Bigelow’s Raw Report 9/14/09


Monday Night Raw 9/14/09
Canada Centre
, Ontario, CN

Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

– We open this week’s show with a look back at last night’s stiff I Quit match between John Cena and Randy Orton. And once we head inside the Air Canada Centre, Lillian Garcia introduces the Animal…Batista! He arrives to a good pop, arm still wrapped in a large brace. Batista has the mic and wants to say thank you to the fans before making his announcement. It’s been a tough year for him with a couple of bad injuries. He didn’t want to do this, but he has come back tonight to say goodbye. He thanks us for letting him have the time of his life in the ring. The fans bust out a big “Batista” chant as he says there has been rumors of his retirement for a while now. Before he can continue, Randy Orton decides to join us. Orton hits the ring and has a mic of his own. He is not very happy about losing the WWE Championship last night. But what does cheer him up is that Batista is retiring. He says the big bad animal is going out with a whimper, but whatever goodbye speech he had planned should be saved because nobody cares. Orton wants to know why he waited so long to retire. He believes that Batista is retiring because of Orton, not because of injuries. He tells Batista to hang his head and cry like he was going to do before Randy came out. Batista chuckles but Orton doesn’t think any of this is really funny. Batista says two things are funny to him: Orton’s predictability and the fact that he knows something that Randy doesn’t know. And Batista rips of the brace and attacks Orton, clotheslining him to the floor. Good to see that they made Batista look smart for once. Batista says he isn’t here to retire; he was here to announce that he is going to Smackdown. But, he did talk to the guest host and was guaranteed one more Raw match: a no holds barred battle with Orton! Orton heads back as we head to break.

– We are back and checking out downtown Toronto. Cole then takes us to a quick replay of our last segment. Back in the arena, Lillian brings out our guest host…Trish Stratus! Oh hell yes. Trish has kept the dark hair and is looking as fetching as ever. She doesn’t want to toot her own horn, but she thinks she will make a good host. We got Batista vs. Orton already. She puts over Bob Barker, but the crowd doesn’t like that for some reason. But, this isn’t the Price is Right, this is Raw and she knows Raw and she knows what we want. If she knew that, she would come back full time. Trish says that Orton is due a rematch, and he will get that match against Cena in a Hell in a Cell at our next PPV. She also wants to give us some Stratusfaction, and we will see plenty of her later tonight. Trish takes off as we are set for our first match.

1) Kofi Kingston & Primo vs. Jack Swagger & Miz

Kofi Kingston jogs down to the ring and he is followed by Primo as we are set for some tag action. Jack Swagger is out next and he is joined by the Miz. Cole tells us this is a return match from Superstars last week. Miz and Primo start off and Primo hammers away at Miz in the corner. Miz spikes Primo to the mat and then stomps away before tagging in Swagger. He slams Primo hard and picks up a near fall. Swagger hooks a surfboard and forces Carlito to the mat by switching to a double chicken wing. Swagger pulls Primo up and sends him hard into the corner. He goes for the Vader Bomb but Primo gets his knees up. He tags in Kofi, who comes off the top with a big chop to the head. He follows with some dropkicks and a clothesline. Kofi kicks Swagger into Miz and then takes him down with an inverted Russian legsweep for two. Kofi leaps onto Swagger in the corner and hammers away but Swagger steps out and drops Kofi face first on the top turnbuckle. Miz distracts Kofi by stealing the US title and taking off. That allows Swagger to hit the gutwrench powerbomb for the win. Swagger & Miz d. Primo & Kingston when Swagger pins Kingston with the gutwrench powerbomb; Grade: 1

– Kofi tries to shake off the cobwebs as we go to break.

– We are back and thanking Lynyrd Skynyrd for the PPV theme song before heading back to the ring. Mickie James heads out and joins the announce table as Lillian tells us this match will determine the number one contender for the Divas Championship.

2) Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox in a number one contenders match

Gail is out first and Alicia follows her out as we try to determine a top contender. Gail hits an armdrag and Alicia bails to the floor. Gail nails her with a baseball slide dropkick but Alicia recovers and they head back in. Alicia hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Gail fires back out of a hammerlock but Alicia hits a nice Northern lights suplex for two. Alicia hooks a bodyscissors and…sorry, they showed Mickie and I lost focus. Alicia releases the hold and spikes Gail to the mat. She slams Gail but misses a scissors kick. Gail hits a neckbreaker and follows with some forearms and clotheslines. She hits a nice cross body off the top and gets two. Alicia shoves Gail into the corner but Gail avoids a charge and heads back up top. She misses a missile dropkick and Alicia drills her with the scissors kick to win the match and earn the title shot. That was a solid little match. Alicia d. Gail with a scissors kick; Grade: 1.5

– Alicia stares down Mickie as we head off to break.

