ROH on HDNet Review (06.27.09)

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
June 27, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

  • Jimmy Jacobs vs. Delirious – Fight Without Honor

Looks like this AOTF thing is dying a slow death. Jacobs sends Brodie Lee and MsChif to the back. He’s got to beat Delirious on his own. Jimmy is wearing jeans and knee pads like this a good old fashioned Dusty Rhodes fight. Of course, Jacobs probably wears 30 inch jeans instead of the usual 50 inchers Dusty would be sporting. Also, Dusty never wore a studded belt. Big brawl to start. They wind up on the floor where Delirious shoots through the ropes with a suicide dive and bangs his knee SUPER hard into the guardrail. As Gorilla Monsoon might say, the irresistible force meets the immovable object. Delirious delivers a Panic Attack on Jacobs up against the guardrail, but hits Jacobs with the same hurt knee. That slows him down for momentarily. Delirious leans a table up against the guardrail while Jacobs blades for effect. Delirious bites the cut and wants to Cobra Clutch Suplex Jimmy through the table. Jacobs low blows out and sends Delirious into the ringpost. Jimmy tosses a couple chairs into the ring and then brings Delirious inside with him. Delirious gets his head slammed on the chair a few times and then has a seat as Jacobs flies down on top of him. That gets two. Jacobs tries the same thing again on the floor with a pescado, but Delirious gets out of the way just in time. Delirious gets in a few shots with the chair and tries for another Panic Attack, but Jimmy jumps up and spears Delirious to block. The END TIME is locked in! The right arm of Delirious drops once, twice, BUT NOT THREE TIMES! He rolls over into the ropes. Jacobs reaches in his boot for his signature railroad spike. He charges Delirious in the corner, but misses and jabs the turnbuckle. Cobra Clutch Suplex! Cover, 1-2-NO! Delirious goes for SHADOWS OVER HELL, but Jimmy hops to his feet and throws a chair at him. They tease Delirious giving Jacobs a suplex from the ring through the table, but Jimmy avoids that. He goes to spear Delirious off the apron, but Delirious moves causing Jacobs to fly through the ropes and crash on the table. Notice how he crashes on the table, not through it. Here comes Delirious with the exclamation point as he delivers SHADOWS OVER HELL on Jacobs through the table! He rolls Jacobs into the ring and covers for 1-2-3. (8:55) After the match, Jimmy grabs the spike and cuts his arm up. Eww. TOWRITELOVEONHERARMS, brah. Give them a call. Seriously though, where does a guy who heads up a stable like ‘Age of the Fall’ go from here? His AOTF group can’t win a match, causing the group to lose almost all of its credibility. I’m guessing there’s just no room for their shenanigans in a post-Sapolsky ROH world. Pretty decent match once it got going. **¾

Kyle Durden meets up with Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black for a quick word. They know they don’t have to be buddies to be a winning tag team, they just have to get along.

Short little video package of the Dark City Fight Club beating people up.

  • The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Sal Rinauro & Brandon Day

Prazak puts the Young Bucks over for being a huge success on the west coast, which appears to be code for ‘they are the current PWG world tag team champions’. This is my first viewing of the Young Bucks, which shows you how often I keep up with the current PWG product. I don’t dislike it or anything, just don’t have the time. They look like the Hardy Boyz from the mid-’90s when they were WWE jobbers. They do a lot of cool tandem moves much like next generation Rockers. Their finisher is called MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Matt delivers a Finlay Roll to set up a 450 Splash from Nick. That seems like enough, but then Matt comes off the top rope with a beautiful moonsault to finish off Brandon Day. That whole sequence is their finisher. (3:31) The Jackson brothers look like a good looking young tag team that should be excellent sympathetic Ricky Morton-like prey for a tag team like the Dark City Fight Club. **

Kyle Durden is standing by with Claudio Castagnoli. He challenges Brent Albright to a Sweden vs. USA flag match in two weeks. Yeah, no ROHDNET show on July 4th.

Before we get to the next match, they show us how Austin Aries won the ROH world title on 6/13 in NYC. They air his post-match interview with Kyle Durden. His grandma told him not to toot his own horn, but he says his grandma is DEAD, so toot toot. Hmm, that sounds almost exactly like something Double-A might say, A-Double.

More interviews with Kyle Durden. He’s talking with the American Wolves now. They stir up the Black Dragon pot just a little bit.

