad for Storm as well. I believe he busted his lip as his face crashed into the apron on the way down. Storm follows up with a double-stomp off the apron! Back in, Storm covers for 1-2-NO! He looks to finish Dragon off with a Reverse Hurracanrana from the top rope. Dragon manages to hold on to the top rope and block the move. Dragon backs into the Reverse Frankensteiner anyway and Storm covers for 1-2-NO! Wonderwhirl connects for 1-2-NO! Storm completely misses a moonsault and receives not only a double-stomp, but a Flying Double Stomp as well! Cover, 1-2-NO! After the near-fall, the camera pans over to a rather corpulent fellow who has fallen out of his chair. Storm crotches Dragon up top and hits the Rewind Hurracanrana! He’s too slow to cover though and crawls over for 1-2-NO! Storm gives Dragon a Curb Stomp to let him know how it feels. A series of counters sees Storm get rolled up for 1-2-NO! Another series of counters sees Dragon deliver a Dragon Suplex for 1-2-NO! Dragon KO’s Storm with a Roaring Elbow and puts Storm away with the Super Blue Thunder Driver. (28:23) Didn’t really like the way this was booked. Storm controlled probably 75% of this match and Dragon is the CHAMP. He should be the one dictating the pace and proving why he should be the champion. I’m not saying Dragon should have controlled 75% of the match either, but if you’re going to go thirty minutes, that’s plenty of time to allow both guys to do their thing. After the match, a red Super Dragon comes in and attacks the green Super Dragon with a Psycho Driver II. The crowd thinks its Joey and it might be here. This guy would continue to interfere with the real Super Dragon for months, later revealed to be Kevin Steen with Excalibur as the mastermind behind it all. ***

  • Colt Cabana vs. Spanky (w/Knuckles)

Cabana ~ “Is Santa retarded?” Cabana reads off a list of the gifts that he received for Hanukkah. He got a ticket to California to wrestle for PWG, a Chinese food dinner on Christmas, a diamond studded yarmulke, a collection of Woody Allen DVDs, a Barry Horowitz action figure, a Passion of the Christ DVD subtitled in Hebrew, and a corrective circumcision so he can pee straight. On the eighth and final night, he received a tape of the conversation that went on in Vince McMahon’s office the day that Spanky left WWE. He goes on and mocks Spanky for being a whiny jobber. This is another comedy match, but its never really that funny. Early on, Cabana fakes Spanky out with a crossbody out of the corner and then connects for two. That leads to a ridiculous near-fall sequence that wasn’t too bad. Ref Rick Knox gets tired and gives up counting. Wow, Cabana flips BACKWARDS out of a headlock and Spanky takes a walk. They get into a shoulderblock battle, ending with Cabana delivering an armdrag into an armbar. Cabana gets dumped out to Knuckles for some stomping, who just so happens to look like a retarded HHH clone. Back in, Cabana fights out of a cobra clutch, but Spanky cuts him off with a back elbow and goes after the leg. Cabana stands up out of a camel clutch and backs Spanky into the corner for a break. Double-KO spot ensues. Spanky avoids a butt splash and grabs a cobra clutch. Cabana escapes with a Samoan drop for two. They play a little bit of CRZ’s “Iblockyourpunchyoudontblockmine” until the ref gets punched. Knuckles gets in the ring and exaggerated heel miscommunication follows. Spanky takes a Heart Punch from Knuckles and boy is he out of it. Knuckles doesn’t know how to do CPR correctly, so Cabana gives it a try. With Spanky still out of it, Cabana yells out to the heavens “Why, Moses? Why?! Take me! It’s not his time!” Spanky becomes miraculously healed, so Knuckles gives Cabana the Claw! Yeah, that’s a reasonable response. From those long flowing locks of hair, he very well could be a Von Erich that we’ve never seen before. Cabana manages to power out of the Claw and turn it around on Knuckles! Okay, that was funny. Spanky nails Knuckles out of the ring by accident and Cabana rolls up Spanky for 1-2-NO! After a criss-cross, Cabana gets a backslide for two. He rings Spanky’s bell and delivers an ear clap, but then eats a superkick for 1-2-NO! Cabana avoids the Super Duper Kick and looks for the COLT 45. Spanky flips out of that and tries SLICED BREAD #2, but Cabana shoves him off and blocks a wheelbarrow rollup for 1-2-3. (14:21) Okay, so I liked Knuckles. Some decent back and forth action. **¾

