• GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Naomichi Marufuji & KENTA vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Takashi Sugiura (NOAH 06.05.05)

I love the names of the NOAH tours. This one is called the Navigation with Breeze tour. Sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it? Anyways, Marufuji and KENTA have been dominate junior heavyweight tag team champions for nearly two years together – the first ever champions also. This should be fun. Sugiura is the power man as far as junior heavyweights are concerned and keeps Marufuji grounded to start to work the leg. KENTA tags in and starts kicking away, which is what he does best. Sugiura isn’t going to deal with that for very long before he hangs KENTA out to dry and boots him off into the guardrail. They fight on the apron until Marufuji tries a sunset flip powerbomb. Sugiura has a firm grip on the ropes until KENTA runs by and Yakuza kicks Sugiura down! Back in, KENTA covers for two. Marufuji tags and takes Sugiura down the aisleway for a DDT. In the ring, Marufuji covers with his feet on the ropes. No count, sir. That is not allowed. Now its Marufuji grounding Sugiura for a headscissors. The champs work him over while keeping Kanemaru at bay. In a cool spot, KENTA misses a slingshot stomp and then boot scrapes Sugiura across the face. More headscissors fun from the champs. Sugiura counters a rana out of the corner from KENTA into a nice powerbomb. Instead of being there for the tag, Kanemaru drags KENTA out and whips him into the guardrail for a jumping leg drop while KENTA is hanging. Awesome. Marufuji tries to help, but winds up being thrown into the guardrail too. Back in, Sugiura hooks on a camel clutch on KENTA. While the ref is with Marufuji, Kanemaru comes in and running dropkicks KENTA in the face. Sugiura gives that same move a try and instead stops and slaps KENTA across the face. Finally, Kanemaru gets a tag and hits a DEEP IMPACT DDT! Cover, 1-2-NO! We get a shot of Takayama looking on from behind the curtain. Meanwhile, Sugiura and Kanemaru are in total control of KENTA. Sugiura is dishing out the power moves while Kanemaru keeps running over and knocking Marufuji off the apron. Marufuji tries to run in and stomp Sugiura, but Kanemaru stops that with a Backdrop Driver. Once we’re back to one-on-one, KENTA flips out of a back suplex and hits a powerslam on Kanemaru to reach a hot tag to Marufuji. He winds up kicking Kanemaru into the front row and giving him an ASAI MOONSAULT! Somehow, they beat the count back in the ring where Marufuji delivers a Flying Armbar. Kanemaru shoves off the SHIRANUI and hits a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT! Sugiura tags in and spears Marufuji in half. Sugiura avoids one sliding dropkick, but then he’s tripped up by KENTA and eats it anyway. Tag to KENTA, he delivers the BUSAIKU KNEE KICK for 1-2-NO! Springboard dropkick connects for 1-2-NO! KENTA can’t get a suplex and takes a Running High Knee to the face for it. German Suplex gets 1-2-NO! KENTA backdrops away from a SUGIURA SLAM and enziguri kicks him down. Kanemaru cuts off a tag to Marufuji and hits a Moonsault for 1-2-NO! KENTA gives Kanemaru a suplex or two and makes that tag to Marufuji. Kanemaru flips Marufuji off from a rana, but he’s met with a dropkick as he comes off the middle rope. Coast to Coast to Kanemaru! Cover, 1-2-NO! Falcon Arrow/Powerbomb combo gets two. Sugiura and KENTA go to the floor while in the ring, Kanemaru fights off a SHIRANUI KAI! Instead, Kanemaru delivers an AVALANCHE IMPALER! From there, Kanemaru gives Marufuji a DEEP IMPACT DDT off Sugiura’s shoulder. KENTA barely makes the save. TOUCH OUT to Marufuji! Cover, 1-2-NO!! Marufuji counters a second one with an inside cradle for 1-2-NO! Marufuji avoids a possible super brainbuster and hits SHIRANUI! Marufuji’s too exhausted to cover and tags KENTA. BUSAIKU KNEE KICK to Sugiura! That gets two. Fisherman Buster gets 1-2-NO! Sugiura pops up and spears KENTA. He follows that up with a face plant suplex. He goes for his German suplex, but Marufuji sunset flips him away from KENTA, only to stand up and eat another BUSAIKU KNEE KICK! The champs connect with Poetry in Motion in the corner and go for the finish with the POWERBOMB/SHIRANUI combo! Cover, 1-2-NO! Kanemaru interrupts the KENTA RUSH with a Yakuza Kick, but takes the BUSAIKU KNEE KICK instead. Now Kanemaru is about to feel the POWERBOMB/SHIRANUI combo. Unbeknownst to KENTA, Kanemaru avoids the SHIRANUI and gives Marufuji a back suplex on the way down! Yakuza Kick to Kanemaru from KENTA. KENTA wants to give Sugiura another Busaiku Knee Kick, but Sugiura catches KENTA in mid-air and slams him back down. Awesome! Avalanche Powerbomb from Sugiura to KENTA gets 1-2-NO! Marufuji and Kanemaru trade finishers and go to the floor while KENTA and Sugiura fight it out. They get into a crazy strike exchange until KENTA delivers one kick too many and gets caught for an anklelock takedown. KENTA refuses to tap and makes the ropes. Sugiura delivers a German Suplex and then rolls back over KENTA for a Dragon Suplex! Cover, 1-2-NO! SUGIURA SLAM! Cover, 1-2-NO! No one can believe it. While Kanemaru is holding on to Marufuji, we see a SUPER SUGIURA SLAM in the ring! That will do it for sure. Sugiura covers KENTA for 1-2-3. (33:07) So Kanemaru and Sugiura finally dethrone Marufuji and KENTA of the GHC Junior Heavyweight tag team titles. How do you not love NOAH tag matches? Incredible match and performance from everyone here. Not one moment of boredom. I would put it in a top five match ranking from NOAH’s phenomenal 2005 year. ****¾

  • WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid(New Japan 08.05.82)

This was Dave Meltzer’s match of the year in 1982 because all the excellent state-of-the-art wrestling that was happening here. I don’t believe he was giving out star ratings back then, but I’m sure he would go all the way with it. Before the match can start, the ref has to shoo a young Bret Hart out of the ring. REAL quick start as they come to a stalemate with Tiger Mask on the floor. Back in, Tiger Mask does his roll out of a wristlock and applies one of his own. Dynamite fights up to his feet and buries a pair of knees into Tiger Mask. He whips Tiger Mask off into the ropes for another knee, but Tiger Mask catches his leg and trips Dynamite up from behind. Awesome. They switch around out of a waistlock until they end up in the ropes. I love that because both men are so fluid with their various suplex moves from the back. Dynamite grounds Tiger Mask with an Indian deathlock. Somehow, Tiger Mask turns the hold over into his favor. Dynamite reaches the ropes and they both head to the floor where he delivers a Snap Suplex!  Back in, Dynamite gives Tiger Mask a gutwrench suplex and reverts to a headscissors on the mat. Unfortunately for him, Tiger Mask escapes out of that with a nice flip and hits him with a jumping reverse kick. From there, Tiger Mask gives Dynamite a suplex from inside the ring out to the floor! Tiger Mask whips Dynamite into the guardrail, but he still beats the count and walks into a Tiger Mask DDT. Now Dynamite gets stuck in the headscissors on the mat. When he tries to rise up out of it, Tiger Mask slams his head down on the mat. Dynamite makes the ropes, but receives a jumping piledriver for 1-2-NO! Dynamite dropkicks Tiger Mask up against the ropes and then charges at him only to be launched out over the top rope to the floor. Back on the apron, Dynamite avoids a crossbody which causes Tiger Mask to send himself crashing into the ropes. Looks like they botch a lucha armdrag, but that’s forgivable. Tiger Mask escapes a headscissors and maneuvers over into a bow and arrow! Tiger Mask starts going after Dynamite’s knees and he does all he can to get away from that. Of course because Tiger Mask is so quick, there’s not too much he can do. An Indian deathlock is in your future, Dynamite. He makes the ropes and goes for a piledriver perhaps, but Tiger Mask backdrops out and hits a rolling senton for 1-2-NO! Dynamite avoids a crossbody block and gets the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER to set up the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT! Cover, 1-2-NO! Now Dynamite charges at Tiger Mask up against the ropes, but gets dumped out to the floor for a plancha into the guardrail! Back in the ring, Tiger Mask gives him a Tombstone Piledriver of his own and hits the TIGER MASK MOONSAULT for 1-2-3! (15:58) Like I said earlier, just amazing state-of-the-art junior heavyweight action. Its matches like this one that inspires. *****

