ROH on HDNet Report (07.18.09)

ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
July 18, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

  • The Young Bucks vs. Silas Young & Bobby Fish

The Bucks aren’t able to show off their mad skillz this time around as Matt Jackson plays *your* face-in-peril to the rather faceless duo. About five minutes in, Matt fights out of a powerbomb from Bobby Fish and drops him across his knee with a neckbreaker. He rolls over to Nick for the HOT TAG! He takes care of Young, but Fish takes him out to the apron. He charges Nick, but Matt cuts him off with a spear as Nick springboard frog splashes him. They try for MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK, but Fish knocks Nick off the top to the floor and follows up with a somersault plancha. Meanwhile in the ring, Matt avoids an Arabian Press from Young and gets a victory roll for the 1-2-3. (6:36) BRING ON THE DARK CITY FIGHT CLUB! **

Kyle Durden talks with Chris Hero and the American Wolves. Hero is going to eat KENTA alive! Gross! Also, Davey Richards looks to continue his ongoing war with his mentor KENTA. Oh geez this is going to be good.

Video package showing the recent downfall of Jimmy Jacobs.

In the back, he cuts a promo all by himself. He gets all emo on us for failing his AOTF crew and says he has no idea when or if he’ll be back in ROH.

  • Delirious vs. Brodie Lee

Delirious battles the last remaining member he needs to face in the AOTF. Delirious tries to beat Brodie down with the stick and move strategy. That’s no good. He makes several attempts to pick Brodie up, but it’s too soon for that. Brodie blocks a sunset flip and delivers a Hernandez’s choke toss. Slingshot falcon arrow gets two. Delirious fires back with forearms and an enziguri. Now he manages to lift Brodie up and drop him down for the senton splash. That gets two. Brodie hits a Black Hole Slam for 1-2-NO! Big boot gets two as well. Delirious headscissors out of a powerbomb and delivers the Panic Attack to set up SHADOWS OVER HELL! Cover, 1-2-3. (6:08) Decent enough. There’s nothing that really separates Brodie Lee from other big men though to make him stand out. *¾

In the back, Kyle Durden is standing by with the first ever two-time ROH world champion Austin Aries. He’s not concerned with what Nigel McGuinness has to say because Aries is the spectacular vascular vegetarian.

Outside of the The Arena, Prince Nana and the Embassy sees doo doo all over the place, which reminds him of Colt “Boo Boo” Cabana. Jimmy Rave warns everybody of the crazy history of the Embassy while Claudio insults stupid Americans for only speaking one language, unlike Europeans who speak many languages. Hey we know Spanish! Tacos and burritos, BRAH.

Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black can’t get along, so let’s interview them together! Nigel McGuinness comes over to tell them “I told ya so” after he told them that they would never get along together. Sounds like he just saw Cool Hand Luke. He looks to the camera and says he’s looking at the new ROH world champion right now.

  • The American Wolves & Chris Hero (w/Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Ray) vs. Steenerico & KENTA

LOTS of hatred here, folks. Steenerico and KENTA clear the ring to start. Once the bell sounds, Steen goes right after Richards, but gets caught in the Wolves/Hero corner. He comes back on Hero with a leg lariat and tags KENTA. SWEEEEEET. KENTA grounds Hero for a while. They get into a shoulderblock battle, which KENTA wins with a dropkick. Richards wants some of KENTA and gets a tag. Edwards distracts, allowing Richards to nail him from behind. Tag to Eddie, they trade snapmares and toe kicks to the back. KENTA owns Edwards pretty hard with that little duel. Next, Steenerico controls Davey Richards for a bit. They ping-pong him around in the corner. Steen fires off a couple snot rockets at Hero and even Shane Hagadorn when he’s not looking. After the somersault legdrop from Steen to Edwards, Hero gets a blind tag and hits Steen with the Rolling Elbow for 1-2-NO! In comes Richards with the Dynamite Kid running clothesline. Richards tosses Steen out to the floor as Edwards whips him into the barricade. Back in, Richards grabs a chinlock. Steen fights up and gets driven into Eddie’s head. The Wolves and Hero continue to cut the ring in half while they torture Steen. He even tries the ‘dive for the tag’ spot, but Eddie Edwards catches him in mid-air and brings him back across the ring. He does it again and Edwards cuts him off a second time. He fights out of the corner a third time and instead, drops through the ropes, runs around the ring, slides back in and makes the tag to KENTA! Why hasn’t anybody else ever done that?! KENTA destroys the Wolves with a springboard dropkick. Running big boot and a hesitation dropkick down in the corner on Edwards sets up a sitout powerbomb for 1-2-NO! Hero saves Edwards from an Octopus Stretch, but he gets dumped by Generico. Richards misses a charge and flies out to be with Hero. Here comes Generico off the top with a somersault dive on them both! Meanwhile, KENTA hits the BUSAIKU KNEE KICK on Edwards for 1-2-NO! WHATTT. Edwards counters the GO2SLEEP with a hurracanrana and nails KENTA with a jumping knee kick of his own. Hero gets a tag. KENTA escapes a Running Ligerbomb attempt, but gets nailed with a Flash Kick. Running Ligerbomb gets 1-2-NO! They trade finisher attempts, ending with Hero getting caught with a powerslam. Tag to Generico, flying bodypress to Hero gets two. Ouch, he hit his knee on the way down. Blind tag to Steen, Generico eats the ROLLING ELBOW. Hero tries another, but Generico falls out through the ropes. Steen comes in and delivers the Code Breaker to Hero. Richards saves Hero from a PACKAGE PILEDRIVER, but then eats a superkick. Yakuza Kick from Hero to Steen! In flies Generico with a headscissors! Edwards enziguri kicks Generico out for Richards to hit him with a tope con hilo up against the barricade, which sends Richards into the crowd! KENTA and Edwards trade kicks, but a hard clothesline from KENTA puts Edwards down. Once everybody returns to their respective corners, KENTA tags in and starts trading slaps with Richards. Big kick sets Richards up for a Tiger Suplex for 1-2-NO! They trade finisher attempts, ending with both guys kicking each other in the face. Generico gets a tag and hits Richards with a running boot in the corner for 1-2-NO! Richards stops a BRAINBUSTER attempt with a kick on the bad knee. From there, Steen delivers the Senton Bomb while KENTA delivers a Flying Double Stomp all on Davey Richards! Generico jumps on top for 1-2-NO! Oh COME ON. Everybody heads to the floor except for Generico and Richards. BRAINBUSTAHHHH? Edwards makes the save and the Wolves go for the Doomsday Device finisher, but Generico fights it off and backs Edwards into Richards. Generico goes for the BRAINBUSTER on Edwards, but Richards saves his partner with a missile dropkick to Generico’s knee. Richards grabs a Texas Cloverleaf on Generico and gets the submission win. (20:30) Just non-stop action from top to bottom. ROHDNet gets out of the slump and puts on their first incredible main event since the four-way. ****

Next week (well, this week), Danielson/Black III!


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