  • PWG Tag Team Champions Arrogance vs. The Havana Pitbulls

So we saw at Secret of the Ooze! where Scott Lost didn’t show up to compete with his tag team championship partner Joey Ryan because they couldn’t seem to get along anymore, so a ladder match was booked for the PWG tag titles and was scheduled for The Next Show where Scott Lost went on to win the match and could choose his partner. At the following show Use Your Illusion 3, Scott Lost chose Chris Bosh as his new partner and thus Arrogance was born. As for the Havana Pitbulls, they defeated Apollo Khan and Hook Bomberry for this title shot. Bosh and Reyes start the match. Just when Bosh thinks he has everything under control, the Pitbulls deliver the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS! Cover, 1-2-NO! Lost makes the save. He gets rid of Romero and hits a gutbuster on Reyes. Lost goes over to check on Bosh and turns around into a flurry of kicks from Reyes. Romero tags in for more of the same. Bosh tags and slaps the CRAP out of Romero. He dares Romero to kick him and when he does, Bosh goes right down to the mat. Reyes tags in as Romero trips up Bosh in the corner for Reyes to come with a low dropkick to the head. Bosh takes a front suplex onto the ropes for two. Romero tags and applies an Octopus Stretch. From there, Romero grabs a headscissors and scales the ropes to send Bosh flying. Tag to Reyes, he’s in with more kicks. Bosh manages to escape a sleeper with a jawbreaker and makes the tag to Lost. He shows off some of his kicks on Reyes and hits a suplex for two. Lost tries to cut the ring in half with a front headlock, but that never works. Lost gets backed into the Pitbulls corner to allow a tag to Romero. Lost escapes a chinlock and hits a back suplex on Romero before tagging out to Bosh. Fisherman suplex from Bosh gets two. Back to Lost, Arrogance chokes Romero in the ropes. Bosh takes Romero to the floor and drives him back-first into the ringpost. Back in, Romero wins a slapfest and makes the tag to Reyes. No hot tags in this one – the crowd seems pretty deflated. There’s a double-clothesline spot between Reyes and Lost. Bosh and Romero tag. Romero hits Bosh with a jumping knee lariat. Romero avoids a Superman Spear by Lost and hits a flying double-stomp with Lost hunched over. Romero grabs Bosh and applies a hammerlock guillotine choke. Bosh fights out and hits a clothesline/backbreaker combo for two. Reyes tags and catches Lost with a Northern Lights suplex for 1-2-NO! Out of nowhere, Lost catches Reyes with an ace crusher for two. Lost grabs the belt and looks to DQ himself by KO’ing Romero with the belt, but then the Aerial Express is in the ring. They take the belt away from Lost and nail him in the face with it instead! Arrogance wins the match. (17:38) This spurns a three-team melee until Excalibur and others come in to break it up. Mostly a dull match. Plus, the crowd just wasn’t into it. **

  • Samoa Joe vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

There’s only about five rolls of streamers that fly into the ring at the start of this match. On commentary, Excalibur and Disco Machine try to tell the people watching this DVD to work on their streamer throwing. Cabana ~ “I actually threw streamers at the concession guy. The nachos were tremendous. Nachos of the year candidate. Total NOTYC.” In the other company that isn’t mentioned, Joe is in the last week of his historic ROH world championship reign. Some nice mat stuff to start. Danielson counters a half crab and goes for a rear naked choke. They trade some SERIOUS kicks and Joe hits the Big Joe Combo for two. Wow, Joe powers out of Danielson’s surfboard attempt by launching him with his legs. Danielson knees out of a suplex and hits an enziguri. Now he tries for another surfboard. He can’t get Joe up, so he applies the rear naked choke again instead. He then employs some of Joe’s offense by delivering the Big Joe combo for two. STF! Joe makes the ropes, so Dragon stomps him on the calf muscle and tries to break Joe’s toes. OWW. Danielson applies an Indian deathlock and hooks his other leg around the back of Joe’s neck and pulls back on the arms. Holy crap. Joe finally makes the ropes and gets out of this series of holds from Dragon. Danielson chokes Joe in the ropes, but runs into an STJoe. After a suplex, Danielson goes out to the floor and takes a baseball slide. Joe flicks off the 50 or so people on that side of the ring. Joe meets Danielson this time with a Tope and chairs are broken. Danielson gets tossed into more chairs and barely makes it back into the ring at the count of 19. They have a 20-count in PWG like they do in Japan. Joe delivers the Running Face Wash. They trade forearm smashes until Danielson surprises Joe with a standing dropkick. Dragon hits a knee lift and delivers a Diving Headbutt for 1-2-NO! Danielson connects with a European uppercut, but runs into a Snap Powerslam for 1-2-NO! Cross armbreaker! Dragon makes the ropes. Danielson reverses a powerbomb into a hurracanrana for two. Small package by Danielson gets two. Danielson delivers a crucifix for 1-2-NO! Joe’s back up, he drills Dragon with a clothesline! Cover, 1-2-NO! Powerbomb gets two for Joe, so he maneuvers over into the STF! Dragon makes the ropes again. He ducks a clothesline and powers Joe down into the CATTLE MUTILATION, but Joe gets his foot on the bottom rope. Danielson wants a Dragon Suplex, but Joe grabs the ropes. Danielson gets a bridging German suplex anyway for 1-2-NO! Dragon picks Joe up in the Airplane Spin and gets TWENTY repetitions. Danielson makes the mistake by climbing to the top turnbuckle while he’s still incredibly dizzy and crotches himself. That makes him easy pickings for a MUSCLE BUSTER. Cover, 1-2-3. (23:32) Loved the finish. There’s also a Joe/Danielson PWG match on the PWG…The Musical show I ordered from Highspots, so I’m looking forward to seeing that one too. ***¾