  • IWGP Heavyweight Champion Yuji Nagata vs. Yoshihiro Takayama(New Japan 05.02.02)

This is from New Japan’s 30th Anniversary Tokyo Dome show with 57,000 people in attendance. Stiff tie-up to start. We see some shoot-style takedowns as well. They finally get a break right before Nagata sends Takayama flying with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Takayama’s right back on his feet though with a running boot to the face. Nagata explodes with his BRIDGING BACKDROP SUPLEX, but Takayama doesn’t even take a two count and he’s right back on Nagata with a headlock. They trade some more kicks as Takayama unloads with the EVEREST SUPLEX for 1-2-NO! Takayama delivers a roundhouse kick and Nagata’s on the floor for a breather. Back in, Nagata’s totally out of it. Once he’s up, Takayama kicks him back down for a cross armbreaker. More kicks from Takayama, but Nagata keeps getting to his feet. He’s a toughie! Nagata avoids the Everest Suplex like the plague though. Takayama hammers him away from the ropes and tries the Everest Suplex again, but Nagata rolls him over into an anklelock! Takayama makes the ropes though. Nagata starts kicking, but then runs into a kitchen sink. Takayama reverts back to his kicks. Running knee strike in the corner followed by a butterfly suplex gets 1-2-NO! Takayama keeps on kicking until Nagata catches him in the middle of a kick and trips him up with a kick of his own. Roundhouse kick to the head! That sets up the NAGATA LOCK, but Takayama still manages to reach the ropes. Takayama blocks one Bridging Backdrop Suplex attempt, but a spinning heel kick staggers him enough as Nagata gets the BRIDGING BACKDROP SUPLEX for 1-2-NO! Takayama blocks an Enziguri kick and blasts Nagata with a knee strike to the head. EVEREST SUPLEX! 1-2-NO! They unload on each other with forearm shots until Nagata KO’s Takayama with a pair of Roundhouse Kicks for 1-2-3. (15:36) It would take Takayama another year before he would defeat Nagata for the IWGP heavyweight crown, but he would be the one to do so. This was obviously more of a pseudo-shoot fight with some finishers thrown in for fifteen minutes. I’m sure it’s exactly what Inoki wanted. ***

  • Kazuo Yamasaki vs. Nobuhiko Takada(UWF 12.05.84)

Its not Bill Watts or Herb Abrams, it’s the original UWF from Japan! A bunch of New Japan wrestlers had left New Japan to form their own company so they could have matches with more mat based wrestling. This is the most well-known match from the UWF – at least for American wrestling fans like myself. I honestly don’t watch any shoot-style Japanese wrestling and I’m not even that into UFC, but I was a fan of the more mat-based wrestling like Angle and Benoit were doing in 2001-03. This match was VERY impressive. These two worked very tight with no wasted energy whatsoever. By the way if you happen to catch this match, Takada’s in the black tights with Yamasaki in the green tights. Takada goes after the arm in the early going by making several attempts at a cross armbreaker. Yamasaki actually powers Takada over into a painful looking half crab, but Takada reaches under the bottom rope. Yamasaki gets in a lightning quick kick every now and then. Takada nearly gets the full extent of the cross armbreaker before Yamasaki reverses into a legbar. Nice transition. Takada tries to bridge away from a chinlock and that leaves him wide open for a kick from Yamasaki. That kick to the ribs hurt him. Once Takada’s back to his feet, Yamasaki unloads with a series of kicks! He tries to deathlock the legs, but then Yamasaki shoots over on Takada with a camel clutch. They trade cross armbreaker attempts and then Takada hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver. Cover, 1-2-NO! Takada delivers a second Tombstone! That gets two again! Yamasaki makes the ropes during a Crossface Chickenwing. Now its Takada who unloads on Yamasaki with a series of kicks to the mid-section. Back suplex connects, but then Yamasaki surprises Takada with a reverse kick to the ribs and follows with another series of kicks to put Takada on the ground. Belly-to-belly suplex by Yamasaki gets 1-2-NO! They fight to their feet from a cross armbreaker position into a CFCW standing position and then Yamasaki explodes with a bridging German suplex for 1-2-3. (23:57) Just awesome. Lots of captivating drama and the Japanese crowd was way into this, which is weird because they aren’t usually that vocal. Meltzer gave this match five stars and it’s still holds up extremely well. *****

