Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection (Disc Two)

WWE – Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection
Disc Two
Released: 6/9/2009

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Maria.

  • Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan (w/Elizabeth) vs. Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant (w/Virgil & Bobby Heenan) – Special Referee: Jesse Ventura – (SummerSlam 1988)

The big question in this match is did Ted DiBiase pay off Ventura or not? Andre headbutts Savage into his corner and tags in DiBiase to do all the heavy labor. Holy Snap! Now people are whipping out the bull horns! Are we in England? Hogan wants a tag and gets it. DiBiase gets PWNED by the Mega Powers who make surprisingly frequent tags. Hogan gets cocky and decides to nail Andre on the apron, but he blocks and kills Hogan with a headbutt. Now Andre tags and grabs the 24″ traps of the Hulkster. Who would’ve thought that Hogan would be the face in peril? I love it! Andre chokes on Hogan with his singlet and that draws Savage in for some heel double-teaming. DiBiase tags in and delivers the Million Dollar Fist Drops for two. Chinlock applied, but Hogan HULKS OUT into a double-clothesline. HOT TAG TO SAVAGE! Backdrop! Running hotshot! Flying double-sledge! But then he misses a charge in the corner. DiBiase misses a clothesline and Savage comes off the ropes for a crossbody for 1-2-NO! Andre tags and proceeds to squash Savage like a bug. DiBiase tags back in and hits a suplex. He misses an elbow drop off the second rope and makes the tag to Hulk. Hogan gives DiBiase a suplex and then STIFFS Andre with a clothesline that puts him down! Savage goes for the MACHO ELBOW on Andre while Hogan has DiBiase in a sleeper, but Andre gets his boot up! Andre breaks up the sleeper with, you guessed it, a headbutt and dumps Hogan out with Savage. The Mega Bucks want a countout win. Meanwhile, all the managers are up on the apron bothering Jesse! Of course, none of them get the attention of Jesse Ventura quite like Elizabeth, who has pulled off her skirt so those legs can breathe! The Mega Powers now decide to strike. Those cheaters! Andre gets knocked out to the floor and DiBiase is left to the lions. MACHO ELBOW DROP + HOGAN LEG DROP = 1-2-3. (14:50) I actually enjoyed this match a lot and it really had very little to do with Elizabeth. ***½

  • WWF World Champion Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan – (WrestleMania V)

Before we dig into the match, let’s look back on the entire Mega Powers relationship throughout this 18-month period. The first on-screen mutual meeting between the two began on a SNME in November of 1987 when Hogan came to Savage’s aid, who was being brutalized by the Honky Tonk Man and the Hart Foundation. We really didn’t hear much more out of these two as a team until WrestleMania IV when Hogan once again came to Savage’s aid and helped him defeat Ted DiBiase by nailing the Million Dollar Man with a chairshot to the back unbeknownst to Savage himself. This alone shows Hogan’s not against cheating to get what he wants when an opportunity comes his way. Hogan celebrates with Savage and the “Mega Powers” are born. Of course, Hogan (or any other straight male) couldn’t help but realize that Savage has a beautiful valet/girlfriend named Elizabeth. By the end of the summer of 1988, Hogan began to get friendlier with Elizabeth by lifting her up on his shoulders after a big win. Just like how any boyfriend on the planet would feel, this wasn’t cool. However you don’t want to mention to your girlfriend or to your best friend that they’re might have something other than a platonic relationship behind closed doors. Absolutely not. So what do you do? Well, if you’re like Randy Savage, you hold it inside you until you go CRAZY. On the other side of the coin, Hogan had been without his beloved WWF championship that he had held onto for the previous four years. With Hogan back full-time after completing his movie, “No Holds Barred”, it’s became apparent that he had title fever again. When Savage turned on Hogan, Hogan didn’t blatantly come out and say he wanted his belt back until Savage challenged him for revenge at WrestleMania V. He said this quite plainly a few weeks earlier on SNME that he was going to WrestleMania V to get his belt back. This proves that Hogan not only drove Savage to a maniacal point to beat him for his title, but to take his girl away from him as well, as Elizabeth would remain in Hogan’s corner for the rest of 1989. What a great friend.