DVD Extras:

Top Gun Talwar and Kevin Steen: Talwar is sitting in a chair with a pink sweater wrapped around his neck talking about how he’s no longer on cocaine and steroids because he now has Chipotle. Meanwhile, Kevin Steen walks by and knocks his bag on the floor by accident. Talwar comically flips out and once he finally calms down, Steen returns Talwar’s sweater that he threw down during his rage fit and walks away.

Austin Aries: Chris Hero caused Austin’s year to end on a bad note (it’s not over yet! You’ve still got ROH: Final Battle!) and he has a strong feeling that 2005 will be the year of Austin Aries. Absolutely.

Jonny Storm: He doesn’t care about a busted lip! Jonny Storm will be back and when he does, he will take the PWG title.

Referees Rick Knox & Patrick Hernandez: They are tired of being mistreated and booed for no good reason when they’re just doing their job. Rick Knox considers just counting Joe and Danielson out after a five minute match. Screw the fans! That gives Hernandez an idea: he contemplates going out and just calling the match over, ring the bell, let’s go home. Funny stuff.

Christopher Daniels: He puts Tony Stradlin over for beating him. In 2005, Daniels will show the PWG locker room why they should believe the hype about him because It’s not just hype, it’s drop dead gospel.

Colt Cabana: Tonight was a glorious night for Colt Cabana. So whoever may be watching this, the grandma of the computer nerd who might be watching this in the back, the dog, the cat, the squirrel, or the bird. His Christmas present to you, Classic Colt Cabana – winner and overall good person extraordinaire.

Spanky, Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe: Spanky congratulates Danielson for winning tonight. Danielson whispers to him that he didn’t win, so Spanky walks over and congratulates Joe instead.

Tony Stradlin: He’s sick of being in people’s shadows everywhere he’s been. So in 2005, he’ll prove to everyone that he can compete with the best of the best.

Excalibur: He’s on a mission to rid PWG of all their expendable talent. Guys like the Human Tornado, Ronin and the Ballard Brothers, that is. They are liabilities, not assets!

Kevin Steen: He hates everything there is about El Generico and never wants to team with him or be in the ring with him ever again!

Chris Hero: He’s proud of his year in PWG. Rivera Cloverleafs for the win!

Santa Klaus: PWG has been extra good this year! He loves Samoa Joe more than the rest of the PWG locker room. He will get that Snoopy snow cone maker he’s been wanting. Before we go, Santa has a song for his friend on the east coast: Low Ki Claus! And it goes a little something like this…

You’s betta be good and not be bad
Cuz if you do, I’m going to kick your dad
Low Ki Claus is coming to your house.

I’m seeing who’s good and not being naughty
Cuz if they are, gonna KI-KRUSH their body
Low Ki Claus is going to your house.

I’ll chop you when you’re sleeping
I’ll kick you when you’re awake
I’ll Ki-Krush you if you’ve been good or bad
Hey, over there, there’s your dad. KI-KRUSH!

So be good and don’t be naughty
And once again I’ll KI-KRUSH and kick your body
Low Ki Claus…
I said Low Ki Claus… is coming to your neighborhood!

And we close with Santa Klaus singing a Christmas version of “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake.

Final Thoughts: This was a rollercoaster type show where the quality increased in some parts and decreased in others. At least it did end on a high note. The main problem I’ve seen is that they can’t seem to kick the matches into that extra gear to really have a memorable match because the bigger stars they bring in are used to wrestling in front of 500+ crowds, so it’s almost like they’re half-doing the matches. To be fair, I’ve only seen two PWG shows, so maybe they’re not all like that. This gets a mild thumbs up from me though. Overall, I enjoyed it.

Barring some unforeseen incident, my next PWG review will be Taste the Radness! from February 2004.


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