  • Big Van Vader vs. Antonio Inoki – (New Japan 01.04.96)

Hide the children, it’s Vader Time. This has been called the greatest squash match of all time by many as 52 year old Antonio Inoki looks to get his win back over Vader for ending his four year long win streak in 1987 at the Tokyo Sumo Hall which resulted in a major riot. Because of the riot, New Japan was banned from the Sumo Hall for over a year! But now, Inoki will get his rematch in front of 50,000 people at the Tokyo Dome. Vader had left WCW in September of 1995 and as far as I know, this was his first match back since his departure. He had also already signed with the WWF and was being hyped, but had yet to appear on TV as they were waiting to debut him a few weeks later at the Royal Rumble. Vader shows Inoki no respect right off by slamming him and beating him down into the corner like a nobody. Vader picks him up for another slam and Inoki hooks the head with his legs which causes them both to tumble out to the floor. Inoki gets slammed on a table and then gets the table slammed on him. Back on the apron, Inoki catches Vader taunting the crowd and grabs a CHOKE SLEEPER! Vader thumbs Inoki in the eye to escape and hits a SICK Everest Suplex inside the ring. Vader takes Inoki out for an avalanche up against the ropes, but Inoki ducks and flips Vader back into the ring. He hits the Flying Knee Drop and connects with an Enziguri that sends Vader through the ropes to the floor. Inoki finds a chair and blasts Vader over the head with it to bust him open! Vader throws a tantrum and flips another table over. Back inside the ring, Inoki pounds on the cut and hooks a modified OCTOPUS HOLD on the mat until Vader makes the ropes. Vader grabs a sleeper/body scissors and lets go when he remembers how fun it is to punch somebody than to choke them out. Front powerslam by Vader gets two. Chokeslam by Vader gets another two-count. Inoki slips out of the VADERBOMB, but Vader ducks away from an Enziguri. Too bad, so sad. Pump Splash connects for 1-2-NO! VADERSAULT gets 1-2-NO! Vader hits one Avalanche, but misses a second one and takes a slam from Inoki! Cross armbreaker is applied! Vader taps! (14:16) Vader made Inoki look so awesome and rightly so, as he owes Inoki a great deal for all his success in Japan. This was amazing because even if you didn’t know who Inoki was, you would find yourself cheering him on. ****

  • Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid(New Japan 04.21.83)

And now we go to another classic junior heavyweight match in the TM/DK series. Most recently in the feud, Dynamite Kid had injured Tiger Mask in a tag match that cost Tiger Mask both the NWA and WWF Junior Heavyweight titles. Now revenge is in order and Dynamite Kid had yet to beat Tiger Mask in any of their matches. Lots of neat wristlock escape rolls from Tiger Mask to start that may seem common place today, but was still revolutionary in 1983. Dynamite keeps Tiger Mask grounded with a chinlock, but Tiger Mask escapes and kicks Dynamite to the floor for a suicide dive that lands the back of Dynamite’s head on the guardrail! Back in, Dynamite slams Tiger Mask off the top and hits him with a missile dropkick and a kip-up! Dynamite grabs a headscissors, but Tiger Mask flips out of that and starts stomping Dynamite. Tiger Mask works a bow and arrow submission. Dynamite starts making one of many attempts at ripping off the mask. He takes a backdrop out to the floor and gets faked out by the fake dive! Back in, Tiger Mask punches out of an Indian deathlock and takes a hard clothesline. Dynamite slips out of a chinlock into a camel clutch where he rips at the mask. The ref has to literally pull him off Tiger Mask by his hair! A Snap Suplex is followed by a gutwrench suplex for two. Tiger Mask escapes another headscissors and applies the Surfboard. Once Dynamite Kid escapes that, he grabs Tiger Mask for a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER, but Tiger Mask wiggles away from it. Dynamite charges at Tiger Mask on the mat and gets launched over the top rope to the floor. Dynamite avoids Tiger Mask coming through the ropes, so Tiger Mask puts on the brakes and crossbody blocks Dynamite off the apron which sends him back first into and over the guardrail! OUCH! They call for the bell. Not sure what for though. Possibly a double-DQ for going into the crowd? (11:14) Back in the ring, Dynamite and Tiger Mask start to protest to the ref to continue the match. During the protest, Dynamite gives Tiger Mask a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Tiger Mask rolls away from the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT though. Dynamite Kid gets on the mic and pleads for another chance. He needs to beat Tiger Mask. Alright, match continues and the bell sounds again. Dynamite gets another TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER and hits the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT. Dynamite yells “Victory!” He grabs a headlock, but Tiger Mask surprises him with a back suplex to escape it. Tiger Mask gives Dynamite his own TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER, as he has to roll out to the floor to prevent any pinfalls. Down on the floor, Dynamite sidesteps a pescado, causing Tiger Mask to crash and burn. Back in, they do some super heat-filled waistlock switches (because at any minute there could be a Tiger Suplex) only to have Dynamite dash for the ropes and cause them both to fall out on the floor. Dynamite whips Tiger Mask into the guardrail and delivers a Snap Suplex. Tiger Mask shoves Dynamite off into the ringpost and then reverses a whip into the guardrail to nearly turn the guardrail over! Before heading back in the ring, Dynamite starts to get desperate and wants to whack Tiger Mask with some sort of glass object. Dynamite thinks better of it and drops the glass bottle. Dynamite goes after the mask again and delivers another snap suplex for two. Back on the floor they go, as Tiger Mask gives Dynamite a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER out of nowhere! Dynamite gets back up and does the same to Tiger Mask! And that gets them both counted out for good. No more continues. (18:07 total) This was the first match Dave Meltzer ever gave the full monty to and its amazing how it still stands strong even today in 2008. *****