– We are back and visiting with Cole and Lawler at ringside as they recap tonight’s events so far. We then get a recap video of Batista’s issues with Orton over the last year. Back live, Trish is in her office when she is accosted by Beth Phoenix. Beth wants to know why she was left out of the top contenders match but Trish is interrupted by Chris Jericho. Chris says Trish hasn’t gotten over him yet since he sent her packing. Trish says Chris is so full of anger and tension. She thinks Chris should be happy because he found his soul mate in Big Show. Beth says Trish can talk trash because she doesn’t have to go back it up. She says Jericho talks trash but gets in the ring and fights every night. Trish ran away and retired to teach yoga. Jericho has guts but Trish doesn’t. Trish says she didn’t retire because of Beth because she didn’t even know her and she will prove it. She will find a tag partner and take on Jericho and Beth tonight. Jericho comes in and tells Trish that he will take on Bob Barker at any time. Trish laughs it off and Jericho takes off. We now get stills of the DX/Legacy war from last night and then head to break.

3) Ted DiBiase vs. Shawn Michaels

We are back from break and Ted DiBiase is heading to the ring, flanked by Cody Rhodes. Cody mocks Triple H’s opening mic work and asks if we are ready for the dawning of a new era. They didn’t just beat DX, they forced them to submit and tap out. The Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, the McMahons and Rated RKO never made DX tap out like they just did. Ted says what they did didn’t surprise them at all because they did what they said they would do. They tortured DX into giving up. But, last night was just the beginning because they won’t stop until DX is off Raw and out of their lives forever. Cody says that as of this moment forward, they are no longer known as the offspring of Dusty Rhodes and the Million Dollar Man because they are known as the fathers of the Legacy. Triple H and Michaels are watching backstage and then start heading to the ring as we hit break. When we return, DX is heading out to the ring and looking for revenge. DiBiase hammers away on Michaels off the bell but Shawn fires back with some chops. Shawn is selling the affects from last night’s bout. He hits a swinging neckbreaker on Ted but is limping as he gets back up. DiBiase reverses a whip and hits Shawn with a powerslam. DiBiase sends Shawn over with a big back body drop and Shawn rolls to the floor. Triple H keeps Cody at bay on the outside until Shawn gets back in. DiBiase keeps the assault on and picks up a near fall. Ted clamps on a chinlock but Shawn fights up and fires free. Ted nails him with a standing dropkick for two and gets a near fall. Ted goes back to the chinlock. Shawn avoids a second dropkick attempt and goes for the figure four, but Ted rolls him up for two. Shawn pops up and hooks the figure four on a second attempt. Ted breaks the hold by going to the eyes. Ted hammers away at Shawn’s face and Shawn looks out of it. DiBiase hooks the Million Dollar Dream but Shawn runs him into the corner to break it up. Ted meets him with a kick and goes for a piledriver, but Shawn blocks it and dumps him over the top with a back drop. Ted scampers back in to avoid Hunter but he turns into an atomic drop. Shawn chops at Ted and follows with the flying forearm. He pounds on Ted and then heads up top. He balances himself and drops the big elbow but is slow to get up. Shawn tunes up the band but Cody hooks his leg and draws the lame DQ. Damn, that was a good match too with some great selling by Shawn. Michaels d. DiBiase by disqualification; Grade: 2.5

– A huge brawl breaks out between all four men and DiBiase and Shawn spill into the crowd. Hunter works over Cody at ringside a bit before they also end up in the crowd. The brawl rages on as we go to break.

– We are back and getting highlights of the big brawl from last segment. We then head back to the ring as Hornswoggle is heading out. He stops on the ramp as Evan Bourne heads out behind him.

4) Hornswoggle & Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero & Carlito

They hit the ring and are followed Chavo, Carlito and Rosa Mendes. Horny and Carlito start things off. Horny steals Carlito’s apple and tags in Bourne, who is all over Carlito. He tags in Chavo, who eats a dropkick. Horny pulls the ropes open and Chavo falls out to the floor. Bourne tosses him back in but Chavo meets him with a spin heel kick. He stomps away at Bourne and tags in Carlito. Bourne kicks his way out of the corner but Carlito stomps him back down. Chavo tags back in and he hooks a rear chinlock. Bourne recovers but eats a back elbow on a charge. He fights Chavo off and hits a heel kick for two. Bourne tags in Horny, who heads up top. Bourne takes out Carlito, but Chavo is up and stops Horny. Horny grabs the apple and spits it into Chavo’s face. He falls back and Horny drops the tadpole splash for the win. Hornswoggle & Bourne d. Guerrero & Carlito when Hornswoggle pins Guerrero with the tadpole splash; Grade: 1

– Chavo pouts in the ring and grabs the mic. He wants to know what he has to do. He tells Horny that he wins and that he gives up. We then head back to Extreme Rules when Batista beat Orton for the title in a cage match before going to break.