Okay! Elizabeth is at ringside, but she’s here for both men tonight. Savage stalls to start. They tie up and Hogan shoves him off to the mat. Hulk shoves off a headlock and nails Savage with a shoulderblock to send him out to the floor for more stalling. Back in, Savage grabs another headlock and pounds Hulk in the face. Hogan shoves it off again, but Savage grabs the ropes and heads back out to the floor. Hogan chases Savage around the ring to Elizabeth, who he hides behind so Hogan won’t pop him. Interestingly enough, Hogan would do the same thing seven years later in WCW. Savage gets back in the ring and taunts Hulk a bunch. Hogan pulls off some CHAIN WRESTLING and goes from a headlock to a drop-toe hold to a front headlock, but Savage stands up out of it and counters with a back suplex. Savage comes back with a double-ax handle to a nice pop from the crowd for two. Savage works an armbar for a while until Hogan yanks Savage out to the floor by his tights. Back in, Hogan delivers some buckle smashing and follows up with the running clothesline to set up a pair of elbow drops before grinding his boot across Savage’s face. That’s some 1997 Hollywood Hogan stuff there. Hogan ducks low off a whip and goes down to a clothesline for two. Savage hooks on a rear chinlock and we see Hogan is cut open. Hogan elbows out and connects with an atomic drop, but then he misses an elbow drop. Savage nails him with a running high knee into the corner and rolls Hulk up for one. Savage whips Hogan from corner to corner until Hulk ends up grabbing at Savage’s feet. Savage starts posing too much and allows Hogan to get back to his feet. Hogan comes back with punches a corner clothesline before lifting Savage up and tossing him out to the floor! Elizabeth runs over to check on him, but Savage pushes her away and tells her that he doesn’t need her help! Hogan gets pulled out, but Hulk won’t let Savage ram his head into anything! Hogan lifts Savage up on his shoulders again, but this time he wants to ram Savage into the ringpost. Elizabeth stands in his way, preventing him from seriously hurting Savage. This allows Savage to slip off and shove Hogan into the ringpost, as Elizabeth scurries out of the way just in time. Elizabeth checks on Hogan, but Savage pulls her away from him and tells her to get out of here. Ref Dave Hebner has had enough of this Elizabeth foolishness and sends her to the dressing room for good. While Hogan tries to stand up using the guardrail, Savage seizes the moment and gives Hulk a TOP-ROPE DOUBLE-AX on the floor! Back in, Savage delivers the Running Hotshot and follows up with the Bossman Straddle. He does MORE damage to the throat by driving his elbow into Hogan’s throat from the apron. Savage hits the standing knee drop for two. To set up for the MACHO ELBOW, Savage simply CHOKES Hogan down to the mat! He connects with the MACHO ELBOW for 1-2-NO! Hogan HULKS UP, hits his usual (punches, big boot, leg drop) and wins his 2nd WWF Championship. (17:55) Typical Hogan finish aside, this is one of his top five best matches of his entire career. ***½

  • WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage (w/Queen Sherri) – Special Referee: Buster Douglas – (The Main Event #3)

This match was originally scheduled to have the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson as the special enforcer, but he suffered the biggest upset in sports history twelve days earlier by losing to nobody James “Buster” Douglas. Since the champ was promised to appear at this show and Tyson was no longer the champ, the less charismatic Buster Douglas showed up in his stead. Savage says it’s good that Tyson didn’t show, because he found out that Tyson’s grandma was a card-carrying Hulkamaniac. Hahaha. On the previous SNME, Savage said that if Tyson didn’t call it fair and square and found out that anybody in Tyson’s family were Hulkamaniacs, he would be coming after them after he took out “Iron” Mike. Great stuff. As we as wrestling fans all know by now, Mike Tyson would finally find his way back into the WWF after being suspended from boxing by 1998 as a shirt-wearing member of DX. By the way, this was being billed as Savage’s last shot at Hogan and the WWF title to finally close this chapter so the Hogan/Warrior feud could take full circle. Hogan overpowers Savage to start and wants to brawl down on the floor, but Douglas maintains order. Savage back in, he goes to the eyes and delivers the running hotshot and a high knee to the back that sends Hogan to the floor. Savage to nail him with a flying double-ax handle, but Douglas stands in his way. That JERK! Back in again, Hogan grabs Sherri on the apron. Savage tries to save with another high knee, but Hogan moves out of the way and lets Savage nail Sherri. Hogan fights back with clotheslines and delivers the ten-count corner punches. Hogan continues with elbow drops and an atomic drop, but then Sherri trips him up as he comes off the ropes. Hogan grabs Sherri through the ropes, which gives Savage the opportunity for the Bossman straddle. Savage chokes Hogan down into a corner and walks away for Sherri to do more choking. Buster walks by and sends her to the back because he’s sick of it. After commercial, we come back and see Savage trying to put Hogan away with a sleeper. Hogan’s arm drops twice, but not three times! He elbows out, but then Savage catches him with a clothesline. Oh man, he covers Hulk with one foot and gets two. Hogan gets tossed out for another flying double-ax attempt. Buster is on the other side of the ring, so there’s no problems for Savage. Back in, Savage connects with another flying double-ax for two. Savage chokes Hulk some more for another two. Savage tosses Hogan out again for a flying-double ax, but this time Buster stands in the way. Back in, Savage decides to just go for the kill and delivers the MACHO ELBOW for 1-2-NO! HULK UP, but Hogan’s Big Boot sends Savage out on the floor. Savage pulls Hogan out and thumbs him in the eye and rolls back in the ring. Hogan gets back in and pops Savage into ref Earl Hebner. Hogan delivers the LEG DROP anyway and Buster Douglas hops in the ring for the 1-2-3. (9:50 shown) It looked like Savage was supposed to kick out there. Savage is PISSED at Buster counted three, so he wants to go a round. Savage slaps him to try and get a rise out of him, but Buster doesn’t budge. That is, until Hogan shoves Savage into a KO-punch. Now go back to your feud with the polka-dot guy, Randy. **½