  • Dory & Terry Funk vs. Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy(All Japan 08.31.83)

This is one of many of Terry’s retirement matches. He’s probably the only wrestler alive to retire more times than Ric Flair. Of course with the Funk brothers being two of the most popular gaijins in the history of Puro, the crowd is unbelievably hot for the Funks. The version I have is missing Baba giving Terry Funk a plaque. Oh well. After the tons of streamers are thrown into the ring, Hansen shotguns over to Terry and they go to the floor to brawl. Gordy’s still trying to get his rebel flag chaps off, so Dory makes the easy save. Terry’s head is already bandaged from I’m only guessing an earlier attack from Hansen and Gordy. In the ring, Hansen goes for the WESTERN LARIAT way too soon and Terry grabs hold of the ropes to avoid it. They fire back on each other out of the corner as Terry brings Hansen over to Dory for a tag. Terry’s bandaged head is now bloody. The heels tag in and out working over Dory’s with an armbar as the crowd yells louder and louder for Dory. Dory tries to escape with a bunch of forearms, but Hansen and Gordy keep him grounded and in their corner. During a double-knockdown, Hansen sneaks in a stomp on Dory’s head. That was all the motivation he needed to run in and stomp Gordy tenfold. Awesome stuff. The negative side of that was when the ref started pushing Terry back to his corner, Hansen and Gordy brought Dory back into their corner for more domination. Hansen hits a piledriver and drops a knee or two until Terry has enough and grabs Hansen from the apron to drive his head into the turnbuckle. Dory fires away with more forearms, but Hansen rolls him back over into the bad side of town. Finally, Dory shoots Gordy into the ropes off a headlock and nails him with a back elbow to set up a HOT TAG TO TERRY! Hansen’s there to meet him with right hands, but Terry Funk will not be denied. Well, that is until Gordy nails him from the apron. Hansen bites Terry’s bloody forehead and grabs a headlock, but he’s taken over with a back suplex! Hansen goes after Terry’s wrapped up knee now. Gordy bends Terry’s knee funny across the top rope while Hansen elbows the exposed knee until Dory runs over and blasts Gordy away with a forearm. Tag to Gordy, Terry punches him down on his one good leg and goes for the SPINNING TOE HOLD, but Hansen comes in to break it up. Gordy tries to embarrass Terry by giving him the Spinning Toe Hold, but Terry kicks him off. Hansen tags, but Terry headbutts him away and collapses as he makes the tag to Dory. Standing Dropkicks for everyone! Dory hits a couple shoulderblocks on Gordy, but runs into a powerslam for 1-2-NO! Terry makes the save. Dory counters a headlock with a back suplex and just as he tags Terry, Hansen knees him out of the ring which flips Terry inside the ring for a big stomping. Dory pulls Hansen out to brawl while inside the ring, Gordy misses a flying splash! Now Terry climbs to the top rope and delivers a flying sunset flip for 1-2-3! (12:35) Afterwards, Terry gives a Rocky-like speech saying that he loves Japan and they will forever be #1 with tears in his eyes and blood covering his face. Incredible moment for Terry, but he’d be back about a year later for more fun in Japan. A great brawl from four of the best ever who know what they are doing. ****¼