– When we return, Josh Matthews in with John Cena. He talks about promises, last night and the rematch at HIAC. He shows a lot of fire, but it’s business as usual from the champ. Cole tells us we have breaking news…DX will take on Legacy inside a Cell at the PPV. And it is time for our next match.

5) Trish Stratus & MVP vs. Beth Phoenix & Chris Jericho

Trish is out first and I can’t get enough. And MVP is her mystery partner. As MVP hits the ring, we hit a break. When we return, Jericho and Beth make their entrances and we are ready to go. The Toronto air has really agreed well with the Divas tonight, my Lord. Beth and Trish start things off and Beth overpowers her in the corner. Beth slams Trish but Trish is back up and firing away. She lays in some chops, ducks a clothesline with the Matrish and then kicks Beth down. Jericho comes in but MVP takes him out of the ring with a clothesline. Show comes down and attacks MVP on the floor. That draws the DQ. Henry comes charging out as well and he takes out Jericho. MVP & Trish d. Jericho & Beth by disqualification; Grade: .5

– Trish has the mic and says things won’t end like that on her show in her hometown. She tells Show that if he wants in, he has got it. This will now be a six person tag, after this break.

6) Trish Stratus, MVP & Mark Henry vs. Beth Phoenix, Chris Jericho & Big Show

When we come back, Show is putting the boots to MVP. He tags in Jericho, who works MVP over with some boots and fists. MVP dodges a kneelift and gets a roll up for two. Henry tries to rally the crowd but they seem split between Trish and Jericho. Jericho knocks Henry off the apron to prevent a tag. He locks in a cobra clutch as the crowd starts getting loud. MVP fires free and tosses Jericho with a throw. Jericho avoids a kick and tags in Beth. Beth comes in and shoves MVP. MVP looks to Trish, but Beth wants him. She shoves him again and tries to kick him, but MVP catches her foot and tags in Trish. She comes in and takes Beth down with a Thesz press. She calls MVP back in and they drop a double Ballin elbow. Jericho pulls Beth to the floor but MVP comes flying out with a cross body. Show trips up Trish from the floor, but Henry charges and takes Show out with a flying shoulderblock. Beth comes in and covers Trish but only gets two. Trish eats a back elbow on a charge and Beth heads up top. Trish catches her and takes her down with a headscissors. Trish hits the Stratusfaction and picks up the win! Trish, MVP & Henry d. Beth, Jericho & Show when Trish pins Beth with Stratusfaction; Grade: 2

– The winners celebrate and we get a video package of Legacy putting Batista on the shelf three months ago before taking a break.

– We are back and Cole tells us that Cedric the Entertainer will be hosting Raw next week. That should be an interesting little show.

7) Randy Orton vs. Batista in a no holds barred match

Back in the arena, Orton is stalking to the ring for our main event. Batista is out next and away we go. Orton bails off the bell and grabs a chair. Batista meets him out there and knocks the chair out of his hands. Orton turns the tables as they head back in and he goes for the hanging DDT. Batista blocks that and works Orton over in the corner. He hits a clothesline and Orton hits the floor. He reaches under the ring, but Batista heads out and knocks him down with another clothesline. Orton takes over as they come back in and he works the Garvin stomp, finishing with a kneedrop. Orton heads outside again and grabs another chair. He slides back in but Batista drills him with a spear. Orton rolls outside again and Batista follows him again. He slams his head into the announce table and then sends him flying over it. Orton tries to stumble away but Batista runs him into the stairs. He pushes Orton’s head into the steps with his boot and then tosses him back inside. Orton goes for an RKO but Batista blocks that and Orton again bails to the floor. He backs up the ramp but Cena comes out and forces him back towards the ring. Cena drills him with a clothesline and tosses him back into the ring. Batista hits a spinebuster, plants him with a Batistabomb and that is that. Batista d. Orton with a Batistabomb; Grade: 2

– Batista celebrates and we check out a replay before fading out. We got a decent show this week. It cruised along and everyone worked hard, but it was a bit of a train wreck. The Michaels/DiBiase bout was the match of the night, we got some good PPV build and it is always awesome seeing Trish back on TV. The rest of the matches were decent, but nothing really stood out. See you next week!

Final Grade: C+
Trish Stratus
Runner Up:
Shawn Michaels & Ted DiBiase

Non MVP:
Chavo Guerrero
Runner Up:
Gail Kim

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