Monday Night Raw (11.14.94)

WWF Monday Night Raw
November 14, 1994
Bushkill, PA
Fernwood Resort
(Taped on 11/7/94)

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Bret Hart (3/20/1994)
Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon (8/29/1994)
World Tag Team Champions: Shawn Michaels & Diesel (8/28/1994)
Women’s Champion: Alundra Blayze (12/13/1993)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase.

  • Bob Backlund vs. 1-2-3 Kid

For some reason, we JIP right to the finish with Backlund beating the Kid with the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING. Backlund won’t let go until Bret Hart comes down for the save only to taste the Crossface himself. He lets Bret know that he could have been beat you up right there, but decides to wait until Survivor Series. Just because he can. On Backlund’s way to the dressing room, Bret chases him down and puts him in the SHARPSHOOTER while he’s in the aisleway! Just because he can. Bret gets on the mic and says at Survivor Series, he will never ever let Backlund out of the Sharpshooter.

  • Mabel (w/Oscar) vs. The Blue Phantom

Oscar stumbles through a Survivor Series rap on the way to the ring talking up all the members of Mabel’s team. “Adam bomb, Adam bomb, always on…” Not sure who the masked Blue Phantom is, but he’s wearing black. Mabel puts him away with the BLACKMAN SLAM. (2:00) In the latest edition of the WWF Magazine, Mabel encourages kids to stay off drugs. Instead Mabel, how about telling kids to not eat an entire Burger Kings so their moms can continue buying them pants at the mall? ¼*

  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Gary Sabough

Sabough is the JTTS better known as the Italian Stallion from his NWA and WCW days. Sabough gets a few hope spots in like sunset flips and inside cradles, but Jarrett never gets in any real trouble. Jarrett takes Sabough to school and finishes him off with the FIGURE-FOUR. (3:12) ¾*

We go to IRS who has apparently dug up someone’s casket. Last week, he repossessed the Undertaker’s headstone. Being six feet under is not a tax shelter!

  • The King’s Court

Owen Hart is Lawler’s first guest. Owen assures Backlund that he will not throw the Arnold Skaaland towel into the ring at Survivor Series. The only towel that will be thrown in the ring at Survivor Series is Bret’s pink and black towel while Backlund has Bret in the Crossface Chickenwing. As far as Lawler is concerned since Backlund never gave up in December 1983, Backlund is still the WWF champion and he’ll be the undisputed WWF champion after Survivor Series. Lawler and Owen call out Davey Boy Smith, Bret’s towel holder at the Survivor Series. Owen asks Davey Boy to refrain from tossing in the towel once Backlund gets the Crossface Chickenwing on Bret for just a few moments so that he can see Bret suffer. Davey Boy makes a crazy promise saying that Backlund will not put the Chickenwing on Bret, nor will he throw the towel in the ring no matter what. Basically a “my guy can beat your guy” confrontation.

  • Aldo Montoya vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

This is the TV debut of the ‘Portuguese Man-O-War’ Aldo Montoya, better known as Justin Credible. Who better to debut against than Steve Lombardi. Montoya unloads on Brawler with a bunch of quick offensive moves, peaking with a pescado. Back in, Montoya telegraphs a backdrop and takes a swinging neckbreaker. Brawler works the back while Vince and DiBiase have trouble hyping the airing of Young Guns on the USA Network. Montoya comes back with a headscissors and a flying bodypress for the win. (2:39) DiBiase is very impressed. *

After a commercial break, Ted DiBiase offers Montoya a spot in his Million Dollar Corporation. He responds with some gibberish believed to be Portuguese. Since he doesn’t understand English, DiBiase pulls out some Ben Franklins. Montoya tells him in English to take that money and stick it in his ear. DiBiase is INSULTED! Nobody is allowed to insult millionaires!

Next up, Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase interview the WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze. She’s going to defend against Bull Nakano on 11/20 in the Tokyo Dome. Umm, she hopes she wins?

Final Thoughts: Even though they cut the Backlund/Kid match which seems like a clash of styles anyway, the aftermath with Bret was pretty interesting. Also, the King’s Court wasn’t too bad. Everything else was rather lame. Feel free to skip this episode.


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