  • Keiji Mutoh vs. Genichiro Tenryu(All Japan 06.08.01)

2001 was one of the best comebacks ever in wrestling for Keiji Mutoh with a new look and a new finisher. Not only did he capture the All Japan Triple Crown (becoming the third IWGP heavyweight champion behind Vader and Tenryu to do so), but later in the year he would win the All Japan unified world tag belts AND the IWGP tag belts all in the same match! Crazy! As for Tenryu, he’s 51 years old and while you’d think he was going to slow down after dropping the title here, he’s still wrestling today in Nobuhiko Takada’s HUSTLE promotion. Alright, let’s get on with the match. Mutoh’s offense to start with is quick, fast and in a hurry. He hits Tenryu with a modified SHINING WIZARD and goes for the victory with the MOONSAULT, but Tenryu rolls to the apron before Mutoh takes flight.  Back in, they exchange headlocks on the mat. Mutoh wants a Handspring Elbow, but Tenryu brings his foot up to block. Enziguri gets two. Tenryu delivers his POWERBOMB for 1-2-NO! Out of nowhere, Mutoh floors Tenryu with a Koppou Kick and then lands a pescado. Mutoh dropkicks Tenryu on the knee while he’s standing on the apron and attempts a suplex, but Tenryu brings him out and gives Mutoh a BRAINBUSTER on the apron! He follows that up with a suicide dive! Mutoh’s not out of it just yet though. He grabs Tenryu by the ankle as he’s on the apron and gives him a dragon screw leg whip to the floor! From there, Mutoh climbs to the apron and delivers a dropkick to the knee. In the ring, Mutoh follows up with a missile dropkick to the knee! Tenryu mounts a comeback, but Mutoh cuts him off with another dragon screw leg whip and applies a figure-four. They roll into the ropes for the break. Now it’s Tenryu dishing out the dragon screw leg whips and now he grabs a figure-four! Tenryu sidesteps a dropkick to the knee and applies a Texas Cloverleaf! Mutoh powers out and they come to blows. Tenryu sets Mutoh up in the corner for a Spider German Suplex! Diving elbow drop gets 1-2-NO! Tenryu chops away, but then Mutoh snaps off a hurracanrana out of nowhere. SHINING WIZARD! No! Tenryu blocks with his forearms and hits a BRAINBUSTER! Cover, 1-2-NO! Tenryu unloads on Mutoh in the corner and delivers a hurracanrana! WHAT! He tries for the SCOOP BRAINBUSTER, but Mutoh knees Tenryu in the face to avoid all that. More chops from Tenryu lead to a Pele kick from Mutoh! SHINING WIZARD connects! Cover, 1-2-NO! Will another SHINING WIZARD get the job done? Nope! Tenryu kicks out at two again! Mutoh hits the MOONSAULT just like old times and gets the 1-2-3! (23:24) Not only was it great to see Tenryu is back to his old self, but its history to see Mutoh win the All Japan Triple Crown just when you thought his career was over. A must-see for any fan of Mutoh’s. Even with all the great matches of 2001 (from the first half at least), this won the MOTY award from the Wrestling Observer. ***¾

Final Thoughts: Another fantastic edition of SUSHI SUSHI! I hope you are all enjoying these and they are helping you to branch out into the Japanese world of wrestling, because I know it encourages me. Anyways, another huge thumbs up as there’s not a bad match here and THREE five star matches.

NEXT TIME ON SUSHI SUSHI!: An All Japan six-man tag from the summer of ’93, a KENTA junior heavyweight title defense, a Toyota/Yamada classic, another ***** Misawa/Kobashi tag team clinic against Kawada and Taue, KENTA/Marufuji takes on Marvin/Suzuki, a Misawa/Tsuruta 9/90 rematch, the first-ever G1 Climax finals, and another chapter in the Misawa/Kawada feud.


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