  • Randy Savage & Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire – (WrestleMania VI)

In case you don’t know who Sapphire is, she looks like Flavor Flav’s overweight, middle-aged sister. Tonight, Dusty has the crown jewel with him, if you will. The crown jewel is Elizabeth, which of course infuriates Savage. The match is historic because it’s the first-ever mixed tag team match in the WWF. This might’ve been more of a surprise had they not just interviewed her twenty minutes ago. Dusty controls to start with elbows, but then takes a forearm to the back from Sherri. Sherri and Savage get thrown into each other several times as Sapphire tags. She uses her rather large posterior and knocks Sherri around with it and then gives her an airplane spin for two. Sherri can’t slam Sapphire and has the sister fall on top for two. Dusty tags and Sapphire gets in a slap on Savage. Sherri and Savage get run into each other again, but then Savage catches Dusty with a knee and sends him out to the floor. That leads to a pair of flying double ax-handles on the floor. Sapphire gets in the way of a third one, so Savage comes down and tosses her aside. Back in, Savage connects with the double-ax for two. Sherri distracts the ref as Savage brings in the scepter and clobbers Dusty with it. Sherri wants to splash Dusty, but it only gets two. Savage comes in off the top, but gets nailed on the way down. The heels are ran into each other again. Dusty follows up with elbows in the corner, but Sherri saves by jumping on Dusty’s back. Sapphire tags and snapmares Sherri off him for two. Sapphire tosses Sherri to the floor, but Liz throws her back in for a suplex (kind of) for two. Sherri grabs at Elizabeth, but then gets rolled up by Sapphire for the 1-2-3. (7:32) I really didn’t like Sapphire, but I think Savage and Sherri should be commended for this match. *

  • Randy Savage (w/Queen Sherri) vs. The Ultimate Warrior – Retirement Match – (WrestleMania VII)