  • “Dirty” Ernie Osiris (w/Prince Nana) vs. Brent Albright

Osiris is super reluctant to wrestle, but Nana throws him inside the ring to MAKE him fight. Albright locks up with Osiris, but he’s a smelly hobo and Albright can’t stand the stench. Instead of locking up, Albright destroys with a much quicker offense so he doesn’t have to touch Osiris for very long. Osiris comes back by raking the eyes and gives Albright a Pitstop. That might be his finisher. Albright doesn’t let that stop him as he gives Osiris an Air Raid Crash. He picks Ernie up on his shoulders and repeatedly bashes the back of Ernie’s head and shoulders on the top turnbuckle. He transitions Osiris around and executes the HALF NELSON SUPLEX for the win. (2:24) SLAP THE PORPOISE. If nothing else, they were able to get the Ernie Osiris character across to the audience. Plus, I just love watching Albright kill a guy. Afterwards, Kyle Durden grabs an interview with Brent Albright. He accepts Claudio’s challenge and gets super patriotic about it. FLAG MATCH, ON! Proper grammar, off! *

  • ROH World Tag Team Champions The American Wolves (w/Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Ray) vs. Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black

After the challengers make their entrance, Nigel McGuinness looking like Jason Statham interrupts to question whether or not Danielson and Black trust one another to the point they can be successful. Everybody is playing mind games with these two! Lots of feeling out stuff early on between these four with no one team gaining any sort of advantage for the first several minutes. Finally, Danielson and Black manage to keep Richards on their side of the ring for a while. Black does his big stomp and tags Danielson who snapmares Richards over for a big kick to the shoulders. He wants the Surfboard, but Richards grabs the bottom rope, so Danielson pulls back on Davey’s upper jaw! Tag to Black, Richards has enough and backs Tyler into the Wolves corner. We see a chop battle between Black and Edwards. Black gets the better of that as Edwards staggers back into an elbow smash from Danielson. Now Danielson wants to try the Surfboard this time on Edwards. He applies the hold as Black comes in to dropkick Edwards while he’s got nowhere to go. Tag to Richards, he gets caught in an Indian deathlock until Edwards comes in and dropkicks Danielson away. Now is where the match picks up and gets good. Edwards trips up Danielson when he tries a suicide dive on Richards. Black trips up Edwards for the receipt when he tries to fly out on Danielson. Black grabs hold of both the American Wolves to allow Danielson to take flight and wipe them both out with a suicide dive. Back in, Davey Richards goes all Brian Pillman on Danielson by nailing him with a dropkick when he tries a dive off the top. Danielson gets tossed out for a beatdown from Edwards. Back inside, the Wolves punish Danielson on their side of the ring for a while. That is until Danielson flips out of a double back suplex and dropkicks them both down. HOT TAG TO BLACK! He cleans house on the Wolves and delivers a somersault plancha! Black tosses Richards back into the ring for a Springboard Clothesline for 1-2-NO! Black misses a quebrada, but not the standing SSP. Cover, 1-2-NO! GOD’S LAST GIFT gets pushed off into the corner. STEREO FOREARM SMASHES in the corner on Black! Edwards hits a backs suplex into a faceplant to set up a Dynamite Kid missile dropkick from Richards to Black. Cover, 1-2-NO! Danielson is still out on the floor. The Wolves go for the ORIENT EXPRESS finisher. Black moves, but Richards catches Eddie’s superkick. Danielson flies in and catches Richards with a flying knee strike. Meanwhile, Edwards gets dumped. Richards eats a pair of Running Elbow Strikes in succession in the corner from the challengers. Jumping Knee Strike from Danielson gets two. While Danielson goes after Edwards and takes a ride into the guardrail, Richards avoids the PHOENIX SPLASH in the ring and rolls up Black for 1-2-NO! Here comes Edwards to help set up Black for the Alarm Clock! Edwards powerbombs Black into a LUNGBLOWER! Cover, 1-2-NO! Hey pop, he got the Black Lung. GET IT? Oh yeah, Danielson runs in to make the save! Danielson fights off the Wolves with elbow strikes, but then Black saves Danielson with a Pele Kick on Edwards. Danielson grabs the TRIANGLE CHOKE on Edwards while Black delivers the Buckle Bomb to Richards. Cover by Black on Richards, 1-2-NO! Richards grabs the bottom rope. While Tyler heads up top for the possible Phoenix Splash, Danielson stomps Richards in the face to knock him out. With Black still perched up top, Danielson runs up against the ropes to elbow Edwards off the apron. Thanks to Danielson, Black loses his balance on the top rope. Now the challengers gets into a tiff. Richard capitalizes by rolling up Black while Edwards grabs hold of Danielson for the cheap 1-2-3! (18:28) Lots of good stuff to like here, but it’s a tad disappointing as there wasn’t ever enough real drama to make you believe Black Dragon had a chance of winning. Looks like Danielson/Black III is coming soon too. ***½

After the match, Danielson and Black get at each other’s throats. They decide the best thing to do is to just chill out. Black wants a handshake, so Danielson SLAPS THE PORPOISE. I mean, slaps Tyler in the face. Well, that’s the end of the tag team known as only by me as Black Dragon.

ROH on HDNet returns in two weeks with Claudio Castagnoli taking on Brent Albright in a flag match! Plus, Jerry Lynn, Kenny Omega & Erick Stevens will do battle with the newly crowned ROH world champ Austin Aries, Rhett Titus & Kenny King in some sweet six-man tag action!

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