ROH on HDNet Report (10.12.09)


ROH on HDNet
Philadelphia, PA
October 12, 2009

Your hosts are Dave Prazak and Mike Hogewood.

We check out a recap of last week’s action in the Honor Rumble where the Briscoes picked the victory.

Enough of the past, it’s time for the Austin Aries Lethal Lottery! No screwing around this time, the lucky winner is…SUGARFOOT ALEX PAYNE!

  • ROH World Champion Austin Aries vs. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne

WOW, the Philly crowd hates this guy. The crowd is chanting “worst in the world” directed right at poor Alex Payne. Aries has very little trouble with Payne until he misses the Power Drive Elbow. From there, Payne flips out of the BRAINBUSTER and hits a Russian legsweep for two. He tries the Diamond Dust, but Aries counters with a shoulderbreaker. Running Dropkick in the corner sets up the BRAINBUSTER for real this time, but Aries lifts him up at two. NO! He wants to finish Payne off with the LAST CHANCERY instead. (3:31) Bryan Danielson runs in and clears out Aries. Danielson declares the whole lottery a sham and challenges Aries to a real match with a real contender…RIGHT NOW! Off comes the shirt. Aries will shut Danielson up, but not today. He quickly slips in and out of the ring before heading to the back with his belt. Prazak reminds us that Aries can deny challengers a shot at his title belt just as long as he defends the title every 30 days against a scheduled opponent. You got to love old school rules. *½

Chris Hero says his elbow smashes are equal to KENTA’s lethal kicks. I guess we’ll see in our main event.

Flashback to three weeks ago where Bison Smith appeared to stop the Necro Butcher from stapling anybody else from the Embassy, which triggered a huge pull apart brawl.

  • Necro Butcher vs. Bison Smith (w/Prince Nana & Ernie Osiris)

The brawl quickly ends up on the floor where Bison Smith finds a chair and chokes Necro with it. Back in, Necro comes back with a Violence Party in the corner. A body slam on Bison fails, so Bison slams him back. Necro catches Bison up top and punches him down to the floor in a nasty bump. He follows him out with a CANNONBALLLLLL on the apron. On the outside, both guys get into a chair battle. The ref doesn’t DQ anybody, they just get counted out. (5:11) And once again, we see a pull apart brawl. *

Colt Cabana tells us about a job he once had where he felt so restricted even though he had a lot of things he felt he could accomplish and he met a lot of great people at that job, but hey it’s rough being a lemonade vendor on North Beach in Chicago. Thankfully, he’s a wrestler now. Funny stuff. I hear he’s doing stand up on the side now.

  • Tyler Black vs. Rhett Titus

Titus cheapshots Black to start. He takes too long thrusting and gyrating to get off a suplex, so Black flips out and goes for the stomp to the head, but Titus rolls away and yanks Tyler into the corner. Black gets the stomp after all for two, but then Titus takes back control with a closed fist shot over the ref’s back. Titus gets caught gyrating those hips as Black tries a springboard, but Titus stays one step ahead as he dropkicks Black to the floor! Back inside, Titus hits a Stinger Splash and a clothesline for two. Black escapes a chinlock and hits a neckbreaker. HERE COMES TYLER BLACK! He goes clothesline crazy and hits a back suplex. Titus avoids the moonsault, but Black lands on his feet, hits the enziguri off the apron, and drills Titus with the Springboard Clothesline for two. Black wants the Buckle Bomb, but Titus flips out and kicks Tyler in the face. Black slips out of a crucifix bomb and gets a backslide for two. Black thinks it’s a good idea to shake his booty, so Titus goes to the eyes and hits the sitout Curtain Call for 1-2-NO! Another try at the Crucifix Bomb, but Titus kicks off the top turnbuckle and flips over Titus to nail him with the Pele Kick! GOD’S LAST GIFT! That’s gets the three count. (6:33) Well done match as you knew Rhett Titus was going to be outmatched, but he made up for it by pulling out some of the old school crafty heel tricks. Jerry Lynn comes out to congratulate Tyler Black on his win. **¾

Hogewood announces that Austin Aries just agreed to an ROH world title match next week with Bryan Danielson!

  • KENTA vs. Chris Hero (w/Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Ray)

It’s elbow smashes vs. kicks! Nice feeling out mat exchange to start. They trade chops, but KENTA shuts that down with his kicks to the chest. KENTA makes his mistake by eating a boot off a charge and then gets sent off shoulder-first into the ringpost. Nasty elbow smash gets two. Jumping senton gets another two count. We go to the floor where KENTA avoids a dropkick through the ropes and nails a running forearm smash. Hero takes a whip into the guardrail, but he leaps up on the top of the guardrail and flies back down into KENTA with an elbow smash. Back inside, Hero applies a modified stretch plum, I presume. Another jumping senton gets two. Stretch Plum makes the ropes this time. HERE COMES KENTA! He goes clothesline crazy on Hero and hits the Running Boot for two. Flying Clothesline gets another two count. STF is applied, but Hero makes the ropes. KENTA brings a foot up to block a corner charge, but Hero follows him into the ropes and drills him with an elbow smash. Suplex into a swinging neckbreaker gets 1-2-NO! Back to the Stretch Plum, but KENTA makes the ropes once again. A few elbow smashes sets up for one BIG running elbow smash in the corner. Hero brings KENTA across the ring and comes off the second rope, but KENTA catches him in mid-air for a GO 2 SLEEP attempt! Hero slips out and hits an elbow smash, but KENTA avoids another with a clothesline. Both men are down. KENTA nails the Springboard Dropkick and the Running Boot in the corner. Now both men are TRADING running boots in the corner, but KENTA wins that battle and adds the exclamation point with the Hesitation Dropkick. Fisherman Buster sets up the FLYING DOUBLE STOMP from KENTA! Cover, 1-2-NO! KENTA’s combo of strikes and a roundhouse kick leads into the BUSAIKU KNEE KICK for 1-2-NO! GO 2 SLEEP? Nope. Hagadorn distracts the ref while Sara Del Ray distracts KENTA. Once KENTA kicks Sara Del Ray away, Hero meets in the corner with a Rolling Elbow Smash. Another Rolling Elbow gets 1-2-NO! Hero cannot believe it. He wants to use the GO 2 SLEEP, but KENTA refuses, so Hero settles for another Rolling Elbow. Cover, 1-2-NO! Alright, out comes the GREEN ELBOW PAD~! While Hagadorn has the ref’s attention, Eddie Kingston stops the dreaded Rolling Elbow by grabbing Hero’s arm and running off with the green elbow pad! Hero turns back around to KENTA, who unleashes another roundhouse kick, and hits GO 2 SLEEP for the 1-2-3. (16:31) Brutal contest that didn’t even need Eddie Kingston as it was going along just fine. The finish was just too predictable. However, at least it made sense. ***¾

Next week, Colt Cabana battles Claudio Castagnoli. That should be fun. Plus, the ROH world champ Austin Aries defends against Bryan Danielson! OH SNAP.

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