OH MY! Elizabeth is in the audience! That couldn’t mean anything, could it? Neither man look ready to give it up, but Sherri and her dress tell a different story. Warrior doesn’t run down to the ring for this match. He took his time getting to the ring to show how focused he is on this match. He doesn’t want to make any mistakes that might cost him his career. Already, it’s a great story. They do a corner pose-off to start. Savage gets overwhelming boos and Warrior gets overwhelming cheers. Of course, Savage tries to jump Warrior during his moment, but Warrior saw it coming. Warrior shoves Savage back, so Savage goes to the eyes. Savage gets nailed with a shoulderblock as he comes off the ropes, so he takes a breather. Sherri distracts Warrior to cause a distraction for Savage to take over. Warrior comes back with a clothesline and some atomic drops. Sherri slides in the ring, so Warrior delivers a choke-lift on Savage and throws him into Sherri to get her out of the ring. Savage gets tied up in the ropes, but nails Warrior as he telegraphs a backdrop. Savage hits a clothesline and tries a flying crossbody, but Warrior catches him in mid-air. Instead of giving him a slam of sorts, he sets Savage on his feet and slaps him one good time. Savage takes a walk and tosses a chair in the ring for another distraction and nails Warrior from behind. Warrior fights back with punches and stomps Savage a whole bunch down in the corner. The big mistake comes when Warrior misses a corner splash and falls out to the floor. Sherri gets in a slap before Savage leaps off the top with a double-ax. Savage rolls back in to get the ref’s attention so Sherri can claw on Warrior’s face until Warrior has enough and shoves her down. Savage comes by to save her though and tosses Warrior face-first into the steel ringpost. Back in, Savage hits the jumping knee drop for 1-2-NO! Savage wants a reverse neckbreaker, but Warrior counters into a backslide for 1-2-NO! Savage backs away in the corner and spits on Warrior and then decides to bail like any good heel would do. Sherri climbs up on the apron for another distraction, but Warrior doesn’t fall for it this time. Warrior runs the ropes for the Jumping Shoulderblock, but Savage avoids and slams Warrior to the mat for 1-2-NO! Savage goes to the sleeper hold for the first rest period of the match. Warrior elbows out, but a double-KO follows. Sherri does all she can to wake up the Macho King by grabbing and shaking Savage from the apron. She gets up on the apron to argue with the ref while Warrior has Savage rolled up. She finally gets down and the ref counts 1-2-NO! Warrior’s not happy with the ref either and takes a running knee from Savage as a result, which also gets the ref knocked down. Sherri climbs up to the top rope while Savage holds Warrior. She comes down for a double-ax handle, but Warrior moves and Savage gets nailed. Sherri gets chased in and out of the ring while the ref and Savage regroup. Once he finally grabs Sherri, Savage is there to pull him down to the mat by his tights for 1-2-NO! Savage pulls Warrior into the corner and drops him throat-first on the top rope. Savage delivers the running hotshot for 1-2-NO! Savage goes for the kill with the MACHO ELBOW DROP! It connects! He goes for another one. Direct hit! A third one? Yes! He wants another one? Why not! Will number five be Savage’s lucky number? No problem. Surely this will do it for Warrior. Cover, 1-2-NO! Savage can’t freakin’ believe it and I can’t say I blame him. Warrior starts to WARRIOR UP and hits some clotheslines. He calls for the GORILLA PRESS SLAM and delivers. WARRIOR SPLASH! Cover, 1-2-NO! OH MY GOSH! Only Hulk Hogan had kicked out of that, which is pretty big stuff. Warrior starts “summoning his gods” on what to do next. He starts talking to his hands and everything. His hands are telling him to leave apparently. As he’s communicating with his hands on the apron, Savage knocks him to the floor. Savage drapes Warrior across the guardrail to give him the Ricky Steamboat treatment. He even has Sherri try and hold him down, but she’s not strong enough for the Warrior. He breaks loose and nails Savage in the gut on the way down, sending him crashing into the guardrail. Back in, Warrior hits a Jumping Shoulderblock. It knocks Savage to the floor, so Warrior brings him back in for another one! The same thing happens, so Warrior brings him back in for one more Jumping Shoulderblock. That should do it! Warrior drags Savage to the center of the ring and places his foot on Savage’s chest for 1-2-3. (20:48) Definitely a match of epic proportions. The story told was brilliant and showed a side of the Ultimate Warrior that the WWE doesn’t want you to see these days. Ultimate Warrior always thrived in the big match situations and this was no different. Believe the hype; this match rocks. ****½

  • Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts – (This Tuesday in Texas, 12/3/91)

Because Jake let his cobra gnaw on Savage’s arm, there will be no reptiles allowed at ringside. Jake enters first and gets attacked on the way to the ring by Savage. This would be Savage’s first TV match since WrestleMania when he lost in the retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior. Savage destroys Jake to start with elbows and a double ax-handle puts Jake on the floor. He starts to leave for the dressing room, but Savage is not going to let that happen. Back in, Jake begs off and then goes low and tosses Savage out to get sent into the ringpost. Back in again, Jake goes to work on the arm that got injected with inhuman amount of VENOM! Savage ducks one Short-Arm Clothesline, but not the second one. Jake taunts the crowd instead of going immediately for the DDT, and gets backed into the corner. RIBS! That must’ve really hurt those ribs, as Savage comes off the top rope for the MACHO ELBOW! That’ll do it. (6:25) This was way too short like with most Savage/Roberts matches I’ve seen over the years. But that’s not all this time around. Savage grabs the ring bell, but the ref gets it away from him as Jake hits the DDT. Jake’s still selling the ribs and once both men are back up, Jake gives him another DDT. That puts him down long enough for Jake to reach underneath the ring for his COBRA SACK! That brings Elizabeth down and into the ring. Jake harasses her and then tells her to look into his eyes while he gives Savage a THIRD DDT. And that’s where they cut us off. WHAT. Since WWE is all TV-PG now, I guess they can’t show women getting smacked around by a man. But that’s not the part people would want to see really, unless you’re into that sort of thing. Oh no. The real genius of this that is edited off the DVD is where WWF (kayfabe) President Jack Tunney comes down to escort Jake Roberts to the dressing room where he suspends him for having the snake at ringside because having any reptiles of any kind was outlawed after what happened on Superstars when Roberts let his cobra bite Savage’s arm, but the awesome part was that there WAS no snake in the bag. I’m too lazy to look it up, but is this part of the feud on the Jake Roberts DVD? Anyways, off-the-charts intensity, and Jake Roberts could pull this off to make it work. ***½ for the whole thing.

  • WWF World Champion Ric Flair (w/Mr. Perfect) vs. Randy Savage – (WrestleMania VIII)

The master of mind games, Ric Flair, REALLY screwed with Savage on this one. I mean, making up doctored photos with him and Elizabeth together? Savage is already a little nuts, but Elizabeth has always been his hot button. WrestleMania 5, Ric? Have you seen it? Honestly though, it made for some good TV and we finally got to see two of the best ever in the ring at the same time while still somewhat at their primes with a huge conflict and a title on the line. Savage beats up Flair in the entry way to start, but Perfect stops that and slams Savage’s face on the mats at ringside. Savage chases Perfect around and then heads into the ring to meet Flair with elbows and clotheslines until he backs the ref away and then charges into a backdrop, which takes him back out to the floor. Flair follows him out and rams his back into the apron. Back in, Flair puts the boots to him and then gives him a stalling suplex for 1-2-NO! Back suplex follows and gets 1-2-NO! Flair then whips him from corner-to-corner and chops him down for two, then hits the rolling knee drop. Savage rolls out, but Flair follows and rams him spine-first again into the apron. Back in again, Flair gives Savage another stalling suplex for 1-2-NO! Flair cross-corner whips Savage some more and kicks away, but then Savage fires back and hits a neckbreaker out of nowhere. Flair goes the eyes and climbs up top, which is 99.999999% of the time a bad idea for him. Of course, this time was no different. Savage delivers a backdrop and a clothesline, and then whips Flair in for the Flair Flip. He runs down the apron and quickly comes off the top, but Savage is there to clothesline him on the way down for 1-2-NO! Savage clotheslines Flair to the floor and follows him out with a flying double-ax handle. The camera misses the Flair Flop on the mat. Flair’s busted open by the way, so Savage slams him face-first into the steel steps and then runs him into the ringpost for another Flair Flop. Back in, Savage connects with a flying double-ax handle for 1-2-NO! The crowd can’t freakin’ BELIEVE it and they start to boo. Savage now goes for the kill with the MACHO ELBOW DROP and gets 1-2-NO! WHAT? Perfect crawls half-way into the ring and yanks Savage off of Flair. He goes after Perfect and chases him into the ring. The ref gets in between the two and he’s naturally bumped while Savage has Perfect by his tie. Hebner’s not hurt too badly though, because he gets Perfect out of the ring. Must have ate his Wheaties that morning. Meanwhile, Flair slips on some taped-knux from his trunks and KO’s Savage. Flair then sneaks Perfect the knux and covers Savage for 1-2-NO! Flair’s getting frustrated. Crowd chants “Macho” a WHOLE bunch. Hebner backs Flair away to reprimand him for choking on Savage. While that’s happening, Perfect jabs Savage in the knee with a steel chair! That cues Elizabeth to come to her hubbie’s aid, but the other Hebner and Shane McMahon plead with her to return to the dressing room. Flair works the leg like a mad man while the suits at ringside are begging Elizabeth to leave ringside. FIGURE-FOUR is on in the middle of the ring! Perfect is helping out with some leverage, but it’s not enough to keep Savage from reversing the hold! Nevertheless, the damage has been done. Flair goes for a slam, but Savage counters with an inside cradle for 1-2-NO! Flair chops away while Elizabeth is freaking out at ringside. Flair hits the shin breaker and then pounds on the knee, but then Savage blocks a punch and rolls up Flair with a handful of tights for 1-2-3!! (18:02) The Hoosier Dome EXPLODES! We’ve got a NEW WWF Champion! After the match, Flair grabs Elizabeth for a quick smooch, and gets slapped to the other side of the ring. Savage of course leaps at Flair and the suits jump on him immediately. Perfect punches away the security as Flair continues his assault on Savage. Oh, this ain’t over. ****¼

DVD Extras:
–        We go back in time to 1985 when Savage turns down all the heel managers in favor of Elizabeth.

–       And now to 1989 to the “Macho King” coronation ceremony, including a golden scepter given to him by Ted DiBiase.

Final Thoughts: Holy crap what an awesome disc two. What it’s lacking in house show gems, it makes up for with some of Savage’s best (and worst, admittedly) moments. The rest of 1992-1999 is still to come in the third and final disc of this ultimate